How to get rid of the spirit of trauma?

Interview with Zhannabelle

The Universe provides each of us with everything necessary to become healthy, happy, successful and loved. We have it in us originally. But most of the time it is as if something prevents us from fulfilling our predestination and revealing our abilities. So why does not everyone can become happy? Zhannabelle will answer the question in this article.

– Zhannabelle, let us start with the main question: what prevents us from being happy?

Zhannabelle: Basically we are disturbed by the influence of the spirit of trauma. 

All of us are gifted with unique talents and skills since birth. There are a lot of them in us.  It’s a really proven fact – the universe is designed in such a way that it never deprives any of its children. It is us who reveal the minimal amount of all our talents.

Some people might compose beautiful poems in their spare time (but keep it a secret!). Others grow incomparable flowers in their garden (any communication with the plant world is a special gift from the Higher Powers). Still others draw beautifully (but do it for their own pleasure). 

These unique talents, which we usually designate as hobbies, can be improved. New, no less wonderful abilities, can be also revealed. 

– For some reason, we don’t do that…

Zhannabelle: Suppose you are going to present your business project, demonstrate a presentation or ask your boss for a new position. Your hands start shaking, your heart is sinking and you can’t squeeze a single word out of yourself. It’s a fear. 

Or a girl, coming back home from school, shares happily with her parents her success at math class, excellent grades, or just a story about an interesting day. But her mother is busy doing her house chores, her father can’t get away from the football match on TV, and the child is just being given up. The girl locks up in her room. That’s resentment.

Or a woman waits for her loved one after work. And he doesn’t come back for long. The woman starts to suspect him of cheating! That’s when her chosen one is having fun with another woman. The woman’s blood pressure rises, she has tachycardia and dizziness, she gets sick, even physically. That’s jealousy.

Or you get a tempting offer, any kind of it. You could be offered a promotion or a marriage. But this event, one way or another, will involve a major change in your fate. You may have to change your place of residence or even your country, learn something that you have never done before.

It’s very difficult for you to decide whether to agree or not. You’re try to play for time and.. a wonderful perspective eventually passes by and someone else gets it. 

It’s a doubt.

All these situations and the feelings they cause are just variations of one single phenomenon – the spirit of trauma. It is he who fills your consciousness with various suspicions, uncertainty, who takes away your life force. 

– Where does this spirit of trauma come from and why is it dangerous?

Zhannabelle: The spirit of trauma is specific features of our environment and they are transmitted to us. For example, if you are surrounded by rough people, hustlers, you will become the same. If your parents didn’t show a special love for you, you will surely be indifferent to your children as well. If your mother tortured herself with being jealous all the time, you’ll be jealous too.

Have you noticed that the spirit of trauma is like an infectious disease?

Someone coughed next to you, and you have a high fever and a runny nose at once. The difference is that the spirit of trauma is not a physiological manifestation. It’s an energy component. It affects our emotional state. If someone next to us starts hysterics and fighting, we also start having temper tantrum and quarrelling.

– So what’s the big deal if I scold my cat for misbehavior? Or I say something rude to someone who pushed me on the subway. It happens to everyone…

Zhannabelle: Don’t you forget that the spirit of trauma is like an infection. When you get influenza, for example, it is unlikely that your body is able to function normally. You have headaches, weakness, you drop off. 

The same way the spirit of trauma prevents the realization of your predestination, revelation of your talents and abilities. It prevents you from becoming rich, successful, happy.

It is the cause of all your problems at work or in business, constant quarrels with your husband and children, general condition and health problems. The spirit of trauma blocks all the unique abilities that the universe gave you at birth! The more influence the spirit of trauma has on you, the less chance of discovering your talents you have. You will not have a free minute to write poems, because you haunt your cat with a duster in your hands or torment the phone, calling your chosen one, who had just stayed late at work!

– What should we do then?

Zhannabelle: What do you do when you get the flu? Start treatment, of course! There are various ways to get rid of the spirit of trauma. First of all, you should seek help from someone with superpowers. A normal person will not be able to cope with this spirit. It penetrates deeply into our consciousness and there literally absorbs into your energy.

