Patronage of Jupiter for the welfare of a woman

Patronage of Jupiter for the welfare of a woman

Zhannabelle speaks on how Jupiter can bring good luck and prosperity 

Which planet has good and positive energy and is considered one of the most auspicious one in its effect on women? You’d be surprised, but it’s Jupiter! In spite of its intimidating name, Jupiter is the most generous of the planets. Any woman can use its generosity to gain the patronage of higher powers. Read the article carefully and you will understand a lot of things.

Who favors Jupiter

In the Middle Ages astrologers called Jupiter a ‘great happiness’ and modern astrologers are convinced that the planet brings success, prosperity, and the best opportunities to all. But does Jupiter really help everyone?

To receive the patronage of higher powers, you need to know and understand how to attract it. Nothing is given for nothing in life; so is prosperity and good luck.

My dear, I am not going to torment you with generalities for a long time, but I will proceed to something specific – what exactly you should do to become friends with Jupiter. These tips will work for everyone. They are simple and you can use them every day.

Eat the right healthy foods. The law ‘you are what you eat’ has never been repealed. Such products as olive oil, fruits and juices, pumpkin, honey, dates, berries are favorable for Jupiter. Add them to your diet and see how your life changes.

Jupiter is very picky about the color of the clothes you wear. Preference should be given to natural “warm” colors of golden, yellow and cream shades. If you can not design the entire outfit in such a palette, then add these colors as accessories (scarf, handkerchief, handbag, gloves, etc.).

To get on the right side of Jupiter, do charity work. Your donations should be sincere, come from the heart, have not even a hint of self-interest. Feed birds and (if there is a water reservoir nearby) fish more often. Jupiter will like it very much.

It is recommended to give gifts for no reason on Thursdays. Thursday is an unusual day, because it is the day of the week to observe the weekly fasting. If it is difficult for you to fast, about eating meat, alcoholic drinks and fast food.

Jupiter likes a woman to spend a lot of time with her children, raising them and teaching them. If you don’t have children, you can help a relative or a friend. It’s great if your work is related to children, then you are constantly recharged and filled with energy.

Patronage of Jupiter for the welfare of a woman

Jupiter is a serious planet. It likes it when a woman respects her elders and her man. Never criticize or judge your partner, even if he is wrong. It is better to remain silent than to draw the ire of Jupiter through criticism and condemnation.

Listen to your intuition, it won’t recommend anything bad. To be in harmony with yourself, start learning spiritual knowledge and practices, try to pray regularly. Choose a prayer that you understand, that is close to your heart. Or come to me, and I’ll find a practice and prayer that is right for you.

How I can help

After saying a little bit about what anyone can do to receive the patronage of higher powers I would like to invite you, my dear, to the online event ‘The Power of Jupiter. The well-being and protection of the lineage. Flight-meditation to Jupiter’, which will be held on March 16.

During the class I will help you to adjust your inner contact with the power of Jupiter for further well-being, to open the way to the source of good luck in 2021. We will also make a trance flight-meditation to Jupiter and obtain knowledge of cosmic laws of wealth.

Do you dream of a strong and courageous protector who will be as safe as a house? And now imagine that your protector, patron is not one person, but the whole huge planet of the greatest happiness – Jupiter. At my webinar on March 16 I will help you become friends with the force of the planet Jupiter, with the force of good luck, well-being and prosperity. Everything you dream about will surely come true thanks to this friendship.

We will have a special flight-meditation to Jupiter during this event. To make this journey comfortable and successful, prepare a pillow and blanket for the class. You will be able to relax and tune in to the planet of great happiness when you sit comfortably and cover with a blanket.

For who is the online ritual

The event is suitable for all women who want to enhance the level of their lives and the lives of their families. Everyone who wants to achieve maximum prosperity and good luck, and have a powerful planet like Jupiter as their patron. Get the patronage of higher powers for yourself and your loved ones, and obtain absolutely new knowledge and experience that will help you in the future. You can register for participation at link.

Patronage of Jupiter for the welfare of a woman

Those of you, who have been with me for a long time, remember how many events we have held together and how much useful knowledge you have gained. I get thousands of testimonials from women whom the classes helped to survive difficult life situations. Here’s a recent testimonial from Martha in the Czech Republic.

“I got very sick last June. It was the new disease. I was brought to the hospital with a fever of 40 and difficulty in breathing. They diagnosed me and started intensive treatment. Thank God, I managed to avoid artificial lung ventilation. They only gave me intravenous therapy, injections and pills. I returned home after three weeks in the hospital and called to my office right away, to say that I had recovered and would be back to work soon. The reply was: ‘You will find an email in your mailbox. Read and sign it. There is no need for you to come, just send a scan with your signature’. 

That is how I found myself without work and without means of livelihood at the age of 56. I tried to dispute the employer’s decision, but the lawyers and courts turned out to be too expensive. My ex-husband helped me: he lent me some money, despite disapproval of his new wife. My son also helped me. He brought me food, visited me whenever he had a free minute.

After a month of unsuccessful job search (I am an economist), I took a job as a cleaner in a store near my home. I was in urgent need of money. There was no other job at that moment. I came in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening to wash a small trading hall. They didn’t pay much, but the salary was stable. 

Once I met an old acquaintance of mine at work. We lived next door and had a friendship as families about 10 years ago. Then she moved to another district, I got divorced and we lost each other. She was very surprised to see the way I was earning my living and looking (and I really looked terrible then). When she found out what had happened to me, she immediately gave me the address of Zhannabelle’s website, saying that they would definitely help me.

After reading several articles from the blog, I got interested and registered for an individual consultation. I did not expect the miracle to happen right away, but after communicating with you, dear Zhannabelle, I felt as if I acquired wings. You gave me back my faith in myself, faith in a better future. It is hard to believe it, but two weeks after meeting you, I received a call from a large company, inviting me for an interview for the position of a leading economist. I passed it very successfully, thanks to the confidence I got from communicating with you and my experience.

After getting a position with a good salary, I registered for Zhannabelle’e online school and began to attend all the events. I entered the new year as a confident, successful woman thanks to doing spiritual practices all the time and being under the protection of strong amulets that you recommended to me. 

Zhannablle, thanks to you I started seeing my life in bright colors again. It is filled with communication and new acquaintances. And I believe that in 2021 I will meet a man with whom I can build a new relationship. All your classes, rituals, practices and amulets really work! I recommend your online school to all my friends and relatives’.

Dear Martha, thank you very much! It’s always a pleasure to receive feedback from my students, because that’s what my purpose in life is – to help women, to make your life better. It’s difficult to cope with problems alone, you really need to attend our training sessions, attend group sessions in between. Then all your problems will be solved instantly. Join our events and be happy!