The Ideal Woman

The Ideal Woman

How To Be Truly Beautiful

Every woman wants to be beautiful, to command the attention of many men, to seduce admirers. Why do women think that only things that are in fashion beautiful? Chasing trends only wastes money, energy and time and doesn’t have anything to do with true beauty. We will tell you what an ideal woman looks like and why you cannot find these secret in fashion magazines.

The Ideal Woman

Brand Chasing

In the fashion world, every season has something new and unique, that has “never existed before”. Or at least that’s what they tell us. Mini, maxi, leggings, bellbottom…Haven’t we seen this before? 10, 20 or 30 years ago? As soon as you figure out what’s in season, everything completely changes. And soon your closet is overstuffed and begging to be cleared out. But you go back to the store because you want to keep up with the trends and other women.

The fashion and beauty industries are built on the “momentary”. Not only does fashion tell you what shape your pockets or how long your sleeves should be, but they also dictate make-up trends, vacation trends, whether Leopard print or Hatha-yoga is in style…Everything else is out of trend now and an ideal woman doesn’t eat this or wear that.

Because of these trends, you enter a store and automatically look for that leopard print or New Balance sneakers, even if it they don’t look good on you. You buy the print just to have in your closet, because everyone else has it and you buy the sneakers even if you’re not planning on running in them.

The Ideal Woman

Should You Go Under the Knife?

The fashion industry is just the tip of the iceberg. The beauty industry is even more intense. There are many new plastic surgery clinics opening up. Their marketing is aggressive and they are always offering to give you “the perfect nose”, to pump up your lips or cut away a piece of your body that you don’t like. And they seem to know what the ideal woman looks like.

Sometimes this can turn into a real nightmare. As a result of unqualified surgeons, some people mess up their faces and bodies so bad that it’s hard to look at them. Unlike fashion, where you can just change your clothes when the season changes, you can’t undo a surgeon’s work.

In a similar manner, women often start “fad dieting” in their chase to create an ideal figure.

Fashion Week podiums and fashion magazines are graced by anorexic models. Are you sure that this is what the ideal woman looks like? Is that what you want to look like? Do you want eat only salad leaves salted with hungry tears?

Skinny fashionistas with bad hair and skin often wonder why they aren’t married or why they don’t have suitors lined out the door. They just haven’t thought about the fact that health starts with food. Health is the main factor in beauty. First, you need to start excluding toxic food out of your diet, and not everything all at once. Only real gods could eat ambrosia. Find out more about how Aphrodite used ancient beauty secrets in our course “Aphrodite: Beauty, Love and Wealth”. It starts soon! Follow our social media for our course schedule.

The Ideal Woman

Worn-Out Beauty

Some of us who try to catch ever-changing fashion trends become worn out from exhaustion and anxiety. This negatively affects the way we look.

No clothing brand can hide wrinkles, unless of course it’s a brand burka.

People who are addicted to shopping are always looking for money to spend on making themselves “better”. Women who buy fashion magazines and religiously follow fashion bloggers will try to save money by not going to the dentist and buying their 16th new dress, forgetting that their smile is their main energetic secret of beauty. Or, she might get a new manicure with Swarovski crystals instead of attending a seminar or group class, and miss out on learning that men are truly interested only in women who help others and are interesting themselves.

Marina K.: “I had a real problem — I was a shopaholic. You could wake me up in the middle of the night and I could describe the latest Fendi bag. Plus, I always had at least one item, a handbag, skirt or trench, from the latest collection in my wardrobe. I had 13 pairs of jeans that all had different styles of stitches and pocket shapes. I had 7 pairs of sneakers that had some special functions, but of course none of them ever came in handy. However, none of this stuff impressed anyone. I didn’t have a man and lived alone with my cat in a rental apartment…My best friend tried to get me to go with her to an Academy course for about a year. She kept talking about Zhanna Belozerova’s energetic plastic surgery course. At first I laughed at her. Who needed an energetic plastic surgery, when I had already taken out a loan to go to a real plastic surgeon. I’m still recovering from that operation. I had to pay a heavy price for it. I can’t believe I could’ve saved money and instead of buying some super fashionable item, gone to Zhanna’s course and now I wouldn’t have to shudder every time I look in the mirror. I would’ve married a banker, like my friend who didn’t miss a single Academy course in our city. Now I’m selling all these brand items online to save up money and go to Cyprus to attend the “Aphrodite: Beauty, Love and Wealth” course. I hope to learn what an ideal woman really looks like and become her.”

All of this stress negatively affects the body and causes premature aging and chronic fatigue. As a result, in the chase to resemble the ideal of beauty and youthfulness, a woman turns into a hysterical victim of fashion with dark circles under her eyes with a body like a clothes hanger and brand rags hanging off of it.

If you really want to learn how to become beautiful, then remember:

  1. Trendy doesn’t mean beautiful. The real secrets to beauty are thousands of years old. Fashion magazines won’t tell you about them. You can learn about them through our special “Secrets of 10 Great Women” course. If you attend this course, you will radiate happiness, youthfulness and beauty.
  2. Only the Beauty Energy Laws will make you truly beautiful. We have written about them on our blog. Read our article and join the marathon on our social networks.
  3. True beauty is a beautiful soul. Your soul will become beautiful if you do good deeds, like helping other people without wanting something in return. For example, you can help other women who want to be happy, confident, want to solve their financial problems and have a good relationship with their men. How can you help them? Be one of our representatives in your city! Join us!