Halloween: 4 Steps to Fulfilling Your Dream

Celebrate the holiday the right way 

No other holiday is probably more popular than Halloween. Costumes, makeup, noisy parties. But earlier the meaning of this holiday was not the same as today. Initially, its essence was in worshiping the forces of nature. They could help man gain happiness, luck, wealth. How to celebrate Halloween the right way?

Scare away evil spirits 

Halloween falls on the magical period between the points of the solstice and equinox. All the forces of nature and all the elements intensify at this time, and people get the opportunity to turn to the forces of deceased ancestors, to the roots of their family tree.

This time is most favorable for helping restless souls to find peace. So that later they become a strong and powerful foundation for the prosperity of your lineage. After all, the weak roots of the tree of the lineage lead to disease, stress, conflict and misfortunes.

According to ancient tradition, people dressed up in costumes of magical characters and put frightening drawings and masks on their faces on Halloween. These ritual actions were necessary to scare away evil spirits, to show them that this place was occupied by more powerful and terrible entities. And at the same time, people called on the good spirits of their ancestors, appealed to their power in order to strengthen and protect their lineage.

Gradually, the essence of the holiday was distorted, and people began to just have fun that day, scare each other, drink alcohol, which, on the contrary, attract even more evil spirits. And the famous witch’s Sabbath, which was held on the eve of the holiday, also changed its meaning.


What does the witch hunt lead to 

There was a time when the most gifted women of power gathered together to perform this ritual. They knew how to manage time, space, and could change not only their own destiny, but also destiny of lineage. They made a powerful bonfire at the Place of Power and danced their frantic dances dedicated to the elements of earth, water, air and fire.

This day was a special magical date, a turning point in destiny. The most knowledgeable, wisest women of power turned to the forces of nature and translated it to their entire lineage to make it prosperous.

However, narrow-minded people ambiguously perceived such Sabbaths. It is at their behest the witch hunt throughout Europe began. Women were accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. They feared the power of women, and oppressed in every way.

Fortunately, today there are people who are ready to revive the most ancient knowledge. To help women around the world feel their true origin, that powerful energy that lives in us.

Energy therapist Zhannabelle teaches you to manage this tremendous power, have a hold over the elements, convert it to your own use and transform the energy flows of these elements to make your lineage strong and prosperous.

4 things to do on Halloween 

How to celebrate this holiday in order to protect your lineage from evil spirits, return good luck and happiness to the house?

1. Choose the right costume 

If you have children, then prepare magic costumes and create your own magic make-up for the holiday. Draw a grimace on your child’s face to ward off evil spirits. Better yet, make such a mask of fabric or paper, embody all your child’s fears in it and laugh at them together.

At the end of the holiday, you need to burn this mask, symbolically destroy all the fears of the child, commit it to the flames and scatter it to the four winds. You can do such mask for yourself if you feel apathy, depression, despondency, hopelessness or aggression. The energy of fire will help get rid of these conditions.

2. Light the candles 

On Halloween, you need to light candles in the house. Thus, you let the goddess Chok Tal into your home. And she will purify it with fire, fill the space with warmth. And if you have amulets of power, then turn to them for help. They will create a special atmosphere and protect your home from any evil and negativity.

3. Have a special practice 

Energy therapist Zhannabelle advises to do a practice of unity with the elements, awakening them inside you on the eve of Halloween. Against the background of ritual music, the dance of unity will become a powerful tool of power to strengthen your lineage. Visit our seminars and group classes to learn how to conduct this practice.

4. Pray for the ancestors 

Halloween is the only day of the year when you can feel the echoes of the souls of your ancestors. On this day, prayers for the ancestors are most effective. And only in Halloween mutual forgiveness of generations take place.

Rose, Nuremberg: 

All my life I dreamed that I had a strong and friendly family, good work and a big beautiful house. And who does not dream of this? I studied well, entered a prestigious university, and graduated from it successfully. But after that, all my plans stood tight.

I tried to find a normal job, but for some reason I was desperately unlucky. There preferred other candidates at the interviews. Or they offered jobs that were disproportionately small to my education. Or the company in which I started working became bankrupt. It looked like a vicious circle…

In my personal life, I too had no luck. I did not have a permanent partner. I could only dream of a big house and children, as when I was a child…

My constant condition was deep depression. I was annoyed and completely unhappy all the time…

One meeting changed everything. I was lucky, and energy therapist Zhannabelle arrived in our city with a whole block of seminars. And I almost by accident, for company with a colleague, attended one of them. I remembered it in the smallest details, primarily because it was Halloween. And when I entered the hall, I saw a lot of people with candles. Someone was wearing a mask; someone just painted some signs on their faces. There was a pleasant smell of incense in the room.

Zhannabelle, the energy therapist, told and showed how to conduct an individual practice and I, along with everyone, got involved in the process. Surprisingly, everything worked out for me. That day, I felt power in me, which began to grow stronger every day.

I arranged a personal consultation and the energy therapist Zhannabelle found a reason why I was so unlucky in my endeavors. It turned out that such problems lasted in our lineage for more than one generation. But Zhannabelle taught me how to work with the energy of the lineage. I began to attend group classes and discovered the whole world.

By next Halloween, I already knew how to work with energy quite well. And then, on the eve of the holiday, I made a powerful union with the elements, using special amulets and from the bottom of my heart asking for help from my ancestors.

The result was like in a fairy tale! A few days later I met the man of my life. He walked towards me, typing something on the phone, and accidentally hit me. I asked him to be more careful, and he invited me to the cafe as an apology.

A year later we got married. I didn’t work long time (and I was offered a dream job! Yes, and this also came to life). I gave birth to a daughter, then a second one. Now I am absolutely happy. All my dreams came true!

And this is thanks to that fateful meeting with Zhannabelle on the eve of Halloween. Probably, the spirits of my ancestors brought me to the seminar then! 


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