4 Rules of a Happy Relationship

4 Rules of a Happy Relationship

Zhannabelle speaks on how to keep love alive 

All we need is love. These are the words that express the meaning of a woman’s life. We want love, we seek it, we build relationships. But it’s easier to build than to keep. Is nothing ever eternal, and is every relationship doomed to break? In this article, Zhannabelle shares 4 secret rules the observance of which will keep your love and passion alive lifelong.

Couples have always had problems in their relationship. People are all different, and here it seems that you have met your soulmate, but time passes and you face discord and quarrels. No one has ever taught us how to build a family, what to do to avoid recriminations and even divorce. Here and now you will learn the most important thing that will help your couple stay together for a long time.

Know how to see the good in your partner 

The rose and candy stage ends sooner or later and everyday life begins. Partners have already become used to each other, know almost everything about each other and live the routine life. And there comes a time when some habits of your other half start irritating you to a greater or lesser extent. You can tweak out without any serious reason, get angry for clothes scattered around untidy or a dirty toothbrush or a comb. In general, among the little things that make up our lives, we are less and less likely to find something positive and more likely to notice things we don’t like.

Zhannabelle says that the first and one of the most important rules of a long-lasting and strong relationship is to see only good in your partner. Learn not to get annoyed over the little things, not to notice the inconsequential faults, but be able to consider, discovering in your soul mate the best things for which you loved him/her.

And don’t forget to say it out loud: “You scattered your socks around the apartment perfectly so that I had no trouble finding my way to the bathroom even in the dark.” Such a phrase is not a reproach or a hint of anger, even not everyone will notice the hidden sarcasm. But after these words you just do not quarrel, but only laugh together.

Not every woman is fully aware of the abilities she possesses, but she has to know and develop them. Zhannabelle will teach you how and what to do for this. And she will definitely help you unleash your powers. After attending seminars and classes of the mentor, you will gain knowledge that will support and maintain the relationship in your couple. With this knowledge it will be easier for you to see the best in your partner and talk about it.

4 Rules of a Happy Relationship

Don’t forget to be thankful 

As time goes on, we say “thank you” and compliment our partner less and less frequently. Everything your partner does is taken for granted. And yet gratitude, compliments, and praise are important to everyone in life. When your beloved thanks you, you understand that he/she really loves you, treasures you.

We often forget an important rule: any conversation should begin with kind, good words, ideally with a compliment. You woke up in the morning, looked at each other, smiled and said: ‘Good morning, my sunshine. Even when it’s dull outside, you light up my day’. It’s a perfect little thing. Some people will even think it is too gooey. You can come up with your own compliment, your own kind and affectionate words, and that’s how you start communicating.

Try to do so for two or three days in a row, and then it will become a habit. And you’ll even stop noticing that you start every conversation with a nice compliment. And make it a rule to say thank you at least three times a day. Give yourself a task – you have to say not less than three “thank you” to your spouse during a day. It is allowed to say more times, but it is forbidden to say less.  

When you praise and thank your partner all the time, complimenting him, he will understand, see, feel your love and tenderness, and return it all to you more in a more powerful way. Couples imbued with mutual respect and understanding always live together happily and for a very long time.

You need to develop

Life is development. If a person stops developing, they don’t live, they exist. Likewise, a relationship is doomed, if at least one of the partners does not develop. Ideally, when both in a couple learn something new and unknown, learn together, and then their life will always be bright and interesting.

But even if one of the two finds something unique and hitherto unknown, they will always tell their partner about it, and be able to interest and inspire for development. Here is a simple example. If you like surfing and you already know how to stand on a board and catch a wave; it will be easier to do it together with your partner, gradually involving them in this amazing sport.

When one of the couple gets interested in something, finds a new hobby, their other half will definitely follow, if, of course, your soulmate is not completely indifferent to you. Joint activities of any sports, common hobbies, travel and adventures always unite and strengthen the family, better than any wedding vows.

When you develop and learn new things, you improve your relationship, become closer, add drive and zest to your relationship.

4 Rules of a Happy Relationship

There must be some mystery in a woman 

A simpleton is an offensive nickname that people want to get rid of quickly. But a woman of secret, a woman of mystery – this is what each of us strives to become. And it’s not just external indicators that make a lady mysterious, at all.

Each of us should have a secret, and we are not talking about skeletons in the closet. For example, you started taking a class at Zhannabelle’s online school to learn all about your feminine power and learn to use it. You should not tell your partner about it right away, keep it a secret for now. It’s as if you are preparing a birthday present, because it should be a surprise and you can’t talk about it in advance.

Try to find your source of energy and become confident in your skills by the holiday (birthday), then you will be able to show your partner what you have achieved during the class. Most likely, your partner will guess that something is going on with you, because if they are not blind, they will definitely notice how your relationship and yourself are changing for the better. Over time, you can reveal to them the secret about the classes. And if your partner is a woman, you can take her with you. This will further strengthen your union.

Dear, relationships are the work of both parties. Nothing will work if it is only one who is doing something. You have learned only 4 rules for a happy couple. Come to our classes, bring your family and friends, and you will learn much more. You will be able to apply the knowledge you gained and improve your life. Then all your problems will be solved very quickly – you will become healthy, beautiful, rich, find and keep your love!

Monica (Dresden) 

‘I have been married to Dirk for 6 years, before that we dated for 1.5 years. We have a common budget. We both work, or rather, worked, since I was out of work this spring because of the pandemic. Not giving up hope to get a job in my specialty (I am a PR-manager), I sent out my CV to all kinds of job sites and employers directly. After a month no interview had been scheduled. It was terrifying. I got depressed and felt like I was in a huge hole that I couldn’t get out of on my own.

And Dirk, who had supported me in the beginning, assuring me that we could do it together, had changed a lot. He spent all his evenings almost to midnight at work. We almost stopped communicating and going out together. Realizing that our family was falling apart, I decided to do something. Out of despair and utter devastation I was browsing the Internet, when I came across an advertisement for Zhannabelle’s online school.

I opened it, attracted by the words about female power and energy, read a few articles from her blog, and immediately signed up for an individual consultation. My mentor opened my eyes and helped me make sense of my feelings and myself. She gave me a spiritual practice that helped me get out of an emotional hole. And most importantly, after just two weeks of classes, I was hired by a great company as deputy head of the PR department. This was not only career advancement, but also an increase in salary.

Following Zhannabelle’s recommendations, I started talking to Dirk differently, and I tried to compliment him every time, thanking him more often, and praising him. Little by little, our relationship improved, and he began to treat me better, too, seeing my efforts and desire to keep the family together. Thanks to my mentor, I know exactly what I need to do to keep the family together in a good, positive way, and my husband helps me with everything. I always carefully follow the schedule of seminars and enjoy attending all the events where I learn a lot of new and useful things.