Halloween: 4 Steps to Fulfilling Your Dream

Celebrate the holiday the right way  No other holiday is probably more popular than Halloween. Costumes, makeup, noisy parties. But earlier the meaning of this holiday was not the same as today. Initially, its essence was in worshiping the forces of nature. They could help man gain happiness, luck, wealth. How

Protect your family from diseases

Energy therapist Zhannabel

Why some diseases can’t be cured by pills? Why is modern medicine helpless against some diseases? Why do children get sick so often? How do our fatigue and anger affect our family? Energy therapist Zhannabelle answers all these questions. Protection from diseases: principles of healthy and happy life A child caught a cold,

Trust only your experience and your heart!

I thank my students for their invaluable help in one messy story. How I was aspersed  I often recall one story that happened to me in Mexico City. I planned to hold a charity meeting with women - a kind of gift to the fair sex of the city. A local TV

How to open the channel of abundance

channel of abundance

Zhannabelle will tell you how to make friends with the spirit of money In your dreams, you see millions on your bank account and respectful job but in reality, you have to live humbly? Zhannabelle will teach you how to talk with the spirit of money Zayan Zayachi and how to