How to become happy in all areas of life at once?

Zhannabelle will tell you how to achieve it

It often seems to us that finding a harmonious and fulfilled life in all its manifestations is impossible. It seems there will always be something that will make us depressed – whether it’s our health, a quarrel with a loved one, or not understanding how to make a fateful career decision.  So how do you become an unconditionally happy woman? In this article, Zhannabelle will share the secret knowledge she collected from around the world for 17 years.

Our entire daily life reflects the four natural elements – earth, water, fire and air – each in charge of a different sphere. Earth symbolizes health; Water symbolizes relationships; Fire symbolizes abundance, and Air symbolizes your true predestination. If there is an imbalance with them, then incidents accumulate like a snowball, and everything will crumble before your eyes. That’s why it’s crucial to work comprehensively.

That’s exactly what the fundamental author course “Return of Sacred Female Power” was created for! It contains thousands of years of knowledge to harmonize and heal all spheres of life, which will help you manifest a true woman and become healthy, abundant and full of energy. Make your family a source of happiness and inspiration!

Zhannabelle tells us what knowledge and gifts all participants will receive in her course.

Module 1 of the course. Earth (Body)

The 3 lessons in this module will be a wonderful discovery for you! For we will uncover the sacred pillar in your body – you will heal from illnesses, old hurts, and wounds from all the women of your lineage. You will perform healing and rejuvenation rituals, learn energy mantras and mudras, and do daily practices for increasing your etheric energy and directing it to help your loved ones.

Module 2 of the course. Water (Relationships)

Every woman realizes the importance of her relationship with herself and everyone around her – whether it’s her children, parents, partner or colleagues. To harmonize this element in you, I will help you return to the talents and skills that you “sacrificed” in the early years of your life. I will hold for you the ritual of connection with the shamanic Goddess of Nature, Umai, who provides a huge protective force for you and your children. In addition, you will perform rituals to unite with your divine partner, as well as a ritual to strengthen your lineage. And that’s not to even mention the mantras and daily practices you will receive as a gift!

Module 3 of the course. Fire (Wealth)

I will help you create the money chart of your lineage and attract prosperity not only for you and your loved ones, but also for the next 7 generations to come! I will hold a ritual for you to connect with the spirit of money and teach you how to fulfill your biggest and most cherished wishes. Of course, daily mudras, mantras and practices will also help you to do all this – for example, the practice “Breathe of Fire” will attract abundance in your life.

Module 4 of the course. Air (Predestination)

Of course, in order for all areas of life to work like a charm and bring the feeling of constant happiness, it’s important to look within yourself and realize your true predestination. Darling, during the 3 lessons of this module, you will connect with your inner self and learn to read the signs of the Universe! You will gain inner freedom and ease, and you will be able to discover the gift of a healer and even psychic abilities.

Some women have received sacred knowledge from Zhannabelle at private retreats and consultations. Helena is one of them, and she shares her impressions.


I remember what happened to me 2 years ago with sadness. Now I am fine, but then… All my relationships were destroyed before my eyes – my husband, my adult children, and even my elderly mother did not want to understand me. It was like we spoke different languages. Of course, because of that, I was PERMANENTLY stressed because family is so important to me! Stress led to illness and anxiety and just the fear of living!

My friend literally led me by my hand to Zhannabelle – she was already a regular attendee at her events and glowed with happiness every day. I wondered if it was really about Zhannabelle. Could I ever be the same? I remember the first time Zhannabelle looked me in the eye and immediately understood everything and told me about my problems.

I cried, but at the same time I felt an incredible relief – it was as if she shared my fear with me and enveloped me with calmness. On the first day, she gave me a purification ritual and several practices that I performed at home. I began to feel an inner support that did not depend on circumstances – I changed in a noticeable way. People at home began to reach out to me, and I reached them. We have established our relationships, and now love reigns in our home. We still use Zhannabelle’s practices and keep the amulets she picked out for us. I am grateful to her!