How do you find your source of power

How do you find your source of power

The secret of a happy woman from Zhannabelle

Have you ever wondered why there are many beautiful women around who are single? How long ago have you felt inspired or being on top of the world? How not to get annoyed or tired? How to live and enjoy the little things around you? One usually experiences this state from the first days of being in love. It continues until the reality destroys one’s dreams. It is possible to be really happy only when you manage to hold and carry this bright light of love through everyday life. What should you do? Keep living in the grey everyday life, resigning yourself to the depressed state? Definitely no! Do you want to know how to live permanently with the bright feeling of love? Zhannabelle, the successor of the heritage of Siberian shamans, is ready to share with you the wisdom of the everlasting feeling of happiness. After all, it is important to know what can become your source of inspiration.

One-time love

We started speaking whether it is possible to experience the everlasting state of love during our summer walk along the quay. Zhannabelle and I were driving past the flower beds, and there was a couple walking ahead of us. One could notice how a man trembled holding a girl’s hand, telling her something. All her attention was focused on him.

You don’t need to have superpowers to understand how the energy power of this girl is transmitted to her partner through her excessive passion. The male aura in this case was quickly filled with light, but the female aura, on the contrary, was fading. Of course, by looking at her, one could read her happy look. Probably, she was imagining a promising happy life with this man at that moment. In addition, all those around us, seeing this couple, envy her luck and happiness.

I immediately had a question, which I asked Zhannabelle. Will this girl be happy for a long time? Will he choose her as his life companion? Or maybe he will just quench his thirst by drinking her to the bottom and throw away an empty bottle?

Practical use of learning

Zhannabelle appeared in my life at the very moment when I had difficulties with my work of love. Sharp changes in almost all spheres of the world have also affected me. Nobody needed my knowledge and skills anyone. But it is not my habit to give up. I came across an interesting article about anti-crisis measure. I decided to study online. Zhannabelle was a real mentor and I was lucky to meet her. Soon, she advised me to try individual practices.

One of Zhannabelle’s students shares her experience of learning such practices.

Zhannabelle calls to pray for the healing of humanity!

Maria, Vienna:

I am used to acting under the principle “I will achieve everything and I will do everything myself. I thought the male energy, which helps to focus and achieve high results, was dominant in me. And there was too much of this energy in me. I started to control everything all the time. I became tough and demanding. Such behavior did not lead to anything good. My man became some kind of addict, you can say, weak. And I felt tired all the time and then I got sick.

I felt devastated, squeezed out like a lemon immediately. There was nothing but coldness in our relationships And good, I saw information about Zhannabelle’s classes and practices in the Internet. I decided to try it, of course. When I saw this beautiful woman, I realized how pure she was. Her movements were easy. She was open, friendly and embodied the light. After several classes I became the same. I noticed that my man became interested in me. He was just burning from inside! Zhannabelle showed me how powerful the energy can be. I know how to fill my female power and where to get the resource.

Using real life situations as example, Zhannabelle helped me to learn one of the main cosmic laws she uses in her life: “Help another and God will help you.

Energy Battery

Zhannabelle revealed my skill of seeing with inner vision. It turns out that it is possible to see not only the physical condition, but the energy people use. Even where they direct it.

Remembering the situation on the quay, I decided to look at a man with this vision. What do you think I saw? I noticed his vanity, ego, his desire to develop his business. As you know, he needs a lot of energy to create all this.

When he was holding that girl’s hand and looking into her eyes filled with happiness and joy, he established an unbreakable connection as if he was connected to an energy source. It was like charging a dead battery. You know, Zhannabelle told me that I have no right to judge this man or other people. After all, collecting energy and then directing it into action is the most direct task of the entire male half. This is how it is established by the Cosmos. By the way, Zhannabelle has told me the cosmic law.

The longer a man is near a woman, sharing different life situations with her, the happier she will be. According to Zhannabelle, while a woman supplies a man with her life energy, he will always be with her. But, there comes a moment when he starts searching for a new source, not even realizing how he lost interest in this woman.

This happens because most modern women do not know what life energy is. They do not know how to use and guide it properly. And most importantly, how to make up for it, regardless of age. When I looked at the flowering Zhannabelle, I could see that she perfectly knows how to use this knowledge. She generously gifts and shares it with others. I have personally experienced this feeling.

In an instant, I had a strong desire to help this stranger. I wanted to become her assistant same as Zhannabelle helps different women around the world. A woman should always be an inexhaustible source of energy, be desirable, inspire a worthy man. Also to be able to overcome her past and learn to realize her own talents and plans.

We drove up to the cafe on the waterfront. We parked the car and sat down on the terrace. We continued watching the couple.

