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3 real stories about Zhannabelle’s help

Every person dreams of being happy, successful, healthy, of finding true love, true predestination and the work of a lifetime. Zhannabelle’s seminars and individual consultations help to achieve all this. But what if right now you do not have the opportunity to join a group activity? Zhannabelle’s online school can become a solution! 

Of course, only face-to-face activities bring maximum effect in the shortest period of time. It is much better to take the first step towards development and self-improvement instead of shedding tears over your failed life. And you can do it literally without getting up from your sofa))). All you need: Internet, laptop or smartphone.

You can understand how effective online activities are by reading the stories of Zhannabelle’s students. You will find them below.

 Laura, Hanover:

“When I first attended Zhannabelle’s seminar, I knew it would be a real salvation for me. I had long dreamed of improving my financial situation, but all the attempts that I made were completely ruined. 

I tried to start my own business twice, and twice I failed. I found job at a good company, but in 3 years I have not moved a step on the career ladder … As if I was enchanted.

That’s when my cousin took me to the seminar, where I met many wonderful women who were able to achieve incredible success in life, thanks to the knowledge received from Zhannabelle. I grabbed this opportunity like the one drowning catches at a straw. Soon there was going to be a big retreat, which I dreamed of going to. I knew that my personal presence at an event of this level would be the most important event of my life. 

But there was a disaster, the Coronavirus Pandemic. Quarantine, closed borders and the bankruptcy of the company I worked for. 

I was unemployed and unable to join the retreat. Another dream came crashing down before my eyes…

It’s a good thing I received an email from Zhannabelle’s assistant at the moment of greatest despair. They wrote that Zhannabelle was opening an online school and was waiting for me. I collected all the money that had saved for my rainy day and started studying. I was in the midst of quarantine, so nothing distracted me from the wise knowledge that Zhannabelle generously shared at her lessons.

Coronavirus is the time to unite!

In the end, I passed all the steps of online school and acquired a special amulet. This is unbelievable, but a week later I found a remote job! The conditions are better than I ever had. Salary is three times higher. And the main thing is that I like my new company and the tasks that I solve!

When the quarantine ended, I was no longer worried about my financial situation – it was stable.

Now I could afford a lot of things, like retreats to the Places of Power. 

Of course, my first wish was to attend Zhannabelle’s offline events. After all, face-to-face training is much more effective than online one! 

So very soon I’m flying to join Zhannabelle’s retreat. During the trip, I hope to solve one more issue. I would really like to meet my other half and create a happy harmonious family. I’m sure Zhannabelle will help me make my wish come true!”

Greta, Amsterdam:

“After my mom died, I lost the meaning of life. We always had a relationship of trust. My mom was my best friend, adviser, assistant. She supported all my ideas and endeavors, even the craziest ones. When she died suddenly, I felt like an orphan. 

I didn’t understand how or why I had to live. I couldn’t see the pointers.

All of a sudden, a friend helped me. She gave me a paid class at Zhannabelle’s online school. It was an unexpected gift. I was skeptical: I believed in the power of medicine, but I did not really believe in the power of female energy.

But it was Zhannabelle’s school and individual consultations I arranged additionally, pulled me out of deep depression. 

I learned to manage my energy. I learned to fill it, to get strength from the outside. It changed me and my idea of life fundamentally. I realized that I could be happy again, I could taste life again. 

I am now the organizer of the “Field of Love” events. I am very glad that I will help women around the world to find happiness, health, harmony in relationships, success and luck in any field of activity. I have become a living proof of how effective work with Zhannabelle is!

That is why I want as many women around the world as possible to appreciate the impact of her work and be able to change their lives for the better. I sincerely invite women to Zhannabelle’s workshops and retreats. That’s where you can get a huge amount of energy for all your accomplishments. 

I will soon go to an offline seminar for personal development and further revelation of my calling. I’m happy again. I’m needed again. I have a purpose in life, and I’m doing well now!”

Karen, Lisbon:

“I had the chance to participate in several Zhannabelle’s events last year. I was amazed that all the wishes I brought there came true! This is fantastic! Of course, I signed up for the group and was going to continue with Zhannabelle and her students.

But then I went on a business trip to develop a branch of our company in another country. For six months! 

I had to say goodbye to my favorite group and forget about offline events for some time. 

At the same time, I understood how important it was not to stop at what had been achieved. How important it was to maintain and preserve my energy level. So that all my wishes would come true.

Therefore, when I learned about such form of training as online school, I immediately signed up. What I particularly like about Zhannabelle’s classes (both offline and online ones) is her work with different areas of life. After all, for someone the health issue is especially important right now, for other people is it  personal life, still someone is looking for their predestination, and someone – for financial success

How to forget your ex

But no matter what kind of request you come to Zhannabelle with, positive changes occur in all areas. I can tell from my own experience I have, as they say, positive changes on all fronts))). 

I regularly have individual consultations with Zhannabelle now. I will soon go to an offline seminar in the company of new friends and like-minded women. I know that during the retreat, a huge flow of energy from the universe falls on the participants. So strong that it can solve any, even the most incredible problem. 

Personally, I will ask Cosmos to fulfill my most cherished wish – I really dream of becoming a mother next year!”. 

Zhannabelle’s workshops help improve all areas of life that women care about:

  • improve the health of the whole lineage
  • reveal superpowers
  • accumulate personal strength for well-being and the realization of goals
  • establish harmonious relationships with your partner
  • release of stress, depression, illness

Naturally, the most effective events are offline ones. Because it is there that the deepest study of all the peculiarities in training, all energy practices and rituals are carried out. In addition, such events combine the strength and energy of all students. Together they create a special energy field, which increases the speed of execution of desires and requests many-fold. 

If you can not visit offline seminars, it is still not worth postponing training. Take the first step towards solving your questions – sign up for online school and individual consultations. Zhannabelle is waiting for you!