Want to Stay Young

Want to Stay Young?

5 Things Your Body Won’t Forgive You if You’re Over 30.

When you’re 20, you don’t have to do anything to radiate health and beauty. Youth is better than any cremes or cosmetics. How can you preserve your youthfulness if you’re over 30? Here are things you should absolutely avoid.

Want to Stay Young

Getting Less Than 7 Hours of Sleep

Getting a full night’s sleep is one of the things you need to do to preserve your youthfulness. Unfortunately, the pace of life is so intense in modern times, that we often spend the day running like a hamster in a wheel, going to bed at midnight and getting up at 5am to go to work. Some women get up at the break of dawn to get their kids and husband ready for school and work. Some women get up early to go for a run in an effort to stay fit and young. Some of us get up early so that we can finish the things we didn’t finish the day before. Without getting proper sleep, we wake up in the morning tired and the day has only begun!

Remember the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”? She slept for 100 years straight! She knew how to preserve her youthfulness. Can you imagine how rested she must have felt? Of course the Prince fell in love with her when he saw how fresh and beautiful the woman was and married her.

So, be advised that your energy, positive attitude, work ethic and even sexuality is directly related to the amount of sleep you get. If you want to be successful, make sure to get enough rest!

Want to Stay Young

Unhealthy Diet

When we think about staying young, we often forget about our diet. Eating unhealthy foods will not only make you gain weight (which no one wants), but it also negatively affects your skin, teeth and hair. So forget about fast-food and snacks. You need to maintain a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

One of our representatives in Orenburg told us a story. “Last year, at one of your seminars I met Oksana N. She was a great conversationalist and knew a lot of interesting things. I saw her as an “older friend” because I was certain that she was about 50 years old. When I found out that Oksana was only 32, I was in complete shock. I discovered that my new friend was a fan of hamburgers and fries! And she couldn’t and didn’t want to stop eating them. Nor did she think about saving her youthfulness. Then a month ago, a cute woman approached me and started talking to me as if we knew each other. Only after a few minutes, I realized that this was Oksana! I found out that our conversations about how to preserve youthfulness affected her greatly and she overcame herself and started eating healthy food. Although she still dreams about hamburgers, she avoids them. The result is stunning!”

Want to Stay Young

Bad Habits

A drop of nicotine can kill a horse and make a hamster explode. Fortunately, you will not share their fate so you don’t need run and write your will now. However, it is proven that the alcohol that you consume and all the cigarettes that you smoke, leave an imprint on you face and body, not to mention how they affect your internal organs, even though you can’t immediately notice it. And it might be too late when you finally realize the damage you’re causing. You should start thinking about how to preserve your youth well before you reach 30.

The best way to combat bad habits is not to start them. But if you are already addicted, then common sense and various techniques will help you overcome this toxic addiction. Don’t forget that modern men prefer women who lead a healthy lifestyle. And they themselves often think about ways to stay young and prefer to go to the gym instead of staying out all night with friends.

Want to Stay Young

Active Lifestyle

The older we get the more active we need to be. Movement activates natural regenerative processes in our organism’s cell structure.

You’re not a phoenix, to be reborn out of the ashes, but if you periodically feed your muscles and tissues with energy and oxygen, you will significantly delay aging and stay younger for longer.

You don’t need to drop everything and go on a 4-hour walk in the park in order to increase your activity. You can start small and instead of taking a bus, ride your bike or take the stairs instead of the elevator. At work you can take the time to walk over to the other department to discuss something with a colleague. There are many ways you can increase your daily activity. You just have to have the desire and motivation to want to stay young.

Want to Stay Young

“Everything Sucks” Status

In order to take a look at your relationships in life and understand how to stay young, you can do this simple exercise. Next time when you are angry and suffering from the woes of this world, look in the mirror. Take a look at how your face looks harder and unattractive when you are in such a state of distress.

If you want to be young and beautiful for the next 20, 30, 40 years, you need to be positive. You should look at the bright side of things and laugh more and be happy with your life. You shouldn’t get jealous of other people and shouldn’t gossip. Then life will open up to you. Try to have relationships with positive people and avoid people who are jealous of you. You will see how your life will immediately improve!

You already know where to find such people — at the Academy. There you can learn more about how to stay young, how to be sexy and happy and how to become rich, marry a great man and change your life for the better. We’re waiting for you!