About me

She opens up women like flowers. She will open up real you.


About Zhannabelle

  • Zhannabelle is the Author of international bestseller “Love and Laugh”,  life designer, joy painter
  • Inspirational speaker for women of all countries and nationalities
  • Doctor for healing love and life traumas. Zhnnabelle deals with all spirits of traumas of your own and inherited from you anscestors 
  • Zhannabelle is the leader of women’s POWER ACTIVATION ceremony in more than 300 cities
  • She has a superability of charm, and eyes to eyes she transmits this positive vibration filling you up with health, love and abundance
  • Author of the legendary course for women «Return of sacred female power» 

Her life vision. See in bright colors.

Every woman that meets Zhannabelle says – I am great! I am charming! I stand firmly on the ground!  She has the most pure heart channel and crystal clairvoyance to cure deseases, infections. As well as healing loneliness, chronic tirdness anв depression and all other greay colors of life and existance. Zhannbelle is leading her retreats on advanced spiritual level, she is a true student of life as being 

  • challenge lover /taker 
  • success- woman and success-mother who inspires millions of people to 
  • get through any life challenge

Science and invisible with Zhannabelle

Zhannabelle is a board member of international educational programs at International Institute of Women, ethnic researcher of world’s interncontinental feminine cultures, peace maker. She is an experienced explorer of ancient Places of Power (Tibet, India, Nepal, Mongolia, USA, etc), she will easily lead you to the most sacred places of our Planet, she will take you on once-in-a-life-time journey of your dream.

Her lifestory

Her Power and Super Abilities grow from ancient line of women of wisdom. Her grandmother kept the energy of youth and beauty in the age of 90, because she saved and transfered the ancient wisdom of Women of Power – 6 main secrets that Zhannabelle opens up to women in her seminars with care to any woman who wish to transform her life for better.   Zhannabelle is the daughter of the Priestess and the Priests, spending most of her years in deep retreats of fasting, as well as prana eating and energetic transformation. All this gave her power to heal with love and light and help millions of children, animals and people in need through charity actions around the world. 

Her secret of happiness

The biggest secret of her success is that she is guided by her Mother Star – Sirius. Sirius is her home. And when meeting her you notice – she is not really from this Planet, do not be surprised. People from Sirius possess non-human love, compassion and healing abilities.  All her superpowers are scientifically tested and proved. Zhannabelle acknowledged to be the medical phenomenon.