When women come together, a healing and nourishing energy is created. In this space of love and relaxation, we will perform a ritual to help our lineage, praying for peace in this not easy time, for everyone to be happy!

  • Shamanic journey inside yourself and the healing of women’s destiny – purification of the uterus 1st level. Getting to know the world of your inner woman.
  • Rejuvenation of the health matrix at the cellular level with the power of the elements
  • Self-sufficiency ritual to increase awareness, confidence, increase inner strength.
  • A sacred Temple Priestess dance to open the heart for unconditional love. Love opens the door to a limitless source of abundance.
  • Healing the female destiny of disharmonious relationships, protection from all negative influences of the world around, protection from disease and fears
  • Healing from female diseases: myomas, polyps, endometriosis, mycoplasmosis and other diseases
  • The energy will increase significantly to attract good luck, luck in love and the state of health

All donations collected at the workshop will be donated to support women affected by the war action in Ukraine.


  • photos of family and friends,
  • Bottle of water for charging
  • gifts, donations
  • favorite fruit
  • white ( or light colored ) clothes or accessories.