– We know that you are this special person, Zhannabelle. How do you help at this stage?

Zhannabelle: Higher powers have given me the unique ability to see the spirit of trauma, to communicate with it and to clean aura of a person. Therefore the most effective option will be to sign up for an individual consultation with me. I will carry out a special diagnosis of your Aura and perform a ritual of purification, create a protective cover for you. And I’ll pick a magical amulet with a guardian spirit it is that protects against disease and misfortunes, guiding your mind and intuition in the right direction. 

– What about our environment? After all, people around us will continue to show aggression and negativity.

Zhannabelle: Well, the principle of infection control also applies here – you just have to isolate yourself from such people.

Avoid the infected ones, reduce communication with them. Their nervous system is already poisoned by the spirit of trauma, which means they can infect you too. 

Naturally, if the source of the negative is in your family, it is difficult to avoid communication with those you love. The rule of stalking will help you in this case. This is the art of gentle conflict avoidance. I explain how it works in detail at my seminars.

I recommend turning for help to the Higher Powers in the most difficult problems, which arise due to the spirit of trauma. For this purpose, I conduct retreats at the Places of Power. Their incredible energy gives an opportunity to conduct energetic practices and rituals on a different spiritual level, to fill the aura with the most powerful infusions of energies. 

Journey to the Places of Power with me cleanses aura, changes the destiny, reveals talents and even superpowers.

– Is it possible to get rid of the spirit of trauma independently?

Zhannabelle: Of course! It’s not easy, but where there is a will, there is a way! You can start getting rid of the spirit of trauma right now. For this, I recommend a special ritual “Circle of protection against the spirit of trauma “. In order to protect the subtle energy bodies from the penetration of evil entities, you need to create 7 spheres. Each of them will be the embodiment of a part of your life. 

  • Immunity and health.
  • Feminine power and intimate relationships.
  • Material well-being: income, career and success.
  • Love and friendship, charity.
  • Talents, creativity, skills.
  • Intuition and willpower. 
  • Special closeness to the Higher Powers that help us and protect our lineage.

Performing this ritual, rub your palms 7 times on all 7 spheres, using special mudra and music of transformation at the same time. 

Energy therapist Zhannabel

– It is quite difficult! What if this is the first time a person performs the ritual and it does not work, what to do?

Zhannabelle: If it doesn’t work out, be sure to make an appointment for a consultation. Together we will understand all the details of this ritual. It must be performed every day, in the morning and in the evening. It will help you tune in to the working day in the morning. And it will clear of stress and negative in the evening.

– How do you know that a person has been attacked by the spirit of trauma?

Zhannabelle: It’s different for everyone. One of my students, Rachel, decided to travel to the Places of Power in Vietnam on her own. She didn’t tell me about it. Although I always say in my classes that it is an absolute rule not to go to the Place of Power without a mentor, or at least without their blessing. Another important condition is that a person must wear a protective amulet.    

As a result, her trip did not go well from the very first minutes. 

Her plane was late. The transfer from the hotel did not wait for her. And when she got to the temple, Rachel suddenly felt such an unaccountable horror that she fainted. 

To be short, she came home barely alive, smashed. She had nightmares and panic attacks during the day. Until she came to me for an individual consultation. I was just terrified! The energy of my student was enlaced by one of the most monstrous spirits of trauma I’d ever met.

It turned out that a lot of people died during the war in the places Rachel visited. And her aura attracted an ancient spirit that gladly sucked into her energy envelope. I performed a cleansing ritual and drove the spirit back to the Lower World. 

Everyone must remember his rule – never go to the Place of Power without a professional, without a mentor. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble. 

– We are sincerely glad that this story had a happy ending!

Zhannabelle: That’s why I do seminars, individual consultations and retreats at the Place of Power. I have already helped and continue to help thousands of women around the world discover their true predestination, realize their unique inborn abilities and fulfill their cherished dreams, to start a happy full life. Write to me right now, sign up for a seminar or consultation and your life will change!