Nobody Understands Me

Nobody Understands Me

Are You Happy, But People Keep Trying to Bring You Down From the Clouds to Real Life?!

Nobody understands me. After a seminar you are ready to overcome any obstacle. You radiate power and happiness. That’s exactly the moment the people closest to you try to bring you back down and make your life grey again.

Nobody Understands Me

War on the Couch

Do you know what happens to women after they attend seminars at the Zhannabelle? If you have attended one of our classes, you know the answer — women change right before your eyes. They become more beautiful, more confident, even younger. Men start noticing them and giving them various signs of attention, presents and even want to marry them.

Such transformation happens in the course of just a couple of days! That’s because we give women 100% effective methods and techniques. And it’s also because during the seminars, women get to be in another environment and literally transform, they discover new qualities and boundaries within themselves.

Then, our students, feeling high and full of power and plans, return back to their usual environments, to their old friends, relatives and colleagues. Then something happens that they don’t quite understand — the people closest to them don’t want to accept this change!

Galina had a similar story. She was 45 when she first came to the Zhannabelle. She had two teenage sons, a husband in the military, a boring monotonous job as a manager. Her life was completely devoted to serving her three men. She almost carried her husband’s slippers in her teeth and he would strategically place himself on the couch and command and criticize her from there, directing her to bring him the things he needed like the remote control, dinner, his ironed shirt.

Nobody Understands Me

After the Seminar It Was as if The Fog Lifted From Galina’s Eyes

Her posture straightened out and she felt her vitality increase. She started actively spending time on self development and sports. First, she signed up for Latin dance classes. It had been one of her childhood dreams, but 40 years ago it was completely undoable because her family lived in a remote town in the far North.

By the time our student learned to Cha-Cha-Cha and started learning Rumba, her husband and children soon started feeling a lack of ironed shirts and slippers. But this was just the beginning!

When Galina learned about our “Secrets of Great Women” course she got so interested in the topic, that she started studying online at the University of Madrid (she thought she might pick up Spanish as well, which would come in handy if she went to a competition in Latin America). At that moment her couch-inhabitants finally realized that there wasn’t any food in the house and had an emergency meeting.

They spent so much energy (that they could’ve spent on ironing their shirts) to get Galina to come back to the stove and start cooking and to get rid of all her stupid ideas about dancing (at her age!) and studying (you already have a technical degree) and Spanish (learn Chinese while you’re at it!). Instead of being happy for Galina, her family basically started a war with her and she lost.

Why do your closest people not understand the “new” you? Why do you have to ask yourself “How am I worse than others?”

Nobody Understands Me

Dangerous Wind of Change

Do you love change? Well your brain doesn’t. That’s just how it works. Any change is a situation of stress for our brain. To adjust to new conditions, to “digest” them, it needs a tremendous amount of energy and our body always tries to conserve its energy.

You started doing yoga, eating well, but your mom’s brain can’t understand why you’re not sitting in front of the TV every night and not eating her potatoes and meatballs.

During your vacation you went to a Place of Power with the Zhannabelle. Your friend’s brain can’t understand why you’re not at a poolside in Turkey.

You started running in the mornings, but your colleagues brains can’t understand why you look so good. You don’t drink coffee, but you’re so energetic!

Our close friends and relatives get used to us, like a picture on the wallpaper that hasn’t been changed in a decade. The “new” us is not us and we seem new to them, which means that they have to create new relationships with us and have to get used to us. That’s where the “power saving mode” turns on — it’s easier to bring us back to our original state then trying to adjust to the new person.

Nobody Understands Me

I Don’t Want To Be My Old Self!

How do they try to bring you back? By criticizing, laughing and judging all of our new hobbies. That’s what typical critics do. That’s where phrases like “what are you all dressed up for?”, “what do you need dancing for?”, “sounds like a stupid seminar, sounds like a sect”, Cleopatra, who’s going to wash the floor?” come from.

Now think about who won’t say things to you? A person with a higher level of self-development, a successful, confident person leading a healthy life style. On the contrary, he will support you and pull you up with him.

People who don’t let you grow, don’t want to grow themselves. You say, “Nobody understands me”, but this isn’t the issue. Those people would prefer to watch TV, eat sunflower seeds and feel sorry for themselves, drink a bottle of wine every Friday and eat away their dark thoughts with salad with mayonnaise…Their life seems completely normal to them and they truly don’t understand why you are trying to change it.

Nobody Understands Me

The Stalker’s Golden Rule

So what should you do? The most simple solution is to give up. In 10 years you’ll have 15-20 extra pounds, your face will look old, your marriage in ruins, low wages and forget about orgasms. What, that’s how everybody lives!

What do you think about this perspective? Sound fun? Didn’t think so.

How to reach your goal if the people around you are preventing you from doing so. Follow these simple safety procedures.

First, stop worrying about what other people think. Some of our students cry in their pillow every night because they think that their mom, husband or friend is dragging them down into the ordinary grey life of loneliness and poverty. But they just can’t understand that preventing you from improving your life, they are closing their own pathways to improvement. That’s because by improving yourself, you’re also improving their karma and bringing abundance, joy, love and health into their lives. Nobody understands you? Yes, they can’t understand you because of ignorance. But you can’t force them to. Do they think that seminars for women are dangerous? It’s futile trying to convince them otherwise. Don’t waste your time, your time is precious. You can use this time for yourself or for someone who is one your wavelength and understands you. Just pray for your loved ones!

Second Rule

Second, never take an aggressive position. Don’t react to the war your close ones are waging against you.

Be a stalker — a person that’s flexible, like a snake (and just as wise). Someone who’s capable of seeing different perspectives and adjust to any circumstances. Be wiser and avoid direct questions or answer them vaguely.

You will be asked why you look so good. Don’t tell them you’ve been doing yoga or running. Just say you got enough sleep today. If they ask you why you aren’t going this year to the resort, don’t tell them you’re going to a Place of Power. Tell them one of your classmates invited you to some place in the wilderness and you couldn’t say no to her.

One of our students from Perm, Natalia, worked as a cleaner in a bank. She didn’t have enough resources to attend one of our training seminars and she asked one of her bosses to lend her the money. She didn’t hide what she needed the money for. Her boss decided that Natalia was part of some sect and made her write her resignation. If our student had asked for some money for hospital fees, and not for our seminar, she wouldn’t have lost her job.

Don’t tell the details of your new life to people who are against it. Why? It will only give them more reason to gossip.

Nobody Understands MeNobody Understands Me

Third Rule

Third, try to maximally reduce your encounters with people who actively criticize you. Of course it’s difficult to get rid of those who are closest to you. Read our article “The Critic: How To Recognize and Subdue Him”. For example, if your mom is constantly going on and on about how you are stupid for having joined a sect, make it a rule in your life not to discuss it with her. Try to ask her about her apple crops at her summer house instead. Any mom (it’s proven) will find thousands of interesting topics about herself to talk about. She can talk about it for hours! Even better if you can do this over the phone so you can do some hip exercises during that time.

Remember these rules and use them in your life! Read about how to behave with people who are supportive of your new life in our next article.