Life without fear of judgment

Life without fear of judgment

Simple tips from Zhannabelle

We are all afraid of judgment. It is always interesting why some people lead a vacuous life, sin all the time, judge others, and at the same time they have no health problems, everything is going well for them. What is the nature of judgment? Why is it so difficult to control and overcome it? Zhannabelle speaks on how to protect yourself from the criticism of your loved ones and others.

The negativity that settles in each of us causes misfortunes and troubles. This is a great evil we must get rid of and eradicate not only from ourselves, but from our entire lineage. If a person sees only bad things in everything, they need help. You can pray to God for this person. When addressing to the Almighty, one should clearly present a picture with positive thoughts, wishes, and desire to develop. 

When a person has a habit to judge someone, gossip or criticize – all this leads to destruction, to misfortunes in life. If you have to deal with negativity and criticism, you should not respond with the same negativity. Prayer is the best way out. Pray for people who do not yet understand your spiritual values. The power of prayer will open their hearts to the good. 

You can see for yourself that any prayer is much stronger when you pray in a group of like-minded people. That is why it is important to attend Zhannabelle’s seminars or go to the Place of Power with her.

It is at the Place of Power that we get internally cleansed, we reconsider, release from negativity and far-fetched ideas.

A person becomes the Place of Power sooner or later. That is, they ennoble the space with their presence. Therefore, one should visit pure, filled, strong places to understand what to strive for, how to bring oneself in harmony, to overcome desire to judge others.  

Emily, Colorado

I noticed that I judge my friends all the time. Of course, criticizing and gossiping is quite stupid and useless. Living the second half of my life, I do not want to spend it on the negativity. After all, with my negative thoughts, I just destroyed the connections with my friends. So, I started to ask myself why I do it. 

When I attended Zhannabelle’s classes, this amazing woman opened the doors to another world for me. There are only positive thoughts there. I develop spiritually. After realizing my skills and talents, I do not want to judge anyone. I see no necessity in it. I just do not need it. There is no sense in judging anyone. We are all one. There is Love in each of us. Everyone strains after it in their own way….

Make love your weapon

If you want to finish with evil, represented by negativity, remember: evil is not afraid of evil, it only grows from it. However, it can’t stand love. Here is your weapon. If you start practicing with Zhannabelle, you may face some misunderstanding from your loved ones. This is quite understandable, because this way they show they can not accept the fact that you have suddenly changed, you have new values.

You do not need to prove something to them aggressively. It is only you who makes all the decisions in your life and choose who to listen to and who to put out of the threshold. It is better to pray for them. After all, your family should not keep rubbing in your things. Relatives should support your initiatives and try to understand even what seems wrong to them. 

We tend to judge others when we are especially vulnerable and need support.

Believe us, when you are imbued with the value of your own worldview, the importance of the chosen path, you will immediately stop judging others for their choice, which may seem strange at first sight. 

Beatrice, Seville

Over time, I realized that my consciousness is attached to something. I live in the given coordinates, argue about necessity of changes all the time, but in a reality as if something holds me. It is such a strong bond to existing patterns of behavior. Once, I heard from my girlfriend, who changed her life dramatically, that she neither had an idea what it was to feel light in the body and mind before she started attending Zhannabelle’s retreats. 

I decided to try it too. I found time and attended retreats. When my family found out about it, they showered me with their disapproval. They thought I fell into the sect of quacks. My parents constantly pressured me to stop classes immediately. They were simply judging  all my actions.

When I told Zhannabelle about it, she told me not to argue and in no case to scandalize with my relatives. It is necessary to pray for them. You know, I followed the advice of the wise woman and began to pray with all my heart. Pure and good intentions came from my heart. And the Universe heard my prayer. 

We had more positivity in our family. Family business improved. Everyone in the family supports each other. I keep attending retreats and online school. My parents carry the amulets that Zhannabelle selected especially for them, all the time.

Every person is unique and worthy of love just for being there.

You know, it is good to have like-minded people in your life. If there are more people who share the views of others and who are always happy for the success of others, a narrow circle of happy and successful people will increase globally. 

How to overcome desire to judge

Many women think how to support and multiply their youth, to possess the power of beauty and at the same time not to succumb to the demon of judgment and criticism. But how to behave properly and what to do? Zhannabelle gives simple tips:

  1. Being around negative people, do not let them feed on your energy. Contempt their behavior to insult strangers. 
  2. Try to avoid “evil” conversations. Even when you listen to a person captured by the spirit of criticism, you are still a victim for it. 
  3. Do not judge a person until you have experienced their path.

Always remember, no one has the right to judge a person. After all, we do not really know his life situation. You must admit that it is not pleasant to face negativity. In everyone’s life there are different things – slander, speculation, insults and judgment. Sometimes we want to start a dialogue, to give them a dose of their own medicine. Understand, this way you simply drain your life into a sewer pipe!

Therefore, it is important not show weakness under any circumstances. Zhannabelle’s workshops, retreats, online classes will help you become sure that you can use your time, skills and talents in a much more pleasant way. 

It is important for all of us to keep our souls clean despite the provocations of response aggression. Do not succumb to someone else’s influence, everyone lives their own life. 

We want to wish pure love not only for ourselves, but also for the world in all its diversity and infinite wisdom. Each of us deserves happiness and a better place in this life. Be sure to follow Zhannabelle’s recommendations. You can sign up for her seminars, online school, where together with like-minded people you will pray to God for your loved ones. The universe will hear your prayers, and families will start having positive changes immediately!