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5 Simple Ways to Follow Your Intuition

Intuition is an innate power of every person. Some people listen to the intuition and some people don’t. However, intuition is the best compass in life. In order to develop your intuition skills, it is important to train them. Learning to understand your intuition will help you lead a more conscious life and significantly improve its quality.

How to Follow Your Intuition?

There are many ways to learn how to listen to yourself. Here are some effective methods.

    1. Listen to your body. Try to pay attention to the rhythm of your breath when you are making an important decision. Pay attention to your heartbeat and your overall sense of wellbeing. If you feel good, then it means you have made the right decision. Your body is always the connector between your subconscious and your conscious and can help us avoid mistakes.
    2. Notice signs and symbols. Whenever you feel tense try to look around you and notice the objects around you. What’s the first object that catches your eye? Why did it catch your eye now? Consider the meaning of symbols because these are hints that can be used as advice in your life.

  1. Find your lucky signs. Ask your intuition to show you lucky signs. They are different for each individual. These symbols are like pointers that help you successfully move through life.
  2. Ask your intuition what decision is the right one. Close your eyes and think about the problem that is bothering you. Then just throw the problem out of your mind. Wait some time and your intuition will give you the right answer. It can come in the form of a feeling, a sign or your body’s reaction. It’s important to pay attention to the signs and not miss it.
  3. Dreams connect you to your intuition. Before going to sleep think about the problem that you want to solve. Formulate a couple solutions for yourself and then go to sleep. You will get your answer in your dream. Somewhen in it will be hiding your answer and it may be symbolic. If you try to understand the symbolism, you will find the right solution.

Listen to yourself. No one but you knows you, knows what you need in order to live happily, what right decision you need to take and when to take action. To develop your intuitive skills you can come to my seminars. They will help you develop your innate gift of selectivity to high levels.

In my individual consultations over Skype, I will happily share my secrets that I have learned over many years of how to better understand yourself.