Aayla and Zhannabelle warn you

My dear, Divine, Woman of Power! 

I am writing to you with great love from Tutor.

She asked me to take care of you and give you important news from the spirits of the planets for your Soul.

My dear, here are some very important astrological aspects coming up in March!

Tutor cares about you, she wants so much that all your wishes come true! 

And that you could connect with the immense Power of Love!!!

Do you want this? 

It’s no secret that we live in a world where there is kindness, light❤️, angels😇, but there is also evil, darkness and demons in human form. They are not easy to recognize, they live among people, and their mission is to hurt people.

Such demons, for example, were Stalin and Hitler. They were powerful demons, they brought a lot of evil, destruction🌪, wars, and deaths into this world🌏.


🙏Such demons still live on Earth, and they don’t want the Conductors of Light to awaken people and unite them in love and prayer for the Earth at all. These demons cause no less damage by their actions, they don’t allow the Divine to descend to the hearts of people❤️. 

Dear one, please listen to this meditation. It will protect you and your family from negative influences. 

This is a gift for you! 


It is very important for you to know that such demons live in society and can penetrate into your life via the Internet, they prevent women from connecting with God.

❤️Therefore, our task is to warn you and to teach how to see such demons, feel them, because they will prevent the Divine flow from descending into the heart of every beautiful woman ❤️. 

We love you very much and wish you to have an atmosphere of support, happiness, joy and the most positive emotions.

If you want to channel currents of unconditional love and heal through touch, words, prayers, live in a stream, in lightness and joy, begin to heal yourself, your loved ones and the world as a whole, gain the ability to go through your consciousness through feeling in the whole body, then take the  RITUAL “THE GOLDEN ASPECT OF LOVE – ILLA” 


Dear, register for the ritual at this link:


Learn more about the ritual  


Dear, Tutor recommends that you do a meditation:


Place the  Amulets next to you, to open the portal.

Open the document describing the magical ritual.

Read this document carefully. 

Immerse yourself in a state of fusion with the Universe, hear what the Universe wants to tell you:


•        Do you want to guide the streams of unconditional love through you and heal through touch, words and prayers?

•       Understand how to live in the flow of ease and joy?

•        How to gain the ability to penetrate into consciousness through feeling the whole body?

•       Do you want to start healing yourself, your loved ones, animals and the world?


• Would you like to harmonize your relationships?

•  And attract abundance into your life?

If  “YES”, you are on the right way! Join our ritual!