How to Improve Your Life?

How to Improve Your Life?

What You Should Do to Be Happy, Wealthy and Loved.

Three Interesting Techniques to Improve Your Life and Transform it Into a Fairy Tale with Prince Charming

Live a Fairy Tale

How can you improve your life? We all want to be happy and wealthy. And we all want to meet our Prince Charming. We all want our own apartment, even better our own house. And we want our house to be somewhere on a beach, somewhere in a warm climate, next to a palm tree! And we want our prince to bring us flowers and jewelry and delicious treats! Every day! And he’ll buy us a car, because you don’t want a horse, even though it’s pretty. And we want our prince to do everything with eagerness and not wanting anything back in return. “And I’ll let him love and adore and be smitten by me!

And I also want to eat delicious treats but not gain any weight. And I want beautiful hair that blows in the wind. And I want to look like I’m 18, maybe 20, but not any more!

And I want a large cozy sofa and a TV and a plate with pastries. Oh yes, I’ve already mentioned the pastries.

What else? Mom! I want my mom to be happy and healthy. I want her to leave her stupid summer house and go on a cruise. I want her to see the world!

Oh and I forgot my cat Vas’ka! May everything be great for him too! Although it’s already not too bad for him now…

And make this happen soon! All at once!”

Admit it, have you had these types of thoughts in your head? Have you ever thought how you can change your life for the better? Do you think it’s impossible to get everything all at once, just like that? It’s not! There are three simple techniques that work 100% of the time! You won’t hear about them in magazines or on the TV. They’re not commonly known. But try them out and you will be very surprised!

How to Improve Your Life?

First Technique: Change Your Surroundings

Have you heard the expression “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”? This means that the company we keep directly affects our life — our habits, our way of life, our thoughts and opinions, how we look and our fate.

You don’t believe it? It’s easy to prove. Try to remember the last time you did something because your friends did it. Maybe you went to McDonalds with them or the theater, maybe you ran in the morning with them or spent all night at the club, maybe you sang karaoke or signed up for yoga. If you think about it, half of what we do (even when we are thinking about how to improve our life) we do with friends. If our friends are vegetarians, we also often won’t eat meat. If all of your colleagues go to the gym on Thursday, you will also buy a membership. We do this because we are influenced by our surroundings. If you are surrounded by positive, successful and happy people, they will “pull” you up with them.

This works in reverse as well. If you grow, your surroundings grow with you. All you need to do is reach your hand out. For example, when a colleague expresses her surprise at how well you look in the morning, share your secret with her and invite her for a run in the morning.

If she agrees, it’s a small but positive step in the direction of improving her life. One of our students did precisely this with her boss. A big woman in her forties was able to lose 20kg and now runs marathons. Her apartment looks like a museum, it’s covered in gold first-place trophies. Now they are good friends and because of their mutual love for running, our student isn’t an employee, she’s a partner in the company now!

Another woman writes interesting posts about her “Secrets of Great Women” course. She shares her thoughts, feelings and small victories in improving her life. She didn’t intend to do anything special in the beginning. She just shared some posts with colorful photographs from the seminars and Places of Power they visited. Her mom followed her blog and showed it to all of her friends her posts with pride. Then, suddenly, she decided to leave her summerhouse and potatoes and started traveling. She said she wanted to have a look at Egyptian pyramids and where the Great Cleopatra ruled. And now Omar, the owner of a tour company, is asking her to marry him…

Conclusion: you will never become wealthy, successful, happy if you are surrounded by jealous broke losers. We have already written about what to do if you feel that no one understands you — tell your critics to hit the road! Pull everyone else up with you! Invite them to run with you, go to the theater, to our seminars. Right now! The quicker change comes into your life, the sooner your life will improve!

How to Improve Your Life?

Second Technique: Help Strangers

This is a story about Marina. Her mom, a very controlling woman, wanted her daughter to become a lawyer or doctor. According to her, this was the best way to improve her life. But Marina went against her parent’s will and applied to the Stroganoff Academy of Art — she always wanted to be a painter. Her mother was in shock. She imagined her daughter selling her paintings somewhere on the street and drawing caricatures in the park. She also imagined her daughter in the company of artists alcoholics, one of which she would eventually marry. While Marina was at the Art Academy, her mom constantly scared her with these images. When she finished school she got a job as a designer in a large bank.

Marina didn’t like her job. She was bored and didn’t feel like she could be creative. Her creativity was limited to brochures and business cards. She did, however, have a stable paycheck, benefits and legal employment.

Marina might have still been designing bank logos if she hadn’t found our Academy. She immediately knew she wanted to work with us. She felt that this was how she could change her life for the better. Her mother started manipulating her. She said that her grandfather was dying in the hospital, that her brother had lost his job and couldn’t find another one and that she herself was at the point of a mental breakdown. She even called an ambulance. Her mom blamed Marina for all of these troubles. She said that Marina didn’t want to help her relatives and that she only thought about herself. Her mom cried on the phone every day for at least an hour. She tried guilt-tripping her and shaming her. Marina was riddled with guilt, but she continued attending seminars at the Academy and had firmly decided that she wanted to become a trainer.

A month later, Marina left Moscow (with her mother’s severe disapproval). She looked awful — she had dark circles under her eyes and suffered from terrible migraines. She was on the verge of depression and suffered from severe apathy. The women started practicing various spiritual techniques and started working for the Academy by designing our magazines and sharing with other people how to improve their lives.

Now she is one of the most happy trainers at the Academy. She is active, happy and always ready to help others.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, her grandfather not only got better, but he’s getting married (at 69!), her brother was hired for a top position in an international company and her mother bought an apartment in the center of Moscow because her business is doing well. When they last spoke, her mom told Marina, “Hey sorry, I can’t talk, I have a business meeting!”

Do you think this can only happen in a fairy tale? Nope! It can happen in real life! Marina helps others, often complete strangers, and because of this her life and her family’s lives improves.

One life changed for the better of a complete stranger, is equal to the fate of one of your relatives for the Universe. How many relatives do you have? 100? How many friends? 1000? Imagine, you can improve the lives of 1000 people!!! This is like the population of a small village or a small tropical island. And think about if one of those people then goes on to change another life? You can change up a million lives! How many people live in Prague or Rostov-na-Donu? This million will change your family’s life for the better!!!

Conclusion: Help strangers and then your family (even if it doesn’t understand or accept your new life) will get rid of all of their problems. Their health, money and mood will improve! It doesn’t matter who you help. You can help the elderly, homeless animals, orphans. You can help the Academy by becoming one of our organizers in your city. Even better, come and become a trainer. Then you can help so many people that there is no chance that happiness will miss you. It’s proven!

How to Improve Your Life?

Third Technique: Build Successful Skills

Are you tired of constantly being overlooked at work? Do you worry about every dime in your wallet? Hate falling asleep alone every night, hugging your cat and not your man, counting new wrinkles on your face every day? Maybe it’s time to stop and find out how you can improve your life for the better. For this you will need to acquire some successful skills.

How does one do this? First you need to learn how to communicate with strangers. You can do this wherever — on the street, in public transport, in life. For some people it can be a real challenge to ask a stranger the time. Try giving a complete stranger a compliment! You can’t even imagine how difficult it can be to give a stranger a compliment! Try it!

If you learn how to give women compliments on the street, you will know how talk to men with power and money. You will know how to talk to men of absolutely any status and not feel insecure around them. Wouldn’t you agree that this is an important skill to have in order to improve your life for the better?

People who work as promoters or in sales are lucky in this aspect. They are not afraid to talk to people. Have you ever passed out flyers on the street? Have you went door to door selling some overpriced junk? We don’t want you to sell something useless. We have a better idea!

Try to offer a stranger (not your colleague or distant relative) something useful. For example, you can offer them classes at our Academy. It’s not as simple as inviting your girlfriend for a run. Especially since your girlfriend will most likely say “Sure! That sounds fun!” In this case it’s not like you had to exert some special effort, she readily agreed. And if you invite this friend to go to a class at the Academy a week later, she’ll likely say yes, because she already felt how you can help her improve her life.

Inviting a stranger is almost as difficult as washing a cat. Imagine a cute furry cat. Now imagine bringing him to the bathroom. How many scratches does your imagination depict on your body? We counted 52 and that’s only on your right hand!

But you can’t put a towel over a stranger’s head and take them to the seminar. That’s why you need to develop the skills to inspire and motivate people. This is the main skill for success!

One of our students brought over 150 women to our Academy seminars in the course of half a year. Not at one time of course! She started motivating people everywhere, on the street, in transport, in the elevator. One time a woman came to the seminar in a wet shirt! She had come directly after running with the woman, and decided that she needed to immediately improve her life. That’s how they entered into their new lives — in their tracksuits!

And now this woman is a director in a big company, even though before the seminar her boss was constantly overworking her, verbally abusing her and paying her very little. That’s when she started developing her skills for success and started climbing up the career ladder. Now she’s her old boss’s boss. It’s hard to imagine that she her hands used to tremble when she approached people on the street with Academy flyers.

Conclusion: If you want to be strong, successful, confident and happy — take an active role in life. Motivate others to change and you will change the world! The Universe will definitely say “thank you!” by putting a George Clooney-like man with a Bill Gates fortune on his knee in front of you. You will just need to say “please” to the universe and “yes” to Clooney-Gates. And ask him if he has a white stallion!