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While the dates of events in your city are not settled, you can have an online consultation with Zhannabelle in the next few days! The most important is that you connect with her energy, because through it you will receive answers to all questions and get the support of Higher powers ✨ Moreover, you can watch all the free materials on her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWp2Ii4BtZjkHqCzjprnOtA and on the site: https://zhannabelle.com/category/blog/

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Great Knowledge, Power and special rituals will come to you through them. I congratulate you with all my heart, for that is what will help you the most in life; your spiritual developement, with amazing guidance of a true spiritual teacher like Zhannabelle. Please always keep this source of happiness and energy, you deserve it!
This is a deep and spiritual question, you are very aware of how you spend your energy, this is a great quality!
The cosmic law of sacrifice explains everything - in the seminar, participants make a donation for the knowledge they receive. By making this donation, you are making a certain effort. After all, to make money, you spent your energy, time... For the Universe, any of your efforts (especially a great one) is a blessing. Therefore, the Universe favors such people, helps them in solving all kinds of issues! That is why it is necessary to make a sacrifice for the acquired Knowledge - in order to respect the laws of universe and receive a much greater & deeper result! Zhannabelle knows this and follows all cosmical laws, she takes care of your energy and development ! We are so blessed!
It is a great part of Zhannabelle's miraculous help to the world Zhannabelle gives all donations to good deeds - to charity and volunteer projects in third world countries. They are aimed at helping children, elderly people, women who find themselves in a difficult life situation. She never takes this money for herself but directs it all to help others! ❤
This is also why she is so pure channel, as she selflessly gives all her help from her heart & her only reward is your own success & happiness!
So thank you from all our heart for any donation that you do to Zhannabelle, because in fact you are doing charity action!
Zhannabelle will with joy surely find time online to help you with it! Please leave your contacts here https://zhannabelle.com/individual-consultation/. And I will contact you as soon as possible and help you with how you can triple an online meeting with Zhannabelle ❤ Congratulations for such an amazing meeting!
You can see in which languages ​​the event will be held on the schedule page https://zhannabelle.com/events/. Next or under to each event is the language of the event.

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Namaste, dear!
Sacrifice is a part of your healing, because this is how the energies that block you are leaving and doors are opening for you to receive new, pure energy of love & healing When you to transfer your sacrifice through a bank card, it is quite difficult for the Higher Forces - as this money is virtual. Therefore, if you want to make a sacrifice through a bank card, please warn in advance.
So the best is to do in cash! With the blessing of the Higher Powers, when a sacrifice is made in cash, you get a 30% discount on the value that was determined for this ritual or seminar.
Spirits loves you and really wants to help you receive this amazing energy!
The assistants of Zhannabel are special conductors of the Force who have dedicated their lives to helping people. They undergo special retreats at the Places of Power and receive initiation and training from Zhannabelle herself!
She says that communicating with such people full of love and light will change your life!
This is biggest help you can receive, as she is one of strongest channel of light, love & divine energy on earth now! And really, a session is the most powerful way to have such a deep transformation.
Just think, how much is your health? Is your happiness? Your success, beauty? Happiness of near and dear ones?
They are priceless, right?
And if you ask about a session with Zhannabelle, it means you are a special, wise & powerful soul and that this is the right time for you!
Zhannabelle will allow you to solve any, even very complex issue! You can heal from any disease, undergo a ritual of total rejuvenation of the body, master the techniques for building cosmic harmony in the family. It is like to receive this invaluable Knowledge at the price of a movie ticket or cup of coffee. That is practically free! Life gives you a huge gift and opportunity that many people never receive, I pray that you will take this chance because you deserve it! Universe loves you very much
Oh this is important question, thank you dear! You are so intuitive!
During a personal meeting, Zhannabel will determine the level of energy work that will solve all your issues. This level also depends on the volume of your personal Strength and your willingness to accept a high level of energy.
Zhannabelle feels you very clearly even from distance. Zhannabel will help you!
Namaste dear!
The time for your session is now, when God, life or universe gives you the chance! If you are reading this words it means that you are very blessed and powerful soul and that God wants to help you be happy and realize yourself. And it also means that it is possible for you to do it! Maybe you have some precise idea of what you need, or not at all, in any case; you will receive what is best for you, your soul and life
You can come to an individual session with a question or situation in which you need advice or help for example. At this moment, the grace of God will come to you, your life, to your family! A ritual is a close meeting with divine power that fulfill you with great, high energy! And all this power goes where you need it! Zhannabelle can direct it to your health, physical body, to your mind and help healing trauma, difficult emotional state. This high energy heals all situation because it brings so much love and power, it opens roads for good events or person in your life, open your mission, potential, talents! It's the divine space of miracles, so open your heart, your mind and come! An amazing experience waits you, beloved soul