I Want To Get Married!

I Want To Get Married!

3 Reasons Why You’re Still Not Married

I want to get married to a wealthy, successful, generous and caring man! I have caught the wedding bouquet three times but haven’t been a bride! What should I do?

I Want To Get Married!

3 Reason Why You’re Not Married

Reason 1: You Are Too Needy

If you have it written across your face “I want to get married”, you will forever remain a bridesmaid and not the leading actress. This is true 100%, but for some reason, 99% of women suffer from this problem. Don’t repeat their mistake!

You start demonstrating your neediness from the first day you meet your potential husband. You write him every hour on social media and messenger. You like all of his photos (except for the one where he’s with another woman). You constantly call him and “accidentally” appear in his favorite places like the cafe or gym.

All you have to do now is wait for him in an alley on the way home and then he’ll finally realize that you’re a maniac! That’s the best case scenario. The worst case scenario is that he’ll immediately understand that you’re so eager to get married that you’d write

“I want to get married” as your status on your social network.

Even seemingly innocent questions like “Where are you? When will you be home? I miss you…” and other expressions that so many women often misuse are also projections of neediness.

A man feels like prey in this scenario. By his nature he is a hunter and wants to stock you for hours, waiting to catch you. Not the opposite — running away from you with his dignity between his legs.

That’s why you need to learn to keep your distance. Always be the first to say goodbye in person and during any online interactions. Especially if you feel the man is bored, quickly finish the conversation. You need to show that you have other more important things and interests besides him. Even if that important thing is just buying a new dress (why not?)

Let him try to figure out where you’re trying to go (maybe you have a date with Brad Pitt). Let him think about whether or not he is a worthy candidate for marriage and start to prepare for the long hunt that will win him the trophy of having you say “yes” to his marriage proposal.

I Want To Get Married!

Reason 2: You Are Already Acting Like a Grumpy Wife

Do you already live together? Congratulations, he won’t ask you to marry him. What for? You’re already the housewife and you spend all your time with him. Excuse the directness, but even in bed, you’re always available. He is already set for life, without the headache of getting married.

But you’re not happy with the arrangement. You cry because you want a wedding and you want a dress. But this only makes him angry. Plus, you’re already acting like a grumpy controlling wife. You watch his every move, stock him on social media, weigh him down with your own problems. Soon you’ll start meeting him at the door in a bathrobe and frying pan in hand.

Do you know the 3 main reasons husbands cheat? Total control is one of them. Don’t become a grumpy jealous wife! You haven’t even gotten married. You need to separate immediately. Go live with your mom for a while. It’s better then him leaving you for another woman that won’t keep him on such a tight leash!

Of course he set this trap up for himself. Remember when he said, “Let’s try it out first and live together?” Admit it, did he say this? And you bought it like millions of other women. You said, “I want to get married” and he said, “Let’s test our feeling and trying living together first.” You can test your feelings within the marriage! Just get married and then see how long you last. You might be testing it out up to your 50-year anniversary!

I Want To Get Married!

Reason 3: You Only Live For Yourself

Love consumes us unconditionally. But if your lose yourself in love, you can lose yourself as a person. If you melt like sugar you become just like the rest of them and not one in a million.

If you give him too much attention, you are exhibiting excessive egoism. Men don’t marry these types of women. He looks at you as the future mother of his children. He wants to see support in you and he want to see a caring, generous, open woman that helps other people. He especially likes it if he sees that you help completely strange people, the elderly, kids and sick people.

Don’t spend your time on shopping, hair and nail salons. Share your time with people in need. You probably have an extra 50 or 100 rubles. You can buy a packet of flour for an old woman that’s asking for money on the street. You can buy some vegetable from the old man selling his produce by the bus stop. It’s a small sum that won’t really affect your budget, but will make a big difference for someone. A real man will appreciate the way you care for other people and will tell you the much awaited “Marry me”.

You can be certain — a generous, caring and wonderful man is the Universe’s way to say thank you for all of the help you have given people.

You don’t believe us? Listen to one of our student, Olga’s, story:

“I met Sasha when I was 22 years old. We moved in together in less than a month. We fell in love head over heals. I lost my mind! My mom and sisters warned me not to move in with him before getting married. But I decided that I loved him and wanted to get married so moving in together wouldn’t stop us from getting married. But we ended up living like a married couple. He was nice to me, brought home money and took me on vacations. But we never got married. 6 years later, my sister took me to a seminar at the Academy. I took another look at my life. I finally was able to look at it from a sober perspective. I realized that I had become a woman who had completely dissolved in Sasha. His work, his friends, his family had become more important for me than my own interests. We even spent the weekends at his mother’s summerhouse and not at my mother’s. I thought about what a boring life I was leading. Yes, I wanted to get married, but that wasn’t all. Then my sister and I started organizing fundraising and charity events for the Academy in our city and region. At first Sasha saw this as one of my new hobbies. He didn’t have anything against it, but didn’t support me either. But one day, he saw me wiping tears from an old lady’s face in our building. She was crying because I gave her my bag full of groceries. Sasha looked at me and almost crying said, “You are the most caring woman in the world! I love you and want you to have my children. Marry me!” I’m not doing any volunteer projects at the moment because I’m raising our kids, but from the New Year, I’ll go back to doing what I love doing most — helping people. This will only make me love my husband and children more!”

You can follow Olga’s example and become one of our event organizers or find another way to help people. Then, next time someone you helped says “thank you”, pay attention how your man looks at you. This is the look of a man who is willing to do anything in the world for you!