Not knowing about energy power

We noticed that the man was happy, but a little tense. It seemed that he was going down the path that once led him to the wrong place. Obviously, he just didn’t understand when he needed to turn in the opposite direction.

Using her inner vision, Zhannabelle noticed his repeated attempts to create a serious relationship that ended too quickly. Moreover, the man thought that the break-ups happened because of him. You could tell he was afraid to lose interest in this girl this time. Perhaps, his desire would quickly fade away, no matter how he tried to avoid it.

Venus has the greatest influence on the female nature. It activates physical attractiveness and sexuality. The moon can enhance inner subtle beauty and mental energy.

I had a question, and I immediately asked Zhannabelle: if the man does marry the girl, what happens then, when her energy is over? She answered that she had seen many such marriages. If a man does not get energy, he becomes unable to provide his family with a decent lifestyle. He loses his status in society quickly. His depressed state will lead to the search for another reality. Some use alcohol or drugs, others gamble, or worse, seek energy in contact with another woman.

What will happen to the girl? Her inner world will be devastated. She will not need her hobbies and talents. The constant irritability can lead to illness. Such couples are doomed, they have no future. And this will have a negative impact on children, if any.

There were two people who wanted to be happy before us. But there was a barrier – energy illiteracy – between them and future happiness.

It is nobody’s fault, but what to do?

Zhannabelle always emphasizes that it is nobody’s fault, but it is possible to change the situation . Back in ancient times, girls were taught energy literacy by attending classes in special schools. Wise mentors shared their knowledge with them. Very rarely they were their mothers. Nowadays Zhannabelle and her assistants are restoring this tradition with their work.

It is women who should be trained. A girl often starts to realize the importance of such training, after losing her attractiveness, when she has no interest in life. In such situation it is the organs weak from losing the energy need treatment.

A wise man can not resist a beautiful, fragrant as a flower woman, and he will certainly fall in love with her. Such a man will want to stay in love. This is why he wants to ensure his woman receives the knowledge that will help her be charming and full of energy for many years. Many men, who have achieved success in life, send their women for Zhannabelle’s training. You know, women become men’s talismans that accompany their men always and in everything.

A woman the talisman opens new opportunities for positive changes not only in her life, but also in the surrounding space. Such women know that all magic is inside them and how to maintain harmonious relations.

Every woman can study if she joins an online school or talks to Zhannabelle personally. It is even possible to join her in the trip to the places of power.

It is worth visiting the places of spiritual Power to relieve the accumulated tension and find peace. Women feel the joy of being, which inspires and fills them incredibly, and charges them with energy.

It must be said that not only the man you love, but also your parents, children, anyone who is close to this woman and uses her energy can direct her to this step. Those who support her at any moment also become successful.

If you have not yet met such people, and those around you constantly need something, then you need to increase your energy level. It is better if you do it faster! Zhannabelle will help you increase your energy by training at her online school “Woman’s World”.

The story of one of Zhannabelle’s students will prove the effectiveness of such online training.

Teresa, Prague:

Imagine the situation: my husband works all day long, providing for his family with dignity. And every time he comes home, he has one desire – to plunge into the cool energy of a woman, that is me. What to do if I wasted all my energy, I have nothing to offer him. And then, in the family, tensions run high. That’s what happened in our family.

Men usually say that such women are not feminine. But often we do not understand that femininity is not about beautiful and well-groomed appearance, but about internal energy.

I shared a problem with a friend, and she advised me to attend Zhannabelle’s seminars. I really learned to find a source of inspiration, to be filled with life energy. My man is inspired by me and gives me happiness and love.

What is an endless source of inspiration?

According to Zhannabelle, an endless source is what is infinite in its essence. Undoubtedly, this is the original powerful energy, perceived by people as the Creator, God. Therefore, it is important to connect to this energy. When a woman mastered the real art of prayer, she becomes an invaluable treasure immediately!

Learning the words of prayer is not the most important thing. You still need to be able to communicate with the Highest. Zhannabelle has this skill. She can create a field of prayer through which there is a direct connection with the Creator.

In addition, there are other forces that fill us with energy. These are the Spirits of Elements, of Nature, which will help us in life. The experienced shaman Zhannabelle will easily lead you to the sacred places. She knows what a specific person needs to receive from the Spirits. Everything is important: proper addressing to the spirits, the proper ritual.

It is still possible to get support and to charge with energy from the planets. Each of them has its predestination and tasks. The secret of Zhannabelle’s success is her native star Sirius. Therefore, she is always guided by it.

The Moon energy helps to conceive, bear and feed children.

Transform your life for the better, fall in love with it together with Zhannabelle at her seminars and online school. Do not forget about your environment as well. Those who need favorable changes also need energy. Share this article with them. Let the dream of a better life become a reality for them!