Zhannabelle’s author's course «Return of sacred female power»

Human life reflects four natural elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air – each in charge of a different sphere. The course includes 12 lessons full of sacred mysteries, practices, rituals and mantras. The lessons will bring health, love and beautiful relationships, and abundance and awareness of your predestination.

With the ancient knowledge that Zhannabelle has gathered in the course, you will be able to heal and harmonize life in all its manifestations.

Module 1 – EARTH (BODY)

Lesson 1


● How to reveal and harmonize the power of the Element of Earth in yourself

● How to heal lingering hurt and wounds of all women of your lineage

● The sacred ritual to fill with feminine power and charm

● The strongest ceremony for healing women’s illnesses

Lesson 2


● The Tibetan knowledge of the long-liver sages: how to never be sick

● The method of disease suction through the system of charged water

● Sacred ritual “7 Energy Centers of Immunity” 

● 3 ways of recovery with the help of Earth Element – “esoteric cure” for 100 diseases

Lesson 3

The secret code of youth – the secretive techniques of rejuvenation 

● Three energy points on our body, giving unfading youth

● Sacred ritual “The Source of Youth and Beauty”

● How to preserve and increase your etheric energy and direct it to help your loved ones

● Secret practices of women with shining eyes and endless flow of energy



Lesson 4

Thousand-year-old practices for healing a woman’s destiny

● Heal your mind, body, and soul that do not let you become happy and abundant  

● How to stop doubting and start living! How to change your karma and stop working off “old debts”

● Return your talents and gifts that you “sacrificed” in your younger years

● A ritual to connect with the shamanic Goddess of Nature, Umai, who gives great protective power to you and your children

Lesson 5

The Divine Nature and the Power of Love

● The secrets of the Indian Temple of Khajuraho: the art of love at a divine level

● The astral journey and connection with your ideal partner

● Practice of awareness “100 qualities of a spiritual woman”

● Shamanic ritual “Liberation from the Spirit of Solitude”

Lesson 6

A close-knit and strong lineage, your family is protected

● You will be able to break up negative lineage scenarios and find your own path

● You will provide an opportunity to choose their own destiny for the next 7 generations

● Shamanic journey: make your family tree strong and powerful

● Find harmony in your relationship with your parents, and feel their blessing



Lesson 7

Energy of the Element of Fire – the key to the source of abundance

● Make a money map of your family tree, which will lead to prosperity

● How to fill your family tree with abundance for 7 generations ahead

● How to avoid unplanned expenses, conflicts, and money losses

● How to find financial good fortune

Lesson 8

Wealth Through Destination

● How to discover your predestination and hidden talents

● How to attract great wealth and fortune in your life with the help of the spirit of money

● The Shamanic breath of fire, which will open the flow of new ideas and energy

● You will start receiving money from a variety of unexpected sources and seeing promising opportunities

Lesson 9

The Ancient Formula for Wish Fulfillment

● How to fulfill 10 of your most cherished desires within 3 years

● The rules of life in the flow of goodness and happiness

● The main principle of wealth and stability of the lineage. The mystery of the richest families in the world

● How to help your family and friends attract money



Lesson 10

The code for your predestination

● Connect with your inner self and learn to read the signs of the universe

● How to find inner freedom and lightness and open toward your predestination

● Realize your life’s work and find the true meaning of life

● The method through which you will best realize yourself

Lesson 11

The gift of a healer in your hands! Learn to help yourself and your loved ones

● The secret knowledge: how to take care of your health and the health of your family

● Discover the gift of a healer in you, even if you have never healed people before

● The most effective recovery technique – How to Harmonize Your Condition in 5 Minutes

● How to give “first aid” to others in cases of acute and chronic painful conditions

Lesson 12

Awaken Your Superpowers

● A step-by-step plan for developing psychic powers

● You will be able to anticipate events, always make the right decisions and correct negative scenarios in your life

● Learn to feel people to help them in difficult or hopeless situations

● Open up to a flow of power and thus be able to safeguard your family, business, and yourself


What transformations await you after you start the course?

After  Module 1

You will discover the power of your sacred feminine center, associated with mystical experiences, and start the process of bioenergetic rejuvenation

After Module 2

You will receive unlimited abilities to make your dreams come true in your relations with your partner, children, and relatives

After Module 3

You will take the way of prosperity and purify the money karma of your lineage. Your ancestors and future descendants will be grateful to you

After Module 4

You will discover a healing and creative source of energy within yourself and begin to develop your individual superpowers

The knowledge of this course will stay with you forever. You can return to the practices as often as you like. So what do you get from the “Return of Sacred Female Power” course?

● Lifetime access to video practices in your personal account

● 12 video lessons for deep work

● 12 sacred rituals

● Access to a personal account of the training platform 24/7

● Ticket to Zhannabelle’s live master class, worth 30 Euros

● Mudras and mantras for health and beauty

● Mudras and mantras to activate your intuition and predestination

● A gift with each class to unlock your full potential

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