Transform your traumatized past into a happy future!

Unleash their feminine power and learn to control the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air for the benefit of themselves and their loved ones. Learn to control this power. This is our predestination.

Correct all karmic situations of their lineage and have good health, find harmony inside them, and connect with their predestination through unconditional love.

Discover the hidden resources within themselves, the skills given to us at birth, and learn how to heal ourselves and our families.


Has enabled a happier life for women in 32 countries for more than 20 years


  • Author of unique course "Woman's world: Inner source of power", life designer, joy painter,
  • Inspirational speaker for women of all countries and nationalities,
  • Doctor for healing love and life traumas. Zhnnabelle deals with all spirits of traumas of your own and inherited from you anscestors.
  • Zhannabelle is the leader of women's POWER ACTIVATION ceremony in more than 300 cities,
  • She has a superability of charm, and eyes to eyes she transmits this positive vibration filling you up with health, love and abundance.

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Zhannabelle has been involved in charity work for nearly 20 years. She provides financial and psychological assistance to the most vulnerable segments of the population, such as:

  • Women living in critical circumstances, including victims of domestic violence.
  • Lonely old people and homeless people.
  • Orphaned children and toddlers suffering from serious illnesses.

Zhannabelle offers to all non-indifferent people the ability to unite, to help, to share compassion, and to love and care!

Together, only we can stop violence, pain, fear, and poverty! Making a simple step toward a stranger, you can change the world!


This Program is a divine experience unlike any other retreat, workshop or training that I’ve attended. I was encouraged and supported to go deep within my own self to shake off old energy and limiting habits, clearing the way for new parts of my spirit to emerge. No matter what you are hoping to gain from the program; whether that is specific training to become the best teacher, speaker, healer, leader you can be or a gift of remembering how playful and juicy life really is, you will walk away 100% satisfied, feeling more beautiful, more healthy, more educated and more in-line with your true divine self.


If you are ready to maximize your potential I recommend Zhannabelle’s program! Working with her for the last year has taken me to new heights in my professional and personal life. I left corporate America and started the business I’ve wanted since I was a kid. Once I broke free of my limiting beliefs and realized I could follow my dreams my life totally transformed. I married the love of my life and we’re exactly expecting our first child. Zhannabelle helped me to see that I deserve a life that brings me happiness and she gave me the accountability I needed to actively pursue it.


Zhannabelle is who you need to see before you give up! I moved here from California and started questioning rather i should move back or not, things had gotten so hard from me; I'm a license cosmetologist but was not receiving any clients and to top it off I had just gotten married and was having relationship problems. Zhannabelle helped me remember why I moved here in the first place, she helped me set goals on getting clients and rather I should work from home or rent a space, I am now renting a space and slowing increasing my cliental and my marriage is getting stronger she help me realize what I should focus on and what I shouldn't focus on! She is amazing! She teaches how to fish rather than feeding you for the day.



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