Regressing — Traveling To Past Lives

Traveling to past lives? This isn’t some story out of a fantasy film, it’s real! Magicians and seers have long travelled to their past lives to retrieve invaluable information and skills. This process is called “regression”. It is covered in mystery and secrecy, but it can be very useful for diagnosing your family tree, healing and other rituals.

Why is Traveling to Past Lives Useful?

Have you ever repeated your mistakes over and over? The roots of such actions can be hidden in your past lives. Vedas call this karma.

Over many centuries we accumulate psychological traumas, taboos and behavior patterns that prevent us from living our fullest lives. At my seminars and workshops, I help my students to overcome these difficulties that stand in the way of living a happy successful life.

Regression helps find the root of a problem that has its cause in the past. Thanks to this technique it is possible to experience positive life changes, fate correction and predict the future.

What Does Regression Do for a Person?

Regression help you:

  1. Correctly build relationships with loved ones;
  2. Become aware of your true essence;
  3. Get rid of insecurities and build confidence;
  4. Understand your problems and find effective solutions;
  5. Harmonize your inner self;
  6. Accept and find inner peace after intense emotional trauma;
  7. Understand the causes and effects of your actions, behavior and life program;
  8. Understand your mission in life.

Regression can help you improve your life and solve many problems!

It is important to remember that regression is a complex and multifaceted process. Only the most well-trained and experienced shamans are able to perform the seance on their own. This type of exercise requires extensive preparation and tremendous amounts of knowledge and inner resources. It’s not enough to just travel to past lives. It is important to know how to find the causes of the problems, eradicate them and make sure they don’t return. Otherwise, the effect will be lost.

I want to invite you for an individual diagnostic. Throughout the years, I have accumulated a deep understanding of traditional and non-traditional psychology methods that help me find the true causes of the problems you are experiencing in life. After the consultation, you will feel like you have new energy to accomplish your life goals and your life will start improving rapidly.

I will be very happy to help you! Your Zhannabelle