Zhannabelle speaks on the power of a woman

The happiness and harmony of humanity

Perhaps each of us thinks of herself to be an ordinary woman who would hardly be able to influence our destiny. We don’t even mention influencing all of humanity. But that’s not really true. Any woman is unique and endowed with abilities she may not have known about. Do you want to know why this happens? Zhannabelle will tell you about the activation of female power.

Use your imagination and picture that you’ve gone on holiday out of town. In the bosom of nature, you wanted to take a lot of pictures, which you did. Of course, were posted the photos you took in your social networks, as many people do today. Eventually, your gadget died out. There’s certainly no point in finding the socket. There is no way there is one in the nature. So what do we do? In this situation, a power bank can bring your smartphone back to life.  

What if we’re talking about a person, not a gadget? You’ll have to work first to be able to go on a picnic like this. Where will the car, food, clothes, and smartphone come from? All this requires certain monetary investments. You’ll have to spend your energy at first to make money. 

Probably, many people have wondered: is it possible to recharge your health and youth? What kind of power bank can you use to be able to forgive and love, to be happy no matter what? All this is real! Let’s find out all the details.

Male uniqueness: what is it? 

A man who strives to develop his skills, always has the goals of achieving them before him. Imagine that a man is a smartphone. Even if the model is not quite perfect, but the main purpose is to change the world around it. Some men can create this world, others, on the contrary – destroy.  

In this case, both need an energy source. If there is no energy, the man becomes passive right away, he will lose interest in life. He is likely to seek solace in drugs, alcohol, gambling.

This is the best way for him not to feel the unbearable reality. 

Woman: What is her uniqueness? 

Helping others is the main goal of a healthy woman. Perhaps you will not agree, because you do not feel this and there are no such examples around you. The key word here is “healthy”.  

When a woman has health problems or is oppressed by something, she herself will need energy support. Want to learn about effective techniques for obtaining such support and know a special practice that will help you personally? You will get it all. 

Many would agree that a healthy woman is a powerful source of energy. A woman’s body is capable of generating enough energy to give birth to a new person. If she’s healthy and doesn’t waste energy on something negative, of course. 

Such a woman certainly has both desire and ability to help her children, parents and friends. In the example above, woman acts as a power bank for her close people.

If she reveals her skills in the right way, she will be able to help all those around her. 

You’ve heard a phrase “open-hearted woman” more than once, haven’t you? That’s the women we are talking about. They’re always in the spotlight. They are more likely to marry, to hold leadership positions, even to become leaders of social movements.

The main thing is to fully develop their skills to become a strong source of knowledge for others. It is necessary to know how to generate and send such energy to improve the quality of their lives and the entire humanity.  

Do you think there are no such women? It turns out there are. Zhannabelle, who received wise training and became the successor of the traditions of Siberian shamanism, became such a woman in our time.

Shaman’s magic is one of the most ancient ones, going from depths of the beginning of a life. People of Siberia are especially endowed with this power.  

Zhannabelle speaks on the power of a woman

Divine energy of transformation 

Have you experienced a burst of vitality from getting friendly support and a warm hug? In such moments you always want to do something special and kind. Now imagine that every person will be endowed with a portion of positive energy. Even guardians of law and order, politicians and businessmen – each of them will get their positive portion of warmth. When the energy passes through their hearts, they will surely do a good deed that will be useful for all humanity. 

It is wrong to think that this is impossible. Everything is quite real, thanks to the women who have already received wise knowledge and energy support by attending Zhannabelle’s seminars. She is an experienced researcher of ancient places of power. These are the places where she conducts her seminars and practices.

The Places of Power are special areas of the planet. It is there the strong energy is fixed. When you get there, you feel a strong energy impact.

Zhannabelle is open to everyone. Today she wants to share one of her most important secrets. Spreading energy is only possible if the woman does self development and then the energy she receives is transferred to others. She simply helps her family and those around her to become more successful and happier. The most effective way to do this is through individual consultations and seminars.

You can bring a photo of your loved one to the class or consultation to ask for a ritual for them. Also, she selects an amulet to protect your family tree.  

Why do you think this happens? Actually, it has to do with the fact that every woman can accept divine transformative energy. In doing so, she becomes a conductor, transmitting energy to others. 

