Beware: energy vampire!

Nowadays I’d like to publish the story of my student Clara. Please, read this text attentively! I must warn you. Anybody can make the mistake she did.

A charlatan will find the way to anyone!

“This story happened almost a half of year ago. Once I came to the event of Zhannabelle. I met another student during the master class. She said that her name was Renata (in fact, I don’t know her real name). We started talking and Renata started asking questions. At first, they were general question, then they became more personal. I was eagerly replying to them. She attracted me quickly. She was friendly, kind and smiling…

However, I’d come to Zhannabelle to solve one very important question related to my career. But Renata suddenly started talking me out of it. “Why do you have to pay such big money?”, she said. “I know the man who will help you for the amount that is twice less than that, and it’ll be almost free! He helped me with the career issue! And he’ll help you!”

At that moment, I was broke and Renata had the impression of a very honest and sensible person. And I agreed….

Energy vampire at the price of a sofa

I met the “expert” on the next day. As I remember, Renata met me at the certain spot at evening and led me to an ordinary house. We went up to the second floor and stopped at the ordinary door. An overweight woman opened that door. She stared at me, made a weird gesture with her hand and said two more words I couldn’t hear. I remembered only fragments of what would happen next…

There were a dark room, a round table and a water jar, a voice that woman was talking with me… I spent not less than an hour in that apartment. At the end of the session I gave money to a charlatan (back then, I, of course, didn’t know that). But not the amount we had arranged with Renata, but all the money I had with me. And I had a lot as I’d just withdrawn a large amount to buy a sofa.

Renata and I went out. My thoughts were confusing and my head was aching. I asked her to help me to go to the parking lot where I’d left my car. She refused to do it in a quite rude manner and disappeared…

I don’t remember how I got home. I entered the apartment and fell on the bed. I woke up 12 hours later with a completely dim head and a throbbing heart. But it was not the most terrible thing…

I tried to stand up and I felt that I COULDN”T! My whole lower body just grew numb. In panic, I started calling Renata but her phone was off. Then I dialed my sister, she rushed to me a half of hour later, called ambulance, I was rushed to the ER and they gave me a terrible diagnosis, paralysis…”

I would never know Clara’s situation if her sister didn’t tell me about it. She asked me to help her. Fortunately, I could have the young woman on her feet. She is all right now. She already walks and doesn’t use a stick. The reason for the paralysis was the effect of a strong tranquilizer together with the hypnosis and the energy blackout.

It is not the first time when victims of black wizards and witches ask me for help. But it was the first time when such people insolently came to my master class.

As a rule, the purpose of such black wizards is not even money but feed at the expense of others. Plain and simple, a black wizard who treated Clara was an energy vampire.

Charlatans come to my events for one simple reason. They know that woman come to me because they have specific issues that I really can solve. Each of such issues is the serious task and the responsible work. But it is a weak spot for charlatans. They can press it to rob a person at its best and to harm her at its worst.

So I urge you: trust only experts! Never give your contacts to strangers! Remember that a stranger may be the threat to your health and life!