channel of abundance

How to open the channel of abundance

Zhannabelle will tell you how to make friends with the spirit of money

In your dreams, you see millions on your bank account and respectful job but in reality, you have to live humbly? Zhannabelle will teach you how to talk with the spirit of money Zayan Zayachi and how to open the channel of abundance.

Generosity and greed of the two-faced spirit of money

Shamans are not magicians. They do not know how to “negotiate” and make mutually beneficial deals with the world of spirits. However, they can teach us how to talk with them and how to open the channel of abundance. You can become rich and forget about poverty forever!

The spirit of money Dzayan Dzayachi lives in the lower world and has great power. But this power is devoid of the categories of good and evil. The ambivalent spirit can bring us both happiness and sorrow.

On the one hand, it pushes humanity to development. Thanks to money, cities are being built, science is being developed, rehabilitation centers, centers for children, animal shelters are being created… On the other hand, money provokes corruption, causes a thirst for profit and envy, and supports international terrorism.

In both cases, Dzayan Dzayachi feeds on positive and negative human emotions. Behind the power of the spirit are greed, consumerism, selfishness, and bright feelings as well – love and sacrifice, generosity and help…

That is why, in order to open the channel of abundance, it is important to set the right goals!

Money does not come to those who work a lot and hard, but to those who benefit others and nature with their actions! If you need money only for personal purposes, then the channel of abundance will not open for you. The size of the goal, by the way, is not important – it can be a new smartphone or a new yacht.

That is why there are so many philanthropists among show business stars, politicians, and athletes. Yes, they have everything: money, fame, and success. However, having received more from the Universe than other people, they give much more. Charity becomes an integral part of their life.

Camila, Birmingham:

I have not always been a successful businesswoman. I had to work hard. I was constantly studying. I improved my professional skills. When my friends traveled, had fun, fell in love, I worked and studied. Studied and worked.

Despite all these incredible efforts, money seemed to turn away from me. The money I lent never returned it to me. When I bought a car, someone stole it. When I opened a business, it went bankrupt.

I started all over again. Each time it was a failure. Then, I read about the channel of abundance on the Internet. It interested me. I decided that I needed the help of an experienced mentor.

So, I ended up at an individual consultation with Zhannabelle. She said that she would be able to introduce me to the spirit of money. I had to be ready to engage and, most importantly, to fulfill my goals. I agreed.

During the first year, I did not miss a single seminar of Zhannabelle. We worked with the spirit of money and magic objects. My magical object acquired at the lesson I took to the Place of Power in order to nourish it with the sacred energy of the Universe. After the first lessons, things began to change: I got new contracts and clients.

Global changes came after I found myself in a volunteer project. We help homeless people in our city. This is a very small charitable organization and it exists only on private donations.

Remembering the words of Zhannabelle about the need to share with others in order to open the channel of abundance, I immediately contacted this charity. I wanted to know how to donate money. I thought that once a month I will donate a feasible amount and the Universe will say “thank you” to me and my business will succeed.

 However, when I called, the girl on the other end of the line said that they couldn’t accept money then because of technical problems. But they really did not have enough people to give hot food to the homeless in the evenings. She asked if I was free to do it.

I had to go. It was February, cold, piercing wind, dark. There were many homeless people… Frozen and tired, I returned home after midnight. My desire to do good deeds faded… However, less than a day later I stood at the same point and handed out food.

Five years have later, my company is growing rapidly. We have branches in all major cities in Europe. I still work a lot. Although every free evening I have, I spend on the streets of my native city helping the homeless. I no longer try to pay off with money. After all, God is looking at our heart, and at our wallet…

channel of abundance

How to become successful and rich?

Is it possible to negotiate with Dzayan Dzayachi? Yes! Although turning to the spirit is dangerous without an experienced shaman as a guide. Be sure to sign up for Zhannabelle’s courses and start studying the laws of money flow.

Zhannabelle helps to set goals correctly and open the channel of abundance. She teaches how to appeal to the spirit of money and how to use the potential of your personal energy. With the help of spiritual practices and retreats at the Places of Power, you will be able not only solve all your financial problems but also get all your relatives from your lineage acquainted with the spirit of money. Wealth and success will be passed on to seven generations of your descendants!

The spirits of ritual amulets for opening your road of destination, protection from external influences and karma of past generations are waiting for you at the seminar! The power of spirits is calling you and will wait for you together with your friends and acquaintances. We are waiting for you at the seminar showed with spirits! Zhannabelle prepared a mudra of wealth for all participants of the seminar. We are waiting for you at the seminar.