What is the talisman of Force?

What is the talisman of Force?

Every successful person has an artifact of Force. It is often called an amulet or a talisman.

Throughout history, all the countries and nations have had such objects that were considered to be of great magical power and which could influence any sphere of human life.

Such objects still exist on the Earth… Thanks to them, it is possible to cure a haunting disease once and for all, gain financial success, get married, and find your destination.

The greatest personalities had the magical objects that helped them!

When Elizabeth Taylor found out that diamonds were her magical objects, she amassed a collection that is well-known all over the world. They served her and protected the actress all her life. Now, the diamonds are in the museum, but even the wealthiest people cannot buy them because they serve Elizabeth to this day.

At the beginning of the century, George Gurdjieff saw in his dream that those who hang a flag in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria would win the war.

The whole world made every effort to do it. As is known, the USSR was the first to carry it out.

Cleopatra had a scepter and a rod which she inherited. A person who holds them in hands became invincible.

The shaman always had his magical object as well. With the help of it, he helped people, lifted curses and healed. Such an object often saved the lives of his people, changed their fate and prevented troubles.

The magical object gained at the workshop possesses tremendous power if you use it correctly. It cannot be given to other people under any circumstances. However, if you accidentally lose your talisman of Force and another person finds it, your amulet will not be deprived of its capabilities, they will simply be blocked until it comes back to you.

The talisman of Force is a living being. It is individual for everyone and should be close to its master. Remember that the object chooses its owner itself, it is not accidental.

A question from the participant at the seminar: “Being at the seminar, I liked an object which was already taken by another person. I was very upset because I didn’t really like anything else, I thought that my talisman was no longer there. Tell me, please, is it right to wait for an object I liked to come back or is it worth choosing from what is available?”

Answer: “At the seminar, nothing is accidental, perhaps it is not your talisman. If this item does not belong to the person who has already taken it before you, he will return it. You have to wait patiently, and your talisman of Force will come to you. ”

A question from the participant at the seminar: “I had a case when the object of Force left me because I stopped doing spiritual practices and leading a healthy lifestyle. Only when I got back to a normal daily routine, jogging, healthy eating, the talisman of the Force returned to me. It happened six months later (!). Laying in the most conspicuous place! Amazing. ”

Answer: “Yes, it happens. There is another example: a woman from Brazil drew to herself very beautiful earrings at the seminar to attract female power. Thanks to them, the woman became very beautiful and met her beloved one. Although, in one of the trips she lost one earring. The girl searched the entire camp but did not find anything. In two months, she came to her room, ran her hand over the blanket and saw the missing earring.

It is important to understand that when the objects of Force disappear, it means that the new stage of life began and that object has already worked itself out, helped to resolve a difficult situation, to take away a failure or misfortune from you. However, if you need help again, the talisman of Force may come back and help you once again. All the objects of Force teach their masters to reconsider their life, draw conclusions, become wiser and more conscious. Having your own object of Force is a great success for a person and a gift from God.”

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