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Do you feel like you’re at a dead end? Do you need help finding solutions to everyday problems?

Then you’re in the right place. On our website, you can receive an online-consultation with international life coach, Zhannabelle.

Zhannabelle has helped people for over 20 years. She is a popular TV and radio host, life coach, master of women’s practices, psychologist and seer.

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    At times it feels like it is impossible to solve some problem and that any help will be futile. In these moments, a person often seeks help of a professional psychologist, life coach or trainer. With the assistance of an experienced professional, you can solve family problems, improve your business, improve your health, etc. Zhannabelle is an international women’s coach. She has helped thousands of women to

    • Find their other half and get married
    • Become successful and wealthy
    • Get their husband back
    • Find their calling
    • Improve their relationships with their family
    • Cure depression
    • Find the reasons to their infertility
    • Get out of debt
    • Build a business
    • Rekindle passion in their relationships
    • Improve their health and youthfulness
    • Online-consultation

    You can sign up for a Skype chat with Zhannabelle on our website.

    The Skype consultation helps solve the important problem of distance. Now you don’t have to travel miles and wait in line in search of a good life coach! Now your personal helper will always be close to you and can help you in the most difficult times.

    Don’t isolate yourself with your problems. There is always a solution just around the corner. Ask for help right now and solve your problems and reach desired results.

    Consultation – if you have a question or problem and if you don’t see a solution…

    You can ask your question or describe your situation and you will receive a full detailed answer about where the problem came from and what you need to do to resolve it. You will receive a “recipe” that will help you completely solve your problem. You will receive deep answers to your most important questions and you will find solutions to all of your problems.

    Karmic diagnostics — 150 euros

    Express diagnostics — 50 euros

    During this diagnostics, you will receive profound answers about how to solve any complicated life situation. Karmic diagnostics is crucial when the situation has been dragging out for years, when it repeats, or if your relatives have experienced a similar problem. In this case, this situation can be solved only by seeing underlying karmic reasons. The conductor will see this using his shamanic gift and give you simple answers, and everything will be resolved.

    Diagnostics of the lineage — 150 euros

    Express diagnostics — 50 euros

    If you want to establish relationships in the family, find a partner, help any of your loved ones, and solve issues with children, you first need diagnostics of your lineage. The conductor of the power will see the whole picture, initiate contact with your ancestors, and give you a message, a solution, and help from them. You will learn about the talents and gifts of your lineage and what you need to work on. Your lineage will be healthy and friendly. The relationships will become harmonious and sincere.

    Consultation on a life situation — 150 euros

    Any questions about work, family situations, money issues, etc. — any life problem will be resolved with the help of an in-depth look at the conductor of the power. You will be shown the whole way of solving your situation, how to do it, and by what means. Often it is very simple, and you will understand the lesson of God and move on to the next level of your happy life.

    The ritual of womb cleansing — 300 euros

    This is the most important ritual for every woman on Earth. This ritual is necessary not only for those women who want to heal women’s diseases, find a partner, or give birth to a healthy child. The fact is that the energetic state of the womb affects absolutely everything in a woman’s life: health, youth, relationships, and material wealth. Especially if a woman had a complicated past relationship, then all this has been recorded in the womb, and it is important to undergo cleansing so that this does not happen again in the future. It is advisable to undergo womb cleansing at least once every three months.

    Nabhu Chakra — 100 euros (conducted by a coach’s student)

    This is the main ritual of  ancestral cleansing karma from recurring situations and problems in the lineage and your personal life — loneliness, all kinds of illnesses, difficulties with property, addictions and much more. There are 12 stages of purification; each stage is one aspect of life, one sphere of life. The conductor will tell you which step will help you at the moment. It is advisable to go through all the 12 steps and the 12 rituals, as this will free you from your ancestral karma and  many difficult situations and complexities that will leave your lineage.

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