Immersion in an epiphany

The longer we live, the more experience we get and begin to realize the laws of life. That one, who is a master in meditation, creates the practice of each of the events. You can get an incredible epiphany on this way. Some epiphanies can be shared with people; some epiphanies you just need to get over on your own. Today, we are going to risk and immerse into the epiphany of Christ, Buddha, Osho, Gurdjieff and other enlightened Masters.

There have always been present different problems, which are still valid despite the technical progress, wars, diseases, loneliness, resentment, envy, misunderstanding and quarreling. The Great Masters always could see the way out: 100 years ago, 2000 years ago, and even nowadays. Some people try to see the way out in esoteric practices and fully escape from the reality. But the problems are not resolved and the person is still dissatisfied and is not realized.

You may see, that the Great Masters have never escaped from the real world, and have obeyed all social dogmas and paradigms. They were changing the world, making it wiser and more human! If we just have a piece of that power, which helped them, led them, we could achieve our brightest dreams!

Attention! We are coming to the most important moment…

What does unite all Great Masters – Bodhidharma and Osho, Lao Tzu and Gurdjieff, Christ and Sri Aurobindo, Krishna and Buddha? What does unite them and us together? What should we do to get a real prosperity on the spiritual and physical levels?

There is no doubt, that the Master have reached the success, they were not in need, and were not depended on uninteresting work and circumstances. They did the things what they liked and rescued other people. Christ said: “Look at birds heavenly: they neither sow, nor press, collect in granaries; and Father your Heavenly has them. Whether you it is much better than them?” (Matthew 6:26).

What should we do to live better than birds? It is not enough to hear about it, we need to think as enlightened people to it.

Are you ready? Let’s go then!

There are many ideas in the world. Maybe, a man knows about it or, maybe, not, but he serves the specific idea. Progressive ideas raise a person to a high level, but regressive ones, like fascism, consumerism, egoism can destroy.

If a person serves as an integral part of his organization, they will be promoted.

If a person gives love and happiness to all people, then they will be happy.

If the person is engaged in rehabilitation, passionate about this idea, so they will be healthy.

If the person spreads the necessary information, sings, makes films, provides lectures, preaches, they will achieve fame.

The main idea is that you should be inspired by an idea and then spread its influence on other people: involve and organize people for its realization, look for like-minded people, create organizations to conduct this idea into life. Every idea comes from above and has tremendous energy. It is an alive creature of a subtle plan that will help you to succeed in life.

So did the Great Masters, while established religious schools, books, films, changed the way of thinking of million people. They glowed with idea to enlighten all creatures, unite them with God and Universe!

If a person serves a high creative idea, then from the very first steps they will feel fullness, burning, creative energy. It will give them a state of happiness and life.

If you feel this from spiritual practices, classes, then this is yours. You can achieve tremendous success on this path: both spiritual and material.

We do not complain about the surrounding world, while serving a great idea. We do not even mentally condemn all the imperfections prevailing around. If there is a person by your side or you are going to meet with someone, ask this person to go for running with you or to join a dynamic meditation. Here the person has a choice. Maybe, the person, who was a strange for you today, will become your companion for a run and in life.

You can talk with someone about healthy way of lifestyle, yoga, magic. The person will get a chance to become better, to become a part of your team. The higher person`s development level, the more inspired people with them, who help to pursue the idea of spiritual growth.

When it becomes the main part of your life, you should not think about how to survive, but through your heart and mind experience the Truth. You can make people to understand it, creating developed and healthy society. We are ready to help you!

We all are familiar with amazing power of transformation, which is coming into a person, while attending spiritual seminars.

A new stream of inspiration and spirituality descends on a practicing people and opens up new perspectives. Now, it is also an opportunity to rise your material standard. You can invite a person to attend a seminar with you and get 30% discount. It helps to collaborate on all plans of being as Christ, the Buddha, Osho, and the other Masters have commanded us. Namely, to actively change this world, succeeding in it!

We have been asked many times how to become a spiritual man and never want for anything in material world? A lot of people think, that these two things are incompatible, that to be arich man is bad and undignified for a spiritual man.

Did you think about the origin of the word “wealth”?

Nowadays, a lot of people know, that “wel” means a good fortune, welfare, or happiness, God`s gift. So, it is a gift, which comes from God for people, who are ready to grow and help others.

Besides, the Earth is moving now to a new energy level, and the strongest supreme mental stream descends on the planet. It will allow all the spiritual people of the Earth to become rich, become closer to God and embark on a wave of good luck and prosperity! Now, you can become rich by helping other people.

All of you attended some seminars, classes and, of course, paid for them. Knowledge is material, and all material things in this life are not given just like that, and thank God! Our international coach, Zhannabelle, knows everything about the cosmic and energy law of the victim.

It is necessary to make purposeful efforts; the law of sacrifice is respected at every level. At the first stage you bring a material sacrifice, then you get deep knowledge, and this sacrifice is not enough, that means you need to change yourself, become healthy, strong, wise.

However, for many people it is very difficult to overcome even the first stage – the stage of material sacrifice. But God sees everything and really wants to help us! He wants you to feel not just passive participants in the process, but partners, to whom God gives all the opportunities for development, including material ones.

For this purpose, a new invitation system for our training courses has been launched! You can not only spiritually enrich yourself, but also earn money, while helping not only yourself but other people to change!

It may seem, that it is based on a network marketing system and is often condemned in the modern world, because people leave a huge amount of money there without really getting any benefit.

It is very important to know, that this system, which is used by network marketing, is not correct. The important moment of conscience and cooperation lost there: help others to develop, while developing by yourself; treat others as you would like to be treated yourself; put profit first in the eyes of God, not your own pocket! While taking care of others, you are going to get more chances for earnings, more materiel, more energy, and all these mean more knowledge.

Besides, the other people, who were invited by you to the spiritual world, will be grateful to you. When you see the positive results, you understand that it is impossible to miss the chance that Fate gives!

There is no doubt, that others can see your positive transformation: you have become so alive and energetic. Now, you can explain so in practice and become their spiritual leader, while growing and attracting even better luck and success in your life.

Remember that now, thanks to planetary influence on all corners of the Earth, more and more people are beginning to wake up spiritually. They try to find the meaning of their lives; they are need leaders and assistants to help in their spiritual search. It will not be difficult for you to become a spiritual leader for 100, 200, and even 1000 people.

Become rich materially and spiritually!