RETREAT “Fall Equinox” 18 -22 September 2020 in Switzerland and in Germany

Thanks to the powerful rituals and practices, we will be able to reprogram our destiny, free ourselves from karmic problems of our own lineage and start living a completely new life.

  • You will experience what family happiness is and attract it in your life. 
  • You will learn to enjoy the relationship with your loved one.
  • You will always be the dearest and most desirable person for your partner.
  • You will be able to strengthen your inner core, boost your self-esteem and attract the right people.
  • You will learn to attract happiness and money to your life.
  • You will learn to communicate correctly with family members, friends or colleagues.
  • You will open your super abilities and the power of your ancestor lineage. 
  • You will be able to realize your predestination and achieve all your goals.

At this astrologically important period, we create a prayer for all living things, for life without wars, disasters and diseases, for a happy humanity, for our children and our loved ones. We will pray for the salvation of all creatures on Earth as our ancestors prayed. We will connect with the Divine Power and love. And the more we awaken this Power of love in us, the more changes will take place in our families and in ourselves! For us women it is important to unite as often as possible and to connect the Power of wishes and prayer.

You are the chosen one from the Spirits! A woman of Power!


  • yoga mat (obligatory)
  • Comfortable clothes for walking
  • Clothes for yoga and practices
  • Shoes: to be in nature (for walking and for inside the hotel)
  • waterproof clothes (it may rain in the evening / night)
  • Backpack: small backpack to take in the walks.
  • water bottle
  • mosquito repellent
  • your own Objects of Power
  • toiletries
  • sportswear for morning exercise
  • Copybook and pens
  • small flashlight (if the phone has a flashlight is enough)
  • Photos of relatives and people you would like to pray for.
  • Medicine (which you need personally for your health)
  • Beautiful feminine clothes (if any)
  • Decorative cosmetics
  • Beautiful evening dress for an orphic concert


Basic package 650€. If you do the energy exchange with the representative of your city, it is only 500€. In this package are included: Retreat, a prediction, a shamanic icon.

Average package 1300€. If you do the energy exchange with the representative of your city, it is only 1000€. In this package are included: Retreat, a prediction, a shamanic icon, an amulet of Power and 5 group rituals.

Advanced package 1950€. If you do the energy exchange with the representative of your city, it is only 1500€. Included in this package: Retreat, a prediction, a shamanic icon, an amulet of Power, 5 group rituals and an individual session.

It is also possible to attend the seminar for 1 or 2 days only. Then the participation is 195 € (if you give the sacrifice to the representative of your city only 150 €). These costs only include the participation in the seminar/retreat. (Without additional options, such as accommodation, meals, group rituals, amulets, etc.)

The participation in the group rituals, if your package does not include them, is 130€ (if you give the sacrifice to the representative of your city, only 100€)

The major part of the work of a Shaman includes the work with the amulets. It is in the World of the Spirits that they find their home in the amulets and then they stay with the person – owner of the amulet, like his/her friend and protector. The Shamanic team brings the amulets from the heart of Siberia, which are true living relics. They have several tasks: to protect, to create harmony in relationships, to strengthen the family tree, to protect children, etc. These living Siberian amulets and Spirit Helpers that live in them await you on this retreat.

The energy exchange for such amulets starts from 20€.

Send this message about the retreat to all the women you wish luck. For some it will be a release from their very difficult life situations and for others it will be the first step on the way to realizing their true predestination. And somebody will be grateful to you that they could get out of everyday tasks and learn on the Island of Love (retreat).
If you would like to participate in the retreat for free and acquire many helping Spirits and take part in all the group rituals and fill yourself with all the Power, it is only understandable and that is why we give you 

🌟 105e for each participant who has registered for 5 days thanks to your inspiration

🌟 75e for each participant who has registered for 3 days thanks to your inspiration

And the sum of your Divine bonus you can spend as much as your soul desires.

Express diagnosis online with the shamanic team before the retreat
70 Euro (the Shamans look into your past, your future, your akasha-chronicle)
50 Euro when handed over to a representative of the city.
different rituals from 150 euro
It is recommended to attend the shamanic school with Aayla or the female school with Zhannabelle before the retreat to get the necessary energy to make the transformation even greater.