New Year

How to prepare for New Year's family dinner properly?

Holiday rituals for good luck next year

New Year is a bright time, which both children and adults are looking forward to. It is filled with magic, the atmosphere of family unity and anticipation of something good. But this favorite winter holiday is also very important for the fate of each of us, because it is during this period that the foundations for the next year are formed. That is why we need to learn how to celebrate it properly. Zhannabelle will tell you how to prepare for family dinner to lay a favorable program for the coming year. 

Slowly but surely we are approaching the end of the difficult 2020. The pre-holiday period begins in the middle of December, the day of the Winter Solstice. It is very useful to devote this time to attending Zhannebelle’s seminars, where she gives important advice and recommendations for the preparation of the holiday.

Each person sums up, orders his thoughts, makes plans for the future and dreams on the eve of the holiday. Despite the bright garlands, colorful wrappers and faith in something beautiful, real miracles will happen thanks to the spiritual work on oneself and following the wise traditions of New Year’s Eve. Zhannabelle shares them with her students.

What must be done before family dinner?

The holiday eve is always associated with luxuriant Christmas tree, greeting cards, and, of course, aromas of delicious Christmas pastries. The festive spirit flies in every home and heart. Zhannabelle urges you to gather all your family and friends at the Christmas table during this time. 

Go out into a few hours before cooking and serving the table. You can walk to the nearest park or, if you have a private house, just take a walk around the site. Your mentor talks about the importance of light physical activity in the fresh air, explaining that it will give you the right mood, distract you from the hectic atmosphere and lift your spirits. 

Before the very process of cooking a family dinner, remind yourself what you are doing it for. What function should your dishes perform? Charge and give positive emotions? Improve your health? Unite the family? By setting a true purpose, it will be easier for you to invest a sacral, healing meaning in your food. 

Zhannabelle does not recommend cooking in complete silence, but rather using the magical music of transformation that she shares at her seminars. If you turn it on, you will purify your space, charge everything around with love and vitality. Then your dishes will be filled with positive energy, and they will do good not only to the physical shell, but also the spiritual world. 

Did you know that all women are given a unique skill to charge food with their own energy? Unfortunately, not everyone uses it. At women’s seminars Zhannabelle teaches how to discover a wonderful gift to charge the meal your family eats at dinner with health, well-being and wealth.

New Year

What to cook for New Year’s celebration?

Remember, it is recommended to cook for a holiday meal something that you could eat all the year. 

Many women cook delicacies, high-calorie desserts, fatty salads and other heavy foods. And now think: is this what our body really needs? Would it be possible to eat such foods all the year and feel good? 

Ask your body what it wants. Surely it needs useful vitamins and microelements, which you certainly will not find in slices of sausage or kilo pudding. As a rule, festive dishes have the maximum amount of harmful ingredients. Not to even mention carbonated drinks and alcohol! So, always plan the menu wisely and choose the dishes you cook more responsibly. The right food will give you and your loved ones an unprecedented ease even after the celebration.  

What to wear for New Year’s celebration?

For a festive dinner, put away your usual wear-at-home clothing, even if you are going to be in a narrow family circle. After all, this is an important evening that can affect the whole year! Make it special, decide in advance on an elegant dress, think over your hair and pick the jewelry.

In our case, the best solution will be an amulet or a mascot, which you can buy from Zhannabelle. It will complete your outfit and enhance the effect of the magical holiday. 

New Year

Deborah, Alicante 

“This New Year was the most magical and joyful for my family. Zhannabelle’s seminars and training sessions, and her course to return the female power gave me and my husband our son Gino who we have been waiting for so long!

 I came to my mentor for the first time when my family had a great grief. On the eve of the New Year celebration doctors made me a terrible diagnosis – infertility. When I heard this word, I realized a terrible sentence. My dream to have a child collapsed in an instant. It was even more depressing how it would affect my husband, who had been raving over son for many years… 

Very soon I began to feel that my husbanded has gone cold on me. If before he gave me flowers almost every day, took me to exhibitions and every Sunday spent with me and my mother, but later he became aloof, locked himself in his office and did not leave there all day long. My beloved man seemed to be a different person: silent and moody, he was unable to hide his grief. He did not tell his witty jokes anymore, his eyes looked sad. I saw him fade away, and I was suffering at the same time. 

A hope woke up in me when I got to the consultation with Zhannabelle. Looking at me, the mentor immediately understood that urgent help was needed. After diagnostics she said that I was not infertile, but there was negative lineage energy, which comes from my great-grandmother. Her evil deeds have been transmitted to all women of my lineage from generation to generation. And this entails a succession of negative events, serious problems and even diseases.

I firmly decided to register for a course and fight for my family happiness. Once, at one of the classes devoted to preparing for winter holidays, Zhannabelle spoke about the importance of family dinner. Previously, I made a lot of mistakes in preparing a festive dinner. I always had fat and heavy food on the table, which often made me have to recover from a rich meal. In addition, I learned about a special ritual of charging food, which helps a woman and her whole family to fulfill their dream. 

Last year, while cooking a festive family dinner, I took into account all recommendations of Zhannabelle. And of course, exactly at midnight I wished that I would have a child and our family would become happy. Already a month after the holidays I felt a slight sickness, which I was surprised about, because my family stopped eating harmful food and alcohol completely in the new year, and was leading a healthy lifestyle. But, having made a pregnancy test, I believed a miracle for the first time: it showed a positive result! I immediately rushed to my husband to share my happiness. There are no words in the Italian language that could convey his emotions at that moment. He picked me up and did not let go for a long time, we cried together with joy. 

8.5 months later Gino was born. This little man became our meaning in life. His birth has strengthened my relations with my husband a lot. Passion, romance, emotional conversations on the sofa in front of the fireplace returned, and recently we have been talking about giving birth to a girl – to be completely happy. I am grateful to Zhannabelle and her course for the fact that she gave me the opportunity to believe in myself, forget about doctors’ forecasts, feel the joy of motherhood and to become the happiest woman in the world.

Dear, as you can see, real miracles happen! Especially if you really want it and start acting right now. Attend Zhannabelle’s seminars, where you can learn more about New Year’s traditions and effective rituals. The mentor will tell you what sacred rituals and rituals should be performed, teach you how to charge food, how to pick up the amulet so it protects you throughout the next year. 

Register, and you will receive a huge charge of positive energy, as well as unique knowledge that will help you improve your life and lives of your family members.

New Year is a magical time of joy and miracles. During this time it is important not only to study, but also to practice the knowledge gained in a circle of like-minded people. We invite you to join the company of happy, open and loving people at our classes and retreats!