People are charged with positive Power when being in the powerful energy field of Zhannabelle. Even being close to such a woman, they start to change dramatically for the better, their life is getting better.

So it is very important to attend seminars, practice, take online classes. It is better to communicate with Zhannabelle personally. This will help to get rid of the negative and fill with light and pure energy of the power quickly. Everything around you will also begin to change through it, because this is how the cosmic law works..

The story of Sophia

“Before I met Zhannabelle, my legs had been hurting badly for a long time, because of the varicosity. It was even difficult for me to stand. Walking was just a torture. I tried different medications, but nothing helped. The release from pain was only temporary, but then it returned even more intensive.  

One day, a friend recommended me to attend Zhannabelle’s seminar. I’ll tell you the truth, I wasn’t hoping for a release from the disease. But after meeting with this unique woman, I felt confidence, a burst of vital energy. 

Now I am grateful to God for bringing me to Zhannabelle’s seminar! I can’t even remember the pains, they’re gone. I can dance freely. Now I recommend Zhannabelle to everyone, she will help to improve your health, get free from your fears of what the future holds and failure.

The Story of Darina

“I must have, like so many, constantly poured my personal energy into unrealised desires. For example, when I didn’t buy an interesting book or purse that I saw from a colleague, I spent all day thinking about whether I did the right thing… Well, all this time I was just “giving” the thing I did not buy with my free personal energy! It’s kind of a small thing, but there are a lot of things like that. In the morning, when choosing between a dress and pants, having chosen to wear the dress, I kept arguing with myself about whether I did the right thing. That’s what I did all the time. 

Sometimes when I came home at night, I was completely exhausted. There was only enough strength to get to my favorite sofa and fall on it quickly. Then, to eat and sleep. Tomorrow is again full of a million opportunities that I’m depriving myself of. I could do something new, help someone. 

I’ve always been afraid that I’ll never realize what’s important in my life. But, I decided to try Zhannabelle’s practices to learn how to release the energy of desire. I think it’s a miracle! After that, I learned to control power by turning information into knowledge. I am developing self-sufficiency and directing it towards my spiritual development.

Female practices are a set of exercises to fill with female energy. It helps to improve the physical, psychological and emotional state. As a result, body clamps are removed, and energy flows freely and easily.

You should remember the main goal – to free yourself from the load of unrealized desires that accumulate, prevent the free flow of energy from the inside out, from dreams to realization. 

The effectiveness of the practice “Urgent battery charging” (exclusively female).

Dear woman, Zhannabelle wants to share a very effective practice with you! Believe me, thanks to this approach, you will feel the rush of energy, because you will be connected to an inexhaustible source of energy. Let’s remember the example of charging the phone again.  

You can perform the exercises not only by yourself, but also invite your friend. So, do the following simple steps:

  1. Stand straight. Put your legs a little wider than your shoulders.
  2. Place your palms at the bottom of your abdomen. Cover your right hand with your left hand. Close your eyes and imagine you’re in a tunnel.
  3. Now swing your hips alternately to the sides as if you were trying to push the wall from different sides. Imagine you have to make the tunnel wider. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Always mentally expand the tunnel of your skills, making it wide and spacious. 
  4. With your hands outstretched, start circling with your palms, as if winding pearl necklaces on your wrists – a symbol of well-being. Also try to swing your hips clockwise in time, making the circles wider. You will definitely feel the energy accumulating at the bottom of your abdomen, gathering from the surrounding space. 
  5. Then put your palms on the bottom of your abdomen again. This time your left arm should cover your right palm. Move your hips as if drawing the sign of infinity. Feel in your mind that you begin to manage the energy, know how to guide it to people who need your support. Wish them success, kindness and prosperity. 

Then stop. Put your palms in the area of your heart, better close your eyes and watch your new state for a few minutes. Inside, thank the entire planet, the world around you. Do not forget to say thank you to the Higher Powers for their patronage and help. 

The most important thing! Always remember the cosmic law! Only you can create the future and the future of your family and the whole planet depends directly on you! At Zhannabelle’s seminars, rituals, individual consultations you will be able to make a deeper study of all inquiries: personal life, health, well-being of yourself and your family. Zhannabelle is waiting for you at her events.

Only a woman can hold in her hands the whole universe, built on pure love, joy and harmony! And you are this woman!