Money karma

Money karma

Each of us understands the importance of the available money resources in the family in the current rhythm of modern life. Therefore, the actual topic of my seminars and trainings is the analysis of the karma of money in your life and the search for the ways to improve the situation. We will analyze further, what factors affect our financial sufficiency.

Factors of karmic wealth and lineal lack of money

Our financial sufficiency is greatly influenced by the power of the lineage. In order to assess this factor, it is necessary to analyze the financial condition of your family over the past century. For a more explicit understanding of the implication of the karma of money and the distribution of its flows, they can be compared with rivers. So, if your ancestors were well-to-do representatives of the aristocracy, then your lineage is located in a successful stream, from which you draw money and are able to adjust to all political and economic fluctuations. It is also important to analyze the dynamics of your lineage’s financial condition. If there is a tendency for increasing income and cash flow and real estate – then you are on the right wave.

But if your relatives had small finances, and the situation did not change for the better, then you should take active steps for changing this tendency. But if your ancestors had a small income, but with each generation the income grows, real estate is acquired and the quality of life improves – it means you are on the right track and you should strive to move in the same direction.

Having conducted a large number of various studies in this field, esoteric scientists tend to believe that it is possible to speak about positive money’s karma only if the purchasing power of your generation exceeds at least five times the previous one. This factor indicates that you are located on the inflow – and you should correctly use it.

This is an ideal option, which not every one of us can be proud of. More often, there is a need to pay attention to karma and direct the flow in the right direction. One of the options for a fundamental change in karma is the sale of real estate and the change of the place of living.

How to change money karma

On presentations and field classes with my dear female students I give more detailed information about improving the financial well-being of the family and the whole lineage. I help to understand all the nuances of this procedure and to focus on important details. It is very difficult to solve the problem of karmic poverty just by yourself, but the solution of this generic problem is within my power!

Here are some important generic talismans that can help to improve financial well-being:

  1. The main talisman is the inherited real estate. This is only relevant if this area is well-kept and light and if there is cleanliness and order.
  2. Awards received by our relatives. These include letters, breastplates, which are a kind of key to life in prosperity.
  3. Any expensive and especially prestigious things belonging to our ancestors.
  4. Photos of the relatives who have achieved great success.

How to identify generic talismans and use them correctly, to find out the reason for family lack of money and eradicate it – I help with practical workshops and master classes on this topic.

If you want to analyze the karma of your lineage and solve the problem with debts, loans and low income – contact me on an individual basis also. I am always happy to help you to live better and happier.

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