Zhannabel’s amazing programs:

The course WOMAN’S WORLD. THE RETURN OF FEMALE POWER consists of 6 steps which will reveal your true self:

1. Your inner source of power

  • Healing ritual The Field of Love helps your close people and gives them power for prosperity and the implementation of all their plans.
  • How to find out your predestination?
  • Ritual Blessing of the womb from the Siberian shamanic goddess of Nature – Umai.
  • Secrets of Siberian health and healthy lifestyle, self-healing from the most common diseases: anxiety and panic attacks, immune diseases, depression, stress, psychiatric diagnoses, weak joints and bones, digestion.
  • Practice of foretelling on patrimonial cards – Siberian tarot cards The Wisdom of the Ancestors.

2. The return of female power: shamanic journey

  • Shamanic journey inward and healing female predestination – womb cleanse, 1st level. Opening the world of your inner woman.
  • Rejuvenation of the health matrix at the cellular level.
  • Ritual of self-reliance to increase the internal power, increase mindfulness and confidence.
  • Sacred priestly temple dance of opening the heart for unconditional love. Love opens the door to a limitless source of abundance.

3. Recovery of relationships and finding a divine soulmate: spiritual balance

  • Massage “YIN-YAN”: the balance of male and female principles.
  • 3 components of a happy relationship.
  • Ritual to meet with the second half.
  • Diagnostics by photo of the partner.
  • A session of filling a partner’s heart with love.

4. Woman’s abundance: a cosmic source

  • Balance in relations with the material world and connection with the source of abundance.
  • Principles of wealth and stability of the lineage.
  • Golden rules for communicating with the Spirit of Money.
  • Shamanic ritual for the opening of talents and the power of lineage.

5. Predestination: the power of lineage

  • The power of ancestors paves the way for success for every member of your lineage. This is protection and blessing! Use knowledge about lineage to get power.
  • How to connect with the talents and treasures of your lineage? What is the power and mission of the female line of your lineage?
  • An ancient ritual of conjunction with the desires of your soul.
  • 3 tips of Siberian shamanism for every day, so as never to be mistaken with choice and to go your own way.
  • The practice of protecting your lineage and preserving its power.
  • Spiritual name. Correction of fate.

6. Retreat (2 days)

Zhannabelle is an experienced researcher of the strongest Places of Power. She will lead you to spiritual places of the planet, will make this journey unforgettable and sacred.

  • Unconditional love of the universe, manifested in female nature. Types (levels) of love in this physical world. Unconditional love in a relationship.
  • Shamanic ritual of cleansing from affections and resentments that prevent you from accepting yourself and the world. Rolling on an egg.
  • Practice Heart of a lover will help you to meet your soulmate or regain mutual understanding and balance in a relationship as soon as possible.
  • Womb cleanse, 2nd level. Cleansing of the female karma (female lineage) from negative information. Rewriting a script of lineage.
  • The ritual of contacting with the shamanic goddess of Nature Umai, who gives a huge protective power.
  • Awakening of fiery power and courage, freeing from fears, protecting the beautiful flower of love of your heart.
  • Awakening of sensuality and intuition. Shaman mandala of female power. Temple female dance. Female shamanic yoga.
  • Rituals of protection and self-cleansing, freedom from other people’s opinions and influence.
  • Siberian secrets of youth and beauty for women’s health. 5 golden rules of HLS.
  • The ancient shamanic ritual Gyud – the discovery of the secret creative power of your subconscious mind.
  • The emotional power of a woman, realized in the prayer. The prayer of a child, sweetheart, mother, prayer of the Goddess.

Zhannabelle is a doctor on healing traumas in relationships and life situations. She is a motivational speaker for women of all countries and nationalities, works with any spirits of personal and inherited traumas. Zhannabelle has unfailing love for the world, compassion for people and desire to heal their bodies and souls, so she found the opportunity to share her knowledge with all women on the planet Earth. Zhannabelle’s mission is to help women to find out their true predestination, their femininity, to improve their health and love, to reveal their exceptional abilities. Zhannabelle collected her unique knowledge and rituals in her author’s course WOMAN’S WORLD. THE RETURN OF FEMALE POWER.

The course will transform your life:

  • You will improve your health

Zhannabelle conducts unique rituals of rejuvenating the health matrix on the cellular level. Wellness sessions, where the secrets of Siberian shamans for beauty and health is used. She heals infertility and female diseases with the help of a ritual of womb cleanse.

  • You will reveal femininity and open the way for self-realization

The special ceremonies that Zhannabelle conducts as part of the course give self-confidence, they help to find your true calling and to become bold and self-sufficient, to free yourself from other people’s opinions and influence.

  • You will improve the relationship with your soulmate

One of the most popular rituals of the course is the attraction of your divine soulmate. You will also have the ceremony of unity of souls, you will return balance and mutual understanding in your relationship. You will learn how to use harmonious spiritual practices to build harmonious relationship.

  • You will increase your well-being

How to set your heart to a wave of prosperity, increase your well-being, learn to manage your cash flow? Only sacred techniques will allow you to get rid of debts, to find a balance with the material world and to connect with the source of abundance.

  • You will protect your lineage

A unique ritual of connecting with talents and treasures of your lineage will help you to understand what is the power and mission of the female line of your lineage. You will go through a very strong ritual of protecting your lineage to protect your close people from the failures, diseases and dangers of this world.

Global transformation during the course is provided by:

  • Techniques and rituals to protect your family
  • Personal communication with the tutor, the ability to ask her a question
  • Protective talisman
  • Retreat to the unique energy place of the planet – Place of Power.
  • Ritual to increase wealth: the golden rules of communicating with the Spirit of Money
  • Techniques for meeting and improving relationships with your soulmate
  • A system of methods and rituals for the revealing your femininity
  • An opportunity to ask one question to patrimonial cards – Siberian tarot cards “Wisdom of the ancestors”