How to Stay Young?

When you’re 20, you don’t have to do any efforts to stay healthy: youth is more efficient than any care or decorative cosmetics. But how to keep your face and body young when you’re 30? Remember the things on no account should you do.   Sleep less than 7 hours A good sleep

Why are you always short of money?

What to do to become wealthy Many things in our life depend on money. Let's now talk about common mistakes resulting in their lack.   Mistake No. 1: a wrong purpose First of all, decide why you need money, because the purpose affects inflow (and outflow) of money to your life. If you need

Beware: energy vampire!

Nowadays I'd like to publish the story of my student Clara. Please, read this text attentively! I must warn you. Anybody can make the mistake she did.   A charlatan will find the way to anyone! “This story happened almost a half of year ago. Once I came to the event of Zhannabel.