winter solstice

Winter solstice is the day when dreams come true

How to turn luck toward you 

It is believed that the New Year begins on January 1. However, the universe lives by its own special cosmic laws, which do not always align with our usual calendar. Today, few people remember that there are four new years: the winter solstice, the summer solstice, the spring and autumn equinoxes. And in this article, we are going to tell why they are so important.

The main New year 

The winter solstice, which falls on December 22 this year, has long been considered one of the most important and powerful energy events. It is marked by the shortest day and the longest night.

On this day, dark forces are doing everything possible to maintain their control of the planet for as long as possible.

The winter solstice is their last chance to do something terrible. Ugly larvae, demons and evil spirits are trying to dominate the world. 

That is why since ancient times in different countries it has been customary to meet the winter solstice with cheerful festivals with songs and dances. On this day, people have always tried to awaken in them all the good things to ward off dark forces and to attract good spirits. 

In ancient times it was believed that during the winter solstice there is a fierce battle between good and evil. And in this struggle the forces of light win.

Therefore, our ancestors considered the winter solstice as a period of great revival.

The sun is born anew, it gradually passes all stages of maturation to the wisdom of an elderly man and is reborn again. This process is beautiful and endless.

That’s why the winter solstice was a special time for special people, shamans, white witches and healers. And it is this very mysterious period that such people as Zhannabelle use for the most powerful rites and rituals. As a result of which there are true miracles.  

Saima, Oslo:

“Since my childhood, I have studied well and entered university to study for a prestigious specialization. I finished my studies just fine and was sure that my career would fly up on all sails. But there it was…

I managed to get a job in a prestigious company only thanks to the recommendation of a friend of our family. But what a job it was!..

I served tea and coffee, and no one cared that I had an excellent education and analytical mind.

For the bosses, I was a gray mouse. It made me miserable, I couldn’t fulfill myself. Did I ever dream of that?

I was lucky that once I got to Zhannabelle’s seminar. She was able to change my idea of life and my predestination. I began to regularly attend classes, had an individual consultation. And many things became clear to me. First of all, how to manage my destiny! I believed I was a Woman of Power!

winter solstice

At the winter solstice, I wished for a chance to show my worth at work. And the sacred ritual that Zhannabelle performed that day was just awesome. The radiance of power emanated from her and everyone present received a powerful energy boost. I did not even think that I could feel such an incomparable feeling! And she made me a special object of Power, which to this day serves me for protection from dark forces and help in my current affairs. 

A week after this ritual, an absolutely amazing story happened to me.

I was transferred to the analytical department! Just like that – from a mere secretary! Why, no one knows up to now, but I’m sure that it was the ritual conducted on the day of the winter solstice.

Now, five years later, I run the department. The first seminar of Zhannabelle changed my life, helped to fulfill my most cherished dream. I was able to realize myself and now I am immensely happy.”

How to spend the winter solstice? 

The winter solstice is the best time to revise everything that has happened to you in a year. Write a detailed list of all unpleasant events, insults, mistakes, as well as bright and wonderful events that happened to you.

Write down what you would like to get rid of in the new year, and what you would like to gain

And then, clear a space for an upcoming ritual (in her classes, Zhannabelle tells how to perform it). To do this, make a thorough cleanse of the room where you are going to observe the holiday. It is best to use black salt for this. If you don’t have it, come to Zhannabelle’s seminars, she will tell you how to make it. 

If there is no black salt, for the first time you can take the usual one. It is necessary to dilute a teaspoonful of salt in a bucket of water and thoroughly rinse with this water every corner of the house or apartment.

winter solstice

Be sure to put things in order in the wardrobe.

Give away things that you no longer wear to those who need them.

And if you listen to the music of transformation while cleansing, the space of your home and your soul will be filled with subtle energy – a very strong creative force. 

Gradually you will feel that you are cleansing not only the house. You cleanse the space of well-being, which will give rise to new joyful events in your life. Amazing things will begin to happen to you: your chronic diseases will disappear, harmony will come in the family, you will meet true love, achieve unprecedented success at work or get serious financial profit.         

Come and visit the Zhannabelle’s seminars, attend classes in your city, purchase individual objects of Power to protect yourself from the spirits of the Underworld! Tell your friends and acquaintances about our articles, invite everyone to our events! After all, it is possible to change your life and destiny for the better! And Zhannabelle will be happy to help you with this!