how to bring up children properly

How to bring up children properly: Zhannabelle dispels the main myths

What mistakes young parents should avoid 

Let’s talk about parenting today. Does a child need expensive toys? Are three artistic and two sports classes enough for the development? How to bring up children so that they grow up happy, rich and intelligent?

Myth No. 1. Children must eat a lot in order to grow up. 

In fact, the one who eats a lot, grows fast broadwise rather than upwards. Especially if they have an inactive lifestyle. Children used to be always in a hurry to get somewhere, it was simply impossible to make them stay at home.

And now they mostly sit at home, staring at electronic devices and snacking on harmful chips, soda, chocolate bars.

Naturally, biological rhythms are disrupted, which is simply dangerous to health. How to bring up children properly in a society of hyper-consumers? Zhannabelle advises above all to remember that a child who overeats becomes sluggish and lacking initiative. And this affects their health and behavior at once. Children should receive a maximum of nutrients and a minimum of ballast from food for the proper growth and development. One of the main rules of raising children is to keep a balanced diet.

Myth No. 2. Children need the best toys for normal development. 

Many parents believe that children need the most expensive and colorful toys: mind-blowing doll houses, which cost a little less than the real ones; baby dolls that seem to start talking any minute now; electronic toy cars, which Schumacher himself dreamed of as a child… And a lot of other things that the parents didn’t have. This is flat-out wrong. how to bring up children properly Remember, when you were kids, you made toys from everything, including small ropes, ribbons, paper clips. But it was fun to play, wasn’t it?!

Story of Olivia 

Zhannabelle’s student told the story of how she accidentally stopped using bright, non-educational toys: “Our daughter was a long-awaited child, and that’s why we started spoiling her when she was born. My husband’s parents are very wealthy. They had raised three children, and I didn’t doubt for a moment that they knew how to bring up children properly.

Therefore, our princess received the most wonderful toys that a girl could have.

And it would seem that she should have been ahead of her peers as regards development. But she was 4 years old and she still couldn’t speak… And then an accident happened. I got into the hospital, my husband had an important scheduled business trip, and his parents went on vacation. So, our daughter was taken to my aunt’s country house. My aunt had no idea how to raise children properly. Our little girl spent a month there. And when we came to take her back home, she talked about anything and everything. We couldn’t believe that she was our girl. She had only a sandpit, pebbles and an old rag doll instead of toys. But the daughter didn’t want to leave the doll. A nondescript doll became a favorite toy. And now expensive Barbies gather dust.

It was the lack of “ready-made” toys that triggered our daughter to progress in speech development.

Indeed, the aunt didn’t try to engage the child in playing with “ready-made” toys. She suggested making sand pies or a kitty out of pebbles. The daughter liked it so much that she constantly talked about her achievements, and that’s why she started talking a lot and well.”

Myth No. 3. Children should live better than their parents. 

Many parents invest their last money in their children’s education. They buy expensive clothes for their children and send them to rest in expensive hotels. And the parents believe that this will make their children perfectly happy. But in real life, this doesn’t always lead to the expected result.

If the parents want their children to succeed, they need to be successful and happy themselves.

After all, children are our smaller copies. how to bring up children properly One of Zhannabelle’s students shared a similar situation. Julia: “How to bring up children properly? We should do our best so that they lack nothing! I used to think so. Therefore, I worked from morning till night to buy my daughter brand things, expensive gadgets. But when she approached the awkward age, she changed dramatically. She began to neglect schoolwork and be rude, we quarreled almost every day. Once she even said that she would leave home if I didn’t buy her a new phone… She was interested only in things.

And then I realized that I was always talking and thinking only about money.

That year, I decided to try out something new – I became the organizer of Zhannabelle’s seminars in our city. I became keen on this occupation. I talked with different people, with interesting women all the time. I introduced my daughter to them. And she “melted”. She even helped me spread seminar flyers a couple of times, and then she immersed herself in volunteering – she began to groom horses in a stable and learned how to ride. Recently, she won the competition and spent the prize money on apples and carrots for her “team”. I’m very proud of her and always tell our new students about her. And now I’m engaged in volunteer projects with other Zhannabelle’s students as well.”

Myth No. 4. Children should have a carefree, happy childhood. 

Of course, it’s naturally that parents try to rid their child of all difficulties. And an ordinary mother considers all everyday issues to be difficulties, including cleaning, cooking, buying groceries. Children who were spoon-fed are completely unprepared for adulthood. They simply can’t maintain themselves – they can’t sew on a button, make breakfast, clean up their room. How to bring up children properly? Zhannabelle advises introducing a set of responsibilities for the child. Let it be simple household things, like making a bed, putting away toys, pouring feed to a cat. You can give points for this. And the child will be able to buy what they want for these points. Then the child will remember from childhood that you get nothing for nothing.

The child’s nature in the future will be based on these small deeds.

Teaching the child to be useful is priceless!

Myth No. 5. Children understand nothing. 

Never swear and sort things out when there are kids around! It is a mistake to believe that they won’t understand and remember anything anyway. Modern science has proved that children who are less than a year old perceive 90% of the information, and we, adults, only 5%.

Moreover, the child “absorbs” both the good and the bad equally.

how to bring up children properly If you are annoyed, offended, screaming, always dissatisfied with everything, then you promote the development of the character traits, which you don’t like, in children. Will they be happy? Will they manage to succeed, become rich, beloved? Of course not! How to bring up children properly? It is necessary to promote the right emotions and aspirations in the child in childhood! If you have more questions about raising children, sign up for a consultation with Zhannabelle, she will help you!