Recept therapeutic Celandine Kvass drink

Recept therapeutic Celandine Kvass drink

Have found that celandine has healing properties in preparation of therapeutic “Kvass” drink based on goat’s milk serum. Celandine plant helps to overcome various diseases, restore body strength, increase immune system and help to discard toxins from the body. We will describe here how to use a healing drink and which results can be achieved.

During kvass fermentation process celandine plant juice interacts with goat’s milk bacteria which adds to this drink truly healing properties in result of enriched with valuable bacteria. Therefore, by fermentation process “Kvass” drink fulfilled with therapeutic properties which has a beneficial effect on many human organs functioning. “Kvass” drink normalize endocrine system, helps to lose weight, improve vision and restore gastrointestinal tract and its continuous consumption increases resistance to harmful viruses and bacteria in the body.Many experts note the benefits of celandine serum in health problems such as:

  1. Gastritis
  2. Ulcers
  3. Obesity
  4. Neurosis
  5. Weakening of the immune system
  6. Cardiovascular disease

How to make therapeutic Celandine Kvass drink:

Celandine Kvass must be prepared at home. For preparation you need 3L of boiled and cooled goats milk serum, on which the fermentation process will be based. You need to prepare Kvass strictly following these rules:

  • When goats milk serum ready add 1 tbsp. of sour cream and glass of granulated sugar, then mix it and pour into 3L jar.
  • Place 1 tbsp. of celandine herb into cheesecloth bag and lower it to the bottom of the jar by using a sinker.
  • Mix the drink and remove mold from its surface every day.
  • As soon as a sediment appears (approximately on 5th day), carefully pour the drink into new, clean jar without sediment
  • And again, add serum to the empty space in the new jar

After 2 weeks you can start consuming this healing Celandine Kvass. Drain 1L of the finished Kvass into new jar and add serum again. Keep drained Kvass in the refrigerator-it will last for 3 days, after what procedure should be repeated. Like that you can drain and top up Celandine Kvass serum 4 times. You need to start taking Kvass in small doses such as 2-3tbsp. and gradually increase the amount to 0.5 cup. For best therapeutic result drink Celandine Kvass half an hour before every meal.