5 products that cause ageing

What you should remove from your diet

Ageing is a natural process. However, it turns out that some common products can accelerate the fading of your beauty and youthfulness. We will try to find out what you should not eat if you want to stay young and beautiful, at least for the next 50 years.

Enemy №1: Sugar

Who does not like to treat themselves with a piece of delicious cake? Meanwhile, sugar is one of the products that negatively affect the condition of your skin, hair and nails. Remember how in our childhood we were told that we could not eat a lot of sweets. Due to the excessive consumption of sugar, insulin levels increase in blood. Collagen and elastin production decreases. Chemical reactions that cause the decrease of skin elasticity take place. It becomes flabby and acquires greyish tint. Not only skin loses its elasticity, but also the internal organs and blood vessels.

Alternative: If you cannot completely give up sugar, do energy practice after each cake or ice cream eaten. For example, “Essential oil washing” neutralizes the influence of insulin and restores skin elasticity and health.

Enemy №2: Alcohol

You cannot hide an eel in a sack, a face with a salient swelling will expose alcohol addiction.

When consumed, any alcohol changes the structure of cells and washes vitamins away. It dehydrates the body and thereby contributes to the formation of wrinkles. In addition, alcohol causes tooth decay, diseases of different organs, especially of the liver. Therefore, it is the most dangerous enemy of beauty and youth. Not to mention that alcohol is the cause of numerous problems.

One of my students, Sarah, happened to attend my seminar by chance. She was heading to a lawyer in order to discuss the details of the divorce with her husband, but she entered the wrong building and came to my seminar. At that moment, she looked like a very miserable woman. What is more, her health condition left much to be desired. That seminar changed her life. Here is what she says: “It was a very difficult period of life for me. Alcohol led me to divorce with my husband and a bunch of other problems I tried to cope with by drinking alcohol and taking antidepressants…

All this made look like an old woman in my 30’s. When I visited Zhannabelle’s seminar, for the first time in a while I looked at my life soberly and understood my mistakes. Now, a year and a half later, I am an absolutely self-sufficient person without bad habits, much younger and prettier. Training with Zhannabelle and yoga classes help me stay in shape. I returned to normal life, and now, as a volunteer, I help anonymous alcoholics groups. I should help people who got into such a situation because I know how alcohol destroys life. ”

Enemy №3: Dairy products

Didn’t you know that ordinary milk is harmful to your beauty and youthfulness?! Yes, it is. Dairy products not only maintain the balance of calcium in the body, they also accelerate the ageing process! The point is that one of the components of lactose, which forms the basis of dairy products, is methionine. This is an amino acid that causes irreversible changes in the structure of tissues and organs.

Alternative: Of course, it is rather difficult to give up dairy products completely. Many dishes contain them. However, you can prevent your skin from ageing with the help of special energy practices. Carry them out before going to bed and you will be fully recovered during the night. Then, in the morning, you will wake up feeling energetic and much younger.

Enemy №4: Coffee

Coffee kills us! Have you ever thought why coffee cups are so small? A long time ago, it was very expensive and few could afford a large portion. These days, a small volume of coffee cups warns us that it is harmful to drink a lot of it. Some coffee lovers can drink a bucket of it in the morning, allegedly to wake up. But in fact, it is an unhealthy addiction to a bracing beverage.

Coffee has a strong diuretic effect and extracts large amounts of water from the body. Severe dehydration may occur as a result of its uncontrolled consumption. Coffee will literally dry your skin out, lead to the formation of wrinkles and make your complexion unhealthy.

Alternative: Coffee is invigorating, isn’t it? Of course, it is. Fortunately, there are other options to get a boost of energy. For example, there are Tibetan ways to wash your face and drink water. They will charge you with strength and positive for the whole day.

Enemy №5: Salt

In order to prolong youth, a person should remember that salty food is harmful. Many products already comprise it. That is why, if you start cooking without salt, you will not even notice its lack in your life. While reducing salt consumption, you noticeably slow down the ageing of the skin and prolong youthfulness. That’s how it is!

Alternative: By the way, salt is a part of many food products. Naturally, only in the fresh ones. Therefore, it is absolutely not necessary to add salt to the fresh marine fish. If you lack something in its flavor, you can sprinkle the food with lemon or lime juice. It will tone you up very well.

Cheryl, a disciple of mine, at some point felt that her body was letting her down. In the morning, she used to wake up feeling sluggish and tired, with dark circles under her eyes and noticeably swelled legs and arms. At the same time, Cheryl has been always leading a healthy lifestyle and was seriously engaged in dancing. She could not understand what was happening and turned to me for advice. “Zhannabelle advised me to revise my diet completely. Trying to exclude everything that I was not supposed to eat, I decided to start with salt. After two weeks without it, I saw glow returning to my face. The swelling disappeared, and the body was filled with lightness and energy. ”

Remember that our body, beauty and even life is what we eat! Do not forget that nothing causes ageing as much as negative emotions, envy, irritation, grievances and stress. My seminars will teach you to look at the world in a positive way. Sign up, and nothing will harm your youthfulness!