Seminar ‘THE WOMAN'S WORLD”: Healing Traumas of the Soul. Discovery of the Female Healing Energy


Healing your soul and body.

The simplest thing is to heal yourself, tune in to your biological rhythms: the rhythms of the moon and the sun, the rhythms of seasons, the energy of the city and make your body stop losing energy so that it is always strong, healthy, prosperous and young. That is, to be young and healthy regardless of external circumstances, in any situation.

Healing your family and friends

Healing your partner, children, and parents when they are sick. A woman always tries to avoid interference of artificial healing methods such as pills, injections and different medicines that gradually disturb the gut microflora in organism and immunity in general for as long as it is possible.

Ceremony to revive the connection with the ancient elder of your lineage.

Strengthening the family energy by the power of Mother Nature for the health of ancestors and descendants

Healing and protective power of amulets. Creation of an amiruk (amulet for healing the lineage) of your lineage.

Shaping the desired future of your lineage – something that your descendants will be proud to inherit.

Healing of the financial channel. Shamanic journey to the spirit of money to stabilize financial flow in your lineage

🔆Group ritual:

Cleansing your lineage from spirits of illness, mental trauma and accidents

🔆Exclusive Ritual:

Shamanic healing of your lineage with 7 crystals of Agartha