What To Do If Your Husband Cheated on You

What To Do If Your Husband Cheated on You?

Punish, Leave or Break-Up With Him?

Why none of these three options are the answer and what to do if your husband cheats on you? Let’s take a look.

Crime and Punishment

Any betrayal, especially a betrayal by a person who you have been married to for many years, is a shocking blow. You can feel the ground beneath you trembling. You feel like you’ve been played. And of course the natural reaction is to want to punish the culprit, make him pay, cause him pain and make his suffer like you are suffering. Your hand reaches for the heavy frying pan…Stop!

What should you do if your husband cheated on you? Do you really think that physical abuse in the form of a black eye will really solve anything? Or maybe you feel like you should delay punishment and just throw a classic tantrum for now, crying your eyes out and yelling horrible things at the cheater? Or no, maybe you should ignore him and stop talking to him, even about daily household things? You’ll stay silent like a partisan. Or maybe the best solution is to take away from him his most loved thing — yourself!  Kick him out of the marital bed, let him suffer in loneliness on the couch in the living room! Or maybe leave him alone in your marital bed and you’ll go to your mothers and won’t answer his calls or messages!

These are all wonderful methods of punishment, don’t you think? But they’re not very effective. It’s the same as trying to teach a kitten not to pee on the floor by putting his nose in the pee. He won’t understand anything and the puddle won’t go anywhere from such a solution. So what should you do if your husband cheated on you? Nothing from the above mentioned methods!

He has just found a woman who he probably enjoyed having sex with and now you’re going to punish him by not having sex with him?

Do you really think that he will suffer from not having to do this deed? Most likely (99%) he will go back to his lover. She will caringly apply a wet towel to his black eye and will find a million ways to make him feel better. Understand, that you are pushing him into another woman’s arms yourself!

What To Do If Your Husband Cheated on You

Get Out of My Heart

Many female trainers and women’s magazines say that you should leave him if he cheated on you. They say that if he lied once, he’ll lie his whole life. But it’s not that simple.

You need to objectively analyze the situation (at least try to) and WHAT exactly are you leaving. Maybe you’re leaving the main breadwinner, a comforting shoulder, a caring father and a happy and generous man. Can you agree that this is more than just a cheater? If you live with a complete loser who is using you for money, who doesn’t help you around the house or with kids, who’s greedy and limited and is cheating on you, then tell him to hit the road, of course! Remember, a weak person will pull you down, he won’t let you develop and do interesting things. In the end, he won’t let you be happy.

However, before you decide what to do if your husband cheated on you, think about all the pros and cons first. First calm down and then make a decision that will influence your whole life. By the way, do you know the three main reasons why men cheat? Read our article!

One Time Doesn’t Mean Anything

If you decided to leave everything the way it is, you will make things worse. Why? Imagine what it looks like from his perspective. He has a new woman that he’s experiencing long forgotten emotions with (especially feelings of newness) and he is having a great time. After spending time out and relaxing, he returns to the family where he has a warm meal waiting for him (like he likes) and wife that doesn’t ask him any questions (because she’s afraid to know the truth). That’s not life!

This is a fairy tale from the perspective of a man. No commitments, no arguing, no dividing up property. No responsibilities! He has a full personal life and a warm cozy house — the full monty! Heaven!

Are you sure that you are comfortable in this version of heaven? That’s what we thought!

What to do if your husband cheated on you? Change! Not him, but yourself! If he wants something new, wants different women in the bedroom, let him have it! Sign up for our “Secrets of 10 Great Women” course and learn how to be any one of them when he’s next to you. Which one does he prefer? Cleopatra or Diane de Poitier? Scheherazade or an Amazon? Let him spend time with 10 different women through you!

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