How to open the channel of abundance

channel of abundance

Zhannabel will tell you how to make friends with the spirit of money In your dreams, you see millions on your bank account and respectful job but in reality, you have to live humbly? Zhannabel will teach you how to talk with the spirit of money Zayan Zayachi and how to


International female trainer Zhannabel’s program gives you immediate results. Just 30 minutes of Zhannabel’s mentorship and experiencing her extremely powerful energy field will be enough to reform 10 years of your life. All the participants of the course are working on regaining their female power. It is not only external change

Why is plastic surgery dangerous? Zhannabel answers the question

How not to become a victim of the beauty industry Plump lips, small nose, firm bottom - a few centuries ago such appearance was considered vulgar. And some tribes still prefer a ring in the nose over big bust. So what is really beautiful? Let’s figure it out. Japanese Mermaid  Is there a


I know that lately more and more women feel tired from life at some point. Unrealized potential, dissatisfaction in family life, lack of happiness. This is not necessarily related to financial problems or illness. Even those women who have a job, a partner, children and stable income begin losing interest

How to Stay Young?

When you’re 20, you don’t have to do any efforts to stay healthy: youth is more efficient than any care or decorative cosmetics. But how to keep your face and body young when you’re 30? Remember the things on no account should you do.   Sleep less than 7 hours A good sleep

Why are you always short of money?

What to do to become wealthy Many things in our life depend on money. Let's now talk about common mistakes resulting in their lack.   Mistake No. 1: a wrong purpose First of all, decide why you need money, because the purpose affects inflow (and outflow) of money to your life. If you need

Beware: energy vampire!

Nowadays I'd like to publish the story of my student Clara. Please, read this text attentively! I must warn you. Anybody can make the mistake she did.   A charlatan will find the way to anyone! “This story happened almost a half of year ago. Once I came to the event of Zhannabel.

Immersion in an epiphany

The longer we live, the more experience we get and begin to realize the laws of life. That one, who is a master in meditation, creates the practice of each of the events. You can get an incredible epiphany on this way. Some epiphanies can be shared with people; some

Business like in the Fairy Tale

Translating theory into practice. Everything a person does in his life should be aimed at both external and internal development. The mission for each of us is to be a creator for the benefit of other people. The creators are in close relations with the conscience. To make a business flourish,