Healing baths

Water is the best substance in the universe that can store and transmit information.

If you are advised to take a bath, know that the healer himself starts to tune in to you and pass on his healing energy to you.

In order for you to receive it faster, it is necessary:

  • Try to be on an empty stomach at the same time every night before going to bed to take a bath.
  • the water must be at body temperature, which is about 36 degrees:
  • in case of spinal diseases, the ideal temperature is 34 degrees (if it is cold, then 35 degrees can be reached), In this endeavor try not to immerse heart in water
  • and you can add herbs to the water (birches, etc. – see G. Malakhov).
  • If something hurts in particular, then try to hold a sore spot in water at least a little, if, say, it’s the head, eyes, etc.
  • in case of colds, weakness, loss of strength and energy level – 36 degrees (if it’s cold, you can hold it a little higher – how many degrees will be comfortable).
  • In psoriasis, take cool baths and Indo-Tibetan healing sessions with nervous system installations.
  • In case of infectious diseases (bucelosis, etc.) take warm baths, while trying not to submerge your heart in water.
  • It is also recommended that everyone who is overworked should take a bath.

Duration of taking such a bath – 10 minutes – no more.

Baths should be taken for 7 days, then 2 days break, then repeat. And so repeat them until full recovery.

If after 2 courses of baths will not be better, you should refer to the initiated in the Indo-Tibetan healing method for sessions and further bathing.

In case of serious illness, bathing should be done for several months.

If it is not possible to take a bath, you can do foot baths with warm water.

Try during the period of bathing do not catch cold, because it takes a lot of energy, and healing help goes to fight the virus, not to fill your body and its healing.

Be active HIPA, do yoga, drink herbs, do spiritual practices – and everything will be fine!

Be healthy! Live happily!!!