The Ways to Find Your True Love: Practices from Zhannabelle

The Ways to Find Your True Love: Practices from Zhannabelle

If you’re still single, Saint Valentine’s Day can help you to change it 

Love is a wonderful feeling. It contains our divine emanation; it is a marvelous superpower given to us by the Supreme forces. We all dream of true love, wait and believe that it will burst into our lives and the world will shine with bright colors with a wave of a magic wand. But is there a ready-made prescription of how to find it? Does this real love really exist or is it just the fantasy of novel writers and film writers for melodramas? Zhannabelle is sure that such love exists. And she reveals a secret to us of how to find it.

Miranda, Vienna: 

“I became convinced from a very young age that love novels were written only for confusing the naive girls. Has anyone ever seen in real life that perfect soul mate who would be smart, and strong, and handsome, and rich at the same time? For forty-three years, I have not met anyone fitting this description. And I was completely sure that such men did not exist on this planet.

I came to the Zhannabelle’s seminar on the recommendation of a colleague. My colleague talked much about the courses and the volunteer projects of these people. So I was inspired to contribute to helping those who really needed it.

From here on in, my life has changed a lot and got a new meaning.

I had attended constantly group studies and seminars to learn the ropes of mental perfection. I helped Zhannabelle to organize seminars and trips to Places of Power. I felt that such way of living was right and that made me happy.

Yes, my life took on meaning, and I have changed myself a lot for the better. The only thing that hovered over me at times and did not let me sleep at night was my miserable loneliness. That is why at last during the visit to one of the most powerful Places of Power in the world with Zhannabelle, I decided to ask the Universe to help me in meeting my true love. What did I expect from the fate at that moment? I am at a loss to answer this question even now…

But the point is that just a month later an amazing story happened to me. Yes, it happened to me notwithstanding the fact that I don’t believe in romantic tales! This happened on the day of loving hearts – the Saint Valentine’s Day. I sat in a small Italian restaurant, sadly watching the happy couples at the adjacent tables. No one cared about me. Even the nimble waiters scurrying around the restaurant hall for some reason ignored my table. It seemed that my appearance expressed such a desperate feeling of loneliness on Saint Valentine’s Day that they preferred to avoid me.

So after waiting for the menu about some time in vain, I was about to leave, when the restaurant owner approached my table. He offered me the menu himself and talked to me about some trifles.

I realized that the man in front of me was My True Love from the first moment. He was just the same as the heroes from novels, melodramas and other romantic opuses.

Four years have passed and our family is still surprisingly strong and happy. We have a beautiful daughter. It’s hard to believe, but she was born on the Saint Valentine’s Day too! This day is such a special day for our family. And I am so happy! Just now I can see what I have been missing for years of loneliness. Zhannabelle helped me to find my happiness!”

What is True Love?

Saint Valentine’s Day is extremely popular nowadays. It is celebrated with great relish in many countries. People in love prepare small messages for each other called valentines – in which they confess their feelings. On that day sometimes proposals of marriage are made, and flowers or sweets are presented. This wonderful tradition is rooted in a beautiful but very tragic love story.

A generic priest, Valentine, was devoted to his faith from a very young age. Each of his sermons carried the pure light of simple truths: people should value God-given life and love and value each other. However, the emperor of Rome, Claudius II, strongly disagreed with such speeches. He sacrificed his personal life for the sake of a political career, and did not like the calls for a peaceful life in love and respect.

The Ways to Find Your True Love: Practices from Zhannabelle

At some point, he hardened in heart so much that he completely forbade the lovers to marry.

His goal was to make men be ready for war constantly, and their excess attachment to the family was an annoying hindrance for the emperor.

The brave Valentine disobeyed the cruel emperor and continued to unite couples in love by marriage ties under cover of night. For that the priest was imprisoned. But he met his fate firmly and did not regret for his actions even a bit.

The love story of Valentine himself was very symbolic. The priest was a very talented healer. Once a prison guard turned to him with a request to heal his beloved daughter from blindness. Julia, the guard’s daughter, was beautiful, like an angel. And a tender feeling arose in Valentine’s heart.

But unfortunately, he could not cure his beloved. By a twist of fate, Julia’s father subsequently turned out to be Valentine’s jailer. So, with his help the priest sent to his beloved a declaration of love with saffron flower – the world’s first “Valentine”. It happened on February 14, after the execution of Valentine.

Julia opened the letter and suddenly recovered her sight to read with tears in her eyes about her first and such tragic love.

That is how the Saint Valentine’s Day holiday appeared.

Types of Love 

True love is like a ghost. Everyone is talking about it, but no one has ever seen it. This is the conclusion of the vast majority of people. And with the increase of years, true love seems to us to be more and more ephemeral feeling. It lives in artwork, in music, in painting, in poetry, in films, but in reality everything is wholly different. Domestic problems, conflicts, fatigue and irritation – all these factors can make null and void even the loftiest relationships.

 Is it possible to find true love at a mature age? Of course it is! However, first you should figure out as to what the uniqueness of a true feeling is.

It is common to distinguish three levels of love. And each of them has its place in the development of relations.

“I can’t live without him”

This is the very beginning of a bright beautiful feeling. The passion comes over like a snow-glide, the emotions makes you lose your head and the desire to dissolve in your loved one overshadows anything else.

But without trust and responsibility, any relationship is doomed to fade. The storm of feelings and emotions will gradually weaken, and the breach will be inevitable.

 If you feel that you hit a rough patch, turn off all emotions and think about the reason of that. At the seminars, Zhannabelle analyzes the most typical situations in which couples most often make mistakes.

“From now on, wherever you go, I go, too” 

The second stage of relationships is characterized by the joining of your interests and hobbies, making joint plans for the future, the mutual friends and acquaintances and the same view of the world.

Social compatibility demonstrates is the best way that you have not lost your head because of the boiling passion and are able to create reliable trusting relationships.

On this stage love needs the spiritual growth badly. At her seminars, Zhannabelle provides an opportunity to understand the very heart of your mission in this world and maximize your spiritual potential. She helps you to manage your internal and external energy, and gives recommendations for obtaining harmony in the family.

“We are together, which means that we are one”

Love of the highest level is an intuitive affinity of your souls, complete mutual understanding and self-sacrifice, support of a loved one in any circumstances, and constant help in the mental growth of a partner. Such a couple is connected by invisible threads of fate and their relationship cannot be destroyed.

The highest degree of love is quite rare.

Such a unique feeling can arise only for those people who devote their lives to continuous self-perfection and mental growth.

It is very difficult to achieve without the support of a mentor. That is why Zhannabelle invites everyone to her seminars.

In these courses, she will teach you the special practices and choose the unique amulets charged with the powerful energy of the Universe especially for you. The amulets will help you to discover your sleeping exceptional abilities and unique talents that will become for you one more step towards the highest level of spirituality.

The Ways to Find Your True Love: Practices from Zhannabelle

What can you do to find your true love? 

How can you to find your destiny? What should be done for this? There are several simple practices recommended by Zhannabelle to her students.

Practice No. 1: creating a list 

Make a special list of the necessary qualities of your prospective partner. Describe what kind of person your perfect soulmate should be. For example, he should be gentle, generous, strong, caring, loyal, kind and reliable.

At the same time make a list of qualities for the partner of this perfect man. After all, a prince charming needs a no less splendid princess.

And then try on the qualities of this princess for yourself and analyze the situation. Do these qualities suit you? And if you see that your personal qualities are not enough to become that princess, you need to take oneself in hand and change! Make all the necessary changes and become that perfect woman! How? Courses of Zhannabel or her individual coaching can really help you in it.

Practice No. 2: assistance to the needy people

Help the suffering people, and God will help you too. It really works. We receive from the Universe as much as we give to it. Besides thoughtful women have always been held in high esteem by the men.

So, become our volunteer! Your help to those in need may be very small.

But still it will significantly increase the concentration of love in our world, and the love will finally burst into your destiny too!

Practice number 3: spiritual growth 

Get ready to love and dream, share your happiness and improve yourself! Come to the Zhannabel’s seminars. The higher your energy potential and level of spiritual growth, the more you increase the opportunity to meet you true love. It’s time to take decisive actions to find your love and happiness!