Immersion in an epiphany

The longer we live, the more experience we get and begin to realize the laws of life. That one, who is a master in meditation, creates the practice of each of the events. You can get an incredible epiphany on this way. Some epiphanies can be shared with people; some

Business like in the Fairy Tale

Translating theory into practice. Everything a person does in his life should be aimed at both external and internal development. The mission for each of us is to be a creator for the benefit of other people. The creators are in close relations with the conscience. To make a business flourish,

What is the talisman of Force?

What is the talisman of Force? Every successful person has an artifact of Force. It is often called an amulet or a talisman. Throughout history, all the countries and nations have had such objects that were considered to be of great magical power and which could influence any sphere of human

Money karma

Money karma Each of us understands the importance of the available money resources in the family in the current rhythm of modern life. Therefore, the actual topic of my seminars and trainings is the analysis of the karma of money in your life and the search for the ways to improve