Does Health Start with Food?

5 Products That Cause Premature Aging

Aging is a natural process. You’re not the first one to occasionally look in the mirror and ask, “Who’s the fairest of them all?” It has been discovered that some common products can accelerate the aging process. Health starts with your diet. Let’s explore some of the things that you shouldn’t eat, if you want to stay young and beautiful for at least another, say 50 years.

Does Health Start with Food?


Who doesn’t like to eat delicious pastries and drink sweet tea? However, sugar is one of those products that negatively affects your skin, hair and nails. Remember what they told us when we were kids? That we shouldn’t eat too many sweets. Eating too much sugar can cause an increase of insulin in your blood which decreases the amount of collagen and elastin and your skin’s elasticity decreases due to a chemical reaction. Your skin becomes drab and grey. Your inner organs also lose elasticity. We can conclude that Baba Yaga didn’t know that her health depended on her diet and ate a lot of sweets in her youth!

Does Health Start with Food?


A person’s face will easily reveal their habitual alcohol consumption.

Don’t believe people who say that 2-3 glasses of wine per day doesn’t affect their health and on the contrary, helps thin their blood. This isn’t true!

Any alcohol affects cell structure when it enters your body. It depletes vitamins, dehydrates the body, which causes wrinkles, destroys teeth and affects various organ functioning, in particular – the liver. Alcohol is the biggest enemy of beauty and youthfulness. It is also the main cause of many problems, including divorce.

Ekaterina was one of our students who discovered the Academy completely by accident. She was heading to her lawyer to discuss her divorce, but made a mistake and went into the wrong building and came upon our seminar. She looked miserable at the time and her health was poor. The seminar changed her life. Here’s how she explains it: “This was a very difficult period in my life. I didn’t think that health started with my diet and that I shouldn’t drink wine. Alcohol was what caused me to get a divorce. It made me into an old lady at the age of 30. When I came to the seminar, I looked at my life for the first time in a long time with a sober perspective and understood what I had done wrong. Now, after a year and a half, I have become an independent person, without bad habits. I look younger and better. I keep in shape by attending training sessions at the Academy and doing yoga. I was able to get back to having a normal life, I stopped obsessing about my ex-husband and now I’m dating a wonderful man.”

Does Health Start with Food?

Dairy Products

Even people that know that health starts with your diet, don’t always know that milk should also be included in this list of foods to avoid. Everyone knows that dairy products support Calcium in your body. However, too much dairy can accelerate premature aging! It’s true!

The reason for this is that there is a substance called methionine in lactose, which is in all dairy products. This is an amino acid that causes irreversible changes in the structure of tissue and organs.

Does Health Start with Food?


Have you ever wondered why coffee cups are so small? Once upon a time, it was a very expensive product and not everyone could afford it. In our times, the small portion is a warning sign that drinking coffee is bad for your health. Some coffee-lovers can drink a gallon of coffee in the morning to wake up. This is an unhealthy addiction to the stimulant.

Coffee has a strong diuretic effect and causes the body to dehydrate.

As a result of unregulated coffee consumption, the body can experience severe dehydration and this can cause your skin to form wrinkles and lose its healthy color.

Does Health Start with Food?


To prolong youthfulness, you should remember to avoid eating salty things in excess. Many products already have salt in them, so you might not even notice a big difference when you stop cooking with salt. However, if you try to remember to reduce your salt-intake, you will significantly slow down the aging process and prolong your youthfulness. Health truly starts with your diet.

Our student, Irina S., has been attending the Academy training sessions for a long time. She knows how to improve her life and has been very successful in her life. However, at a certain point in time, she felt her body loosing its vitality. In the mornings, she would wake up lacking energy. She had big dark circles under her eyes and her legs and arms felt swollen. “At one of the seminars, one of the trainers told me to take a look at my diet. I didn’t know what to start excluding, so I chose salt. In two weeks, color returned to my face. The dark circles disappeared and my body felt lighter and more energized.”

Our body, beauty and even our life is what we eat. It’s important to understand that we shouldn’t eat products that are bad for our health. To get more information about how to preserve your youthfulness, come to the Academy! We will gladly help you!

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