An international online club for women “THE FLOWER OF LIFE”

The Flower of Life includes 12 areas for a complete, happy life for a woman.

Use the practices and knowledge of Zhannabelle and our spiritual community to unlock your potential in each individual petal of your flower, in each of the twelve areas of your life, and create a new reality in which you want to enjoy each day.


International Online Club with Zhannabelle “The Flower of Life” is for you if:

–      Your dreams don’t come true more often than they do

–      You are in a transition period

–      You do not feel you are 100% a woman

–      You have no faith, no power and no energy.

–      You and your partner often fight

–      You are tired to do everything on your own

–      Your health and immune system often fail you

–      You have not met a worthy man

–      You have to work hard to earn money

–      You can’t find yourself and your business

–      You often feel stressed and anxious

–      You are looking for a spiritual family

–      You don’t know the meaning of your life

–      You think your talents are not being fulfilled


Would you like the 100% proven effective techniques used by thousands of Zhannabelle’s students to help you too?

–      The psychology practices will help you heal your childhood trauma

–      Ancient passes and mudras will harmonize your body and soul.

–      Affirmations for every day will help you program your desired future

–      Music of transformation will open the streams of abundance and realization of desires

–      Pictures of the places of power will immerse you in a meditative state and remove anxiety

–      Sacred mantras and mandalas will work on the subtle plane and transform events in your life

–      Shamanic techniques and rituals will open a new level of spiritual development

–      Live zoom meetings with Zhannabelle will activate your intention and promote energy exchange with your coach


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