Zhannabelle uses the most effective rituals and ceremonies at live events and individual consultations. These rituals are the quintessence of secret knowledge and techniques that will enhance your life and will help in the fulfillment of your desires.

  • Womb cleanse

If relationships with partners do not work at all, you cannot meet love, you suffer from loneliness or resentment against former partners, you need to have the ritual of womb cleanse. Break the sans-contacts with former partners and let true love into your life!

    • Ritual of self-sufficiency

    How to increase self-confidence? How to stop being embarrassed during negotiations and public speaking. How to feel free to defend your position and declare your desires. Not to pay attention to negative comments. How to become a master of your fate? The Ritual of self-sufficiency will help you – it will reveal your female power, will make you confident, successful and happy.

      • Ritual to connect with the desires of your soul

      Do you listen to your desires? No, not physical and material ones, but to the desires of your soul. Do you know what it wants? To reveal and realize talents, to understand your predestination, to find your place in this world? Maybe you think that the soul can not speak? You just do not understand its language. The ritual of conjunction with the desires of your soul can help you. Give her a say and you will see how fast your life will change for the better.

        • The practice of protecting your lineage and preserving its power

        Does your family have recurring scenarios? Someone is constantly sick, fails in business, gets divorced, and has conflicts. So the protector of your lineage left you. If you return him, draw the members of the family together, forget the old grievances, for all members of your family new opportunities in a career, business, relationship will be opened up. The practice of protecting a lineage and preserving its power will help you in this!

          • Energy cleansing

          Our energy body is constantly exposed to negative influences: insults, conflicts, quarrels, envy. All this blocks the arrival of positive changes into our lives. If you want to become a successful, happy, wealthy person, take the ritual of Energy cleansing.

            • Shamanic ritual of cleansing from attachments and insults

            Do you know what often hinders our happy future? Our past. The affections, resentments, quarrels that took place in our life, or in past incarnations, or passed on to us according to our lineage. But any past can be transformed into a happy future. With the help of the Shamanic ritual of cleansing from attachments and resentments. Take the ritual and live a new successful, rich, happy life.

              • An effective method of working with the subconscious Gyud

              Sometimes, it seems that life is boring and meaningless. Things don’t go well, family and close people do not understand you, health problems appear. What is the reason of all your failures, stress, depression? The ancient ritual Gyud will help you to answer this question. Working with the subconscious, you can find the root of all problems and solve them. Change your life for the better! Let your life shine with all the colors!

                • Diagnostics by photo of partner

                How to find out if a partner is right for you? Will you be able to create a harmonious family and equal partnerships? To live without quarrels and insults? It’s possible to identify during special diagnostics. Bring a photo of your chosen one and find out how this person matches you in the spiritual and energetical plan.

                  • Connection to the source of abundance

                  Why don’t you have enough money, no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you try? Do not blame yourself. You just have not made friends with the Spirit of Money. Ritual of connections with a source of abundance will teach you to communicate with the Spirit of Money, will attract prosperity in your life, success in business and career.

                    • And many others

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