How to Stay Young?

When you’re 20, you don’t have to do any efforts to stay healthy: youth is more efficient than any care or decorative cosmetics. But how to keep your face and body young when you’re 30? Remember the things on no account should you do.

Sleep less than 7 hours

A good sleep is one of the answers to the question of how to stay young. Unfortunately the pace of modern life is so high that you rush for the whole day like a hamster on a wheel crawling into bed at midnight to get up at 5 in the morning. Somebody wakes up in the early hours to help children get ready for school and husband – for work. Others in the pursuit of health and beauty go jogging. Some people set the alarm earlier to finish the work that hasn’t been done the previous day due to lack of time.

Having had a little rest at night you wake up in the morning feeling already tired though the day has just begun. But think of the beauty from a famous fairy-tale. She was sleeping, wasn’t she? Can you imagine how well she reposed herself? Surely the prince, a prize catch, seeing such a vivid energetic girl full of life decided to marry her at once. So mind you that your energy, good mood, performance and even sexuality are directly linked to the quantity of sleep. To be successful at anything you do have a good rest!

Eat unhealthy

When we think of the ways to stay young we usually forget about our nutrition. Meanwhile unhealthy food not only results in extra kilos that have no beautifying effect at all but in awful condition of skin, teeth and hair as well. That’s why you should forget the phrase ‘junk food’. You have to keep fats, proteins and carbs in balance.

Anika’s story

Last year on a seminar I met Emily. She happened to be a good company who knew a lot of interesting things. I treated her as an ‘elder friend’ because I was sure that she was close to her fifties. When I learnt that Emily was just 32, I was shocked. My new acquaintance turned out to be a fan of hamburgers and French fries! At that very moment she was unable and unwilling to refuse such nutrition. Actually she didn’t think at all of how to keep her face and body young.

So a month ago on another training a nice girl came up to me and began to talk as if she was my good acquaintance. Only after several minutes I understood that she was Emily! It turned out that Zhannabelle’s seminars had influenced her so much that managed to brace herself and started eating healthy. Sure she sees hamburgers in her happiest dreams but she learnt to do without them. And the result is amazing!   

Bad habits

It’s not worth speaking of alcohol’s harmful effects on the body – science proved its negative influence a long time ago. The same with the booze you drink and the cigarettes you smoke – they are ‘reflected’ in the first place on you face and skin much less your inner organs (you just can’t notice it at once). But when realize it you may not be able to change anything. As you have to think of how to keep your face and body young long before you’re 30.

The beauty and health of a woman is really a science. The best way to break bad habits is not to start them. But if you already have some problems, common sense and different methods will help you to overcome this unhealthy dependence.

Couch-potato lifestyle

The older we become the higher level of activity is required by our body. Movements launch natural processes of cell renewal in the whole body. Sure you’re no phoenix to rise from the ashes but if from time to time you fill your muscles, bones and sinews with energy and oxygen, you will significantly slow the aging process and learn how to stay young.

To increase the level of your activity you don’t have to rush to the park to have a 4-hour walk. You may just change public transport for a bike or stop using elevator at work.

It’s not so difficult to think of a reason to move – where there’s a will, there’s a way. By the way there are a lot of useful tips and secrets about beauty on my YouTube channel. Sign up!  

Feeling totally unhappy with your life

To change your attitude to life and understand how to stay young do a simple exercise. The next time you will be angry and will suffer from the imperfection of the world look yourself in the mirror. See how your face stretches, how your traits sharpen and how nasty you look in such a condition. If you want to be beautiful and young in 20-30-40 years, you have to always be positive, treat failures with humor, enjoy life; you should never envy anybody or gossip. And then life will be glad to have you. Try to communicate with positive people and avoid enviers and you’ll see how the quality of your life improves!

Where to meet such people? For instance, on my seminars. Sign up!