Prepare for the Summer Solstice the right way

Prepare for the Summer Solstice the right way

Tips from Zhannabelle

The Summer Solstice is an unprecedented one in terms of energy power and influence on the fate of each person. It can only be compared to the New Year. This sacral date has been revered and celebrated in various countries and religions for many millennia. Zhannabelle will tell you how to spend this day the right way, so that health, success, and well-being become your companions for the next 365 days.

When exactly is the Summer Solstice celebrated in 2020?

The solstice occurs twice a year, in summer and winter. On such a special date, the Sun reaches its peak, apogee, highest point. It means that its influence is most pronounced.

Zhannabelle reminds: in 2020, the Summer Solstice will be celebrated by the inhabitants of Central Europe (Germany, Poland, France, Spain, etc.) on June 20 at 21.44 GMT.

There will be also a very rare astronomical event this day. On the Summer Solstice, there will be solar eclipse! This means that the Sun, Moon, and Earth will line up.

This is a very strong astrological position that opens a portal not only to the energy of the Sun, but also to the energy of the Moon.

Two streams connect: Yin and Yang. It means that the power given by both celestial bodies increases many times! Therefore, on this day, you need to be at the retreat, held by Zhannabelle, to take part in special rituals. This will charge you with good luck, health and strength for the whole year!

Getting ready to celebrate a special day of the year

The Summer Solstice is a special period in every sense, mystical, astrological, and energetic. On this day, the boundaries between spaces and worlds become more fragile, worlds touch each other, and the most strange and inexplicable things can happen. Even nature is experiencing a peak of brisk growth. In fact, the entire planet celebrates the greatness and life-giving power of the Sun!

That is why Zhannabelle recommends holding the most powerful energy cereminies for financial well-being and career success, finding female harmony and personal happiness, to strengthen the family and your position in society on June 20-21. If there are unresolved issues with health, possibility of appearing of heirs in the family, with the protection of your home and family members from the destructive energy influence, choose the period of maximum solar activity, so that the Sun can help you in your plans and endeavors.

The holiday is traditionally opened with a meditation with an appeal to the spirits of the ancestors, the forces of nature. Then sacral energy rituals are performed.

This is swimming, dancing around the fire, weaving wreaths, singing songs, offering gifts to the spirits of all the elements.

The Sun gives a lot of energy to nature, which is why it is so important to celebrate this holiday outside of the house. Choose a place in the forest, at the forest opening where there is at least a small water source nearby. Unfortunately, life makes adjustments to our plans. So, if you cannot get out into nature for some reason, you need to prepare a ritual candle, objects of all 4 elements (fire, water, earth and air), gifts for the spirits, and get the blessing of Zhannabelle to conduct the rituals by yourself. 

Other  important things for the holiday

The celebration of the Summer Solstice is associated with certain rules and rituals. Zhannabelle reminds that women should wear a long skirt, but rather a dress (so the energy will not be split at waist level). Men should wear wide-leg trousers. All clothing should be made of natural materials, loose, comfortable, not restricting movement. It is better to be barefoot. All the negativity will go into the ground through them, a person becomes sort of “grounded”.

At the same time, the earth provides a strong energy boost, activates important centers of the entire body.

Before you join the celebration, you need to realize  your goal clearly. It is better to concentrate on 1-2 wishes. This will make it easier to achieve them. And of course, we should come with a pure heart, good intentions, without bad words and strong drinks.

Bring some sweets for tea. Bread, crackers, pastries, cookies – it would be perfect if they are home-made. Don’t forget that some of the cookery must be left to appease the spirits.

Also, bring paper and pencils for the ceremony. You would need objects that will symbolize the Higher Spiritual World. A personal amulet or talisman for the eternal world, a bird’s feather for the space of the future, a bouquet of fresh flowers as the personification of the present. You would also need broken things to pay back the past.

Symbolically, this celebration combines the power of 4 elements at once: earth, fire, water and air. All spirits celebrate the day filled with energy together with people. Therefore, each ritual uses parts of all 4 elements or their symbols.

Zhannabelle reminds: after conducting the cereminies and completing the celebration, be sure to clean the place, leaving the nature clean. Thank the local spirits for their help and hospitality.

Franciscka, Nuremberg:

“Two years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This was the end of my career and my usual active life. Neither lifestyle change, nor special diets or medications helped. The pills and injections provided only temporary support.

I was actually attached to the hospital, pharmacy, and medication.

My legs started to fail me, and my weight increased despite my dietary restrictions. I became withdrawn and unsociable. Did I want to spend the rest of my life between a doctor’s office and a pharmacy? No!

It was great that a former classmate helped me. We communicated in social networks accidentally. Word for word, I told her about my trouble. She forbade me to cry and give up.

“You can live with your diagnosis, but you will live without it!” — Olivia said very confidently. 

And then she told me about the extraordinary person, a Siberian priestess Zhannabelle. She had already helped Olivia’s sister and a couple of people she knew. How? Now I know the secret to a happy and healthy life.

Zhannabelle literally reenergized me, at first just saying simple but very effective words of support. My view on life has changed. Together, we performed several powerful rituals. After the first one, I started feeling better.

To help me recover completely, Zhannabelle invited me along with her students to visit one of the Places of Power. They were going to celebrate the Summer Solstice there. What I felt then is beyond words! 

During a special ritual, I made a single wish – to recover. And it came true!

A few months later, I was scheduled for routine tests at the hospital. What was the doctor’s surprise when he saw the results! It’s still funny to remember his expression. The disease had gone, all tests showed a completely healthy person. I was laughing and crying at the same time. Thank you Zhannabelle for returning me to healthy life!”.

Zhannabelle tells more about the Summer Solstice, rituals of purification and accumulation of energy at her classes. Make an appointment in advance to prepare well for the main day of the year. Zhannabelle’s seminars and consultations are also available in online format. And, of course, Zhannabelle is waiting for everyone at a special retreat dedicated to the Summer Solstice. Don’t miss this unique event!