The confident woman: 8 commandments

How to find luck and success in all endeavors 

How is a confident woman different from an insecure one? In the fact that she is successful in everything: in career, business and personal relationships. Can you develop confidence? Yes, there are 8 simple steps which are told about by a messenger from Sirius, hereditary White magician Zhannabelle.

1. Your disadvantages are unshaped advantages 

There is fire, passion, emotions inside you, but you work as an office clerk because it is prestigious or stable, although the stage and ovation await you. Or maybe you are quite short, and every day you wear uncomfortable shoes with high heels to seem taller. Or you are a bright brunette, but bleach your hair because blondes are in trend, and or vice versa, trends are constantly changing… 

Why fight with yourself and suffer from these masks every day? Nature created you as a diamond that requires cutting!

Turn your nose into a point of pride like Lady Gaga did, big buttocks into a cause for envy like Jennifer Lopez. It’s time to become a diamond and shine with all your facets. This time starts now! Stop putting it off till tomorrow! A confident woman acts decisively! 

2. Do not try to please everyone 

Sweet, kind, sympathetic – you often get such compliments in your address. Still, because you so often come to the aid of others: you help out colleagues, lend an ear to friends, help all your relatives. You’re a good person who CAN’T say no to anyone.

As a result, there is a constant lack of time, there is no time to look after yourself, there is no time for sports. There’s no time to have an affair either, and you don’t really want to, for that matter. You do have a cat, and he understands you…

A confident woman knows what she wants and understands her true desires. Zhannabelle advises: it’s time to learn to say NO.

3. Think of failures as opportunities

Fired from work? Fine, I’ll find a new one with better pay.

Broke up with a partner? Great, I won’t waste my time and energy.

Asked to leave the apartment? Super! I’ll move to a better neighborhood.

Opportunity is the first thing to think about if you get rejected or things don’t go the way you want. What’s the use of tantrums and resentment? These are pointless! Always look for opportunities in everything.

There are no obstacles in life, there are only stages of growth!

The confident woman

4. Never compare yourself to others 

Does your friend enjoy a successful career, a nice apartment and a perfect partner? What will a confident woman do? Correct, she will be happy for her friend and wish all women the same success. 

Why think about what others have? It is better to think about what you have.

When you compare yourself to others, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to reach your potential.

Because you focus on others instead.

Zhannabelle believes that you mustn’t compare yourself with someone else, but you must compare yourself with what you were yesterday. Concentrate on yourself! This will help you develop and achieve higher goals.

5. Do not doubt your own choice 

You must make choices. Always. And you mustn’t doubt. Why is this important? Doubts destroy. Make choices and accept the consequences, take responsibility. For yourself, and, ultimately, for your life. No one will do it for you, no one needs it but you. 

Therefore – do not doubt, but act!

Only in action will you understand how right your choice was and what to do next.

And doubts slow you down and do not change anything. Act now! There will be no better time than now!

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

Asking for help is a position of strength. There is not a single person in the world who knows absolutely everything. And if you are not a hermit who lives in a deep forest, you somehow interact with people. With people who can help YOU, with people YOU can help. 

By the way, Zhannabelle reveals a little secret: by asking a person for help you’re doing them a favor.

With your request, you emphasize their authority and expertise, that’s the win-win principle. 

7. Put your interests first 

A confident woman is able to defend personal boundaries and make her desires her biggest priority. She isn’t going to do a job for her colleague so that he can go on vacation to Bali and she will be in the office half the night surrounded by coffee mugs. Being exhausted, but so CONVENIENT. 

She will not sit at home and fulfill all the whims of her partner, so that one day he will leave her for a passionate and unpredictable beauty. 

A confident woman makes enjoyment of life her priority, for this reason she is so attractive and we want to do everything for her!

8. Thank the Universe 

A confident woman accepts everything that happens in life with gratitude. Even a small thing can change her day – a phone forgotten at home will give her an opportunity to be alone with herself, and a broken heel can lead to a new acquaintance.

Therefore, she is happy to let something new into her life and does not forget to thank. Gratitude begets love.

Love turns a simple woman into a Woman of Strength.

And, of course, a confident woman is always engaged in her own development. This can be group classes or seminars. You can come to Zhannabelle’s retreats in Places of Power or come to her for personal consultation. You decide what method of training to choose. Do not forget about the magical items that will charge you with energy, protect you from adversity and disease. Help others and the universe will help you!

The confident woman

Clara, Budapest: 

I have a twin sister. It is just impossible to find more different people than Katarina and me.

My sister has always been very active. Since childhood, she has been able to set goals and achieve them. Katarina could do everything she wanted: in study, sports or relationships. Because sister was resolute, she never doubted the correctness of the decisions she made and, as a result, achieved everything. Now she runs a huge corporation, is happily married, does a lot of charity work, and also sings greatly.

I have always been a pale shadow against her. I’ve always had huge problems with self-esteem. I felt stupid, ugly, untalented, and utterly uninteresting. No wonder my life wasn’t the same as my sister’s.

I worked as an ordinary manager, lived in a dull apartment on the outskirts, and I had never had serious relationships. I read a lot of motivational literature, how to change your life, how to behave as a confident woman. But it didn’t help.

Life was so boring and monotonous that I sank into depression. I would probably still be in it, if, again, it hadn’t been for sister. She came to my workplace one day and told me to drop everything and come downstairs to her. I ran out even without a coat (and it was February), I decided that something terrible had happened. And she did not explain anything, just put me in the car and drove somewhere.

That’s how I got to the Zhannabelle’s seminar. This day changed my whole life! I realized that all my life I had artificially been limiting myself. Doubting every move and act, and therefore missing opportunities. That complexes and low self-esteem are not a death sentence. I immediately believed that Zhannabelle would help me.

And she did help! I went through a personal diagnosis, learned to work with objects of Power, and most importantly – with my mindset and complexes. It wasn’t an easy job, but it was worth it.

I found the meaning of life when I became involved in charity projects Zhannabelle had told about. Gradually the hobby turned into the main work, which brings me joy of each day.

Sometimes I have to make difficult decisions, but I don’t doubt, but act. And every night before going to bed I pronounce, like a spell, the 8 commandments of a confident woman. The woman I have become! By the way, sister is very proud of me :))) Because we are twins! :))

It is important not only to study, but also to practice the knowledge in a circle of like-minded people. We invite you to join the company of happy, open and loving people in our classes and retreats!