How do you become happy?

How do you become happy?

Zhannabelle speaks about happiness and harmony in life

What is happiness? For each woman it is something different, something that only she needs. Why does a woman often feel unhappy? It is difficult to answer this question because each situation needs an individual approach. My dear, in this article I will try to help you a little and tell you how to become happy.

What constitutes happiness?

My lovelies, in my opinion, happiness is, first of all, peace and harmony in our soul, when we live in complete peace with ourselves and the reality around us. Simply put, if you want to be happy, become happy! Everyone knows this phrase, but not many apply this principle in life.

If a woman is satisfied with herself and she has inner peace and harmony, it is easier for her to understand things and it is easier for her to react correctly to everything around her. Typically, it is the reaction to any action or word that gives away our deep unhappiness. 

But how can a modern woman  find harmony within herself and with the whole world in such a complicated world and difficult time? Is it possible at all? Of course it is possible, and it all depends on you. I can help you with my knowledge, tell you the right way and even the right significant dates when you can easily change your life and destiny, and become happy.

As soon as you feel, understand and accept harmony within yourself, you will immediately find harmony with the whole world, and it will be a true state of happiness.

Significant days of the year when you can lay down a program for the future

As you know, there are 4 most significant days of the year on which such changes are not only possible, but almost obligatory. These are the days of the spring/fall equinox and the winter/summer solstice. There is also an additional significant date for each person on his or her birthday.

Every year, knowledgeable and wise people wait for these days to meet and celebrate them properly. During these days forces of spirits of planets send their help to absolutely any person if they address them correctly. 

What does it mean to address them correctly? Remember children believe in Santa Claus. They believe that this kind wizard will bring them gifts that they want; the main thing is to address him correctly – to write a letter and send it at the right time. It is the same with the spirits of planets. Each of them has its own special ritual, through which you can turn to it and ask for help. The most important thing is to believe and do it correctly and on the right day, which are the days of the equinox and the solstice.

March 21, 2021 is the day of the vernal equinox, one of the 4 days of the year when anyone can fulfill all their desires, become happier and more prosperous. It is on this day that I will hold the most powerful online ritual dedicated to the vernal equinox, and you, by taking part in it, will be able to fulfill your dreams and become happy. 

You can register for the online ritual here

How do you become happy?

Do you need to prepare for the significant days?

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to prepare properly for important days such as the day of the vernal equinox. You need to do it to strengthen your message to the spirits and higher powers with faith and the desire to do everything right. It is necessary to begin preparation with cleaning your home. When I say “cleaning” I mean both big cleaning up of the whole room and energetic cleaning.

The first thing to do, of course, is to thoroughly clean all rooms and corners of the house, wash floors and windows, check all the cupboards and shelves well. Be sure to get rid of old unnecessary things. Believe me, you have stored enough of them and do not keep them in the house. 

You can give to the needy the clothes and shoes that you and your family members no longer wear. Take the regular old junk to the garbage pit. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff you not only clean your house, but also your soul and the space around you. You open up space for everything new, which should certainly enter your life and make you happy.

When your house is clean, you can start the energetic cleaning. It is very important to remove accumulated negative energy and evil spirits from the lower world that eventually settle almost everywhere. You can read more about the spiritual cleansing of your home in this article of mine.

If something unpleasant happened in your life, for example, you broke up with your partner, it is necessary to end the relationship completely, breaking all ties with him, including energetic ones before the significant days. You may not know how to do it correctly. I will help you, you only need to ask me a question on my website.

In addition to physical and energetic cleansing of your home, you must also cleanse your soul from all resentments and negative emotions which have accumulated there. Forgive all those who offended you or who you had hard feelings for, make peace with everyone with whom you have quarreled. Revise all the cases to understand which ones were not finished and why, whether they are worth continuing, or it is the closed chapter. After all, after the big day, everything in your life will go a new way.

Now my team and I are preparing a course that will help everyone to change their lives for the better. After completing it, you will not only become more confident in yourself, but also much happier. You will learn how to find inner harmony and replenish lost power. 

How do you become happy?

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I have recently received an email from one of my students and I want to share it with you. Maria from Bratislava wrote to me.

“I always thought I was the luckiest person in the world – everything in my life worked out exactly the way I wanted it to. After living with my husband for 3 years, we decided it was time to have a baby and started working on it. That’s when my happiness finished, because nothing worked. We tried everything, we turned to famous doctors and specialists, but they did not know how to help: the tests were normal, but for some reason I couldn’t conceive.

In complete despair, while wandering around the Internet, I came across Zhannabelle’s website and read an article about feminine power. This article got me thinking and I arranged an individual consultation. Zhannabelle, meeting you changed my mind; I believed you and believed in myself. I started doing all the practices that were given to me, praying and asking the higher powers for a miracle – and the miracle happened.

In December 2020 I gave birth to a baby girl, who appeared in me after the day of the vernal equinox, March 20, 2020. It is the real magic. Doctors say that it is thanks to their medicine and methods, but I know that help came from the higher powers, with which you, my mentor, taught me to communicate. Of course I did everything the doctors prescribed, but I also prayed and did spiritual practices. All this together led to my happiness of becoming a mother.

I keep attending your classes, and I always recommend your site and online school to all women in need”.

Dear Maria, thank you for your words. Believe me, these are the moments I live and work for, to make any woman’s life happy and prosperous. Don’t ask me how to become happy, happiness lies within you, my dear. Live in harmony with yourself and the world around you and you will always be happy